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The Virtual Student

Bill of Rights and Parental Responsibilities
The role of the parent impacts the success of the student!

economic status. creed. national origin. Parents have the right to know that all children will be treated fairly regardless of race. Students and parents have the right to know that they can approach a staff member with a concern and that the staff member will listen carefully and will do everything possible to address the issue. gender. • .Bill of Rights • • • Parents have the right to know that Palm Beach Virtual courses use accredited curriculum taught by certified teachers. Students and parents have the right to be treated with courtesy by all members of the staff. or age and that each child will be treated as an individual.

Provide your child with appropriate time and work space. Set up your guardian account. Help your child prepare for Discussion Based Assessments. • Expect Academic • • • • • • • • Honesty from your child. Determine a daily/ weekly lesson schedule with your child. Assist your child in finding the course pace chart for each class. Track your child's progress in the course. Evaluate your child's success during the 14 day Drop/Add Period. Maintain clear. courteous communication with the teachers. .Parental Responsibilities The Parent/Guardian "Learning Coach" is the key adult guiding the student's academic progress at home.

Academic Honesty Your child's words should reflect your child's understanding. essay responses. • We trust your child to do his own work and we use tools to check to make sure this happens. • It is your responsibility to check that your child uses and cites good sources. Parental Responsibilities . and tests in his own words. such as the lessons. and ALWAYS writes the information for notes. assignments.

• Monitor your child's progress using the Pace Chart Monitor student found in Course Information and the Gradebook. progress Students must work consistently each week. • If you or your child has any doubt about completing the entire semester with us. • Students remaining in the course beyond the 14 Day Drop/ Add period are expected to successfully complete the semester. please let us know during the 14 day Grace Period.14-Day Drop/Add Period (Formerly known as Grace Period) • First 14 days of the course • The student will be removed from the course during Access Drop/ Add without penalty if the school or family Pace Chart determines that this is not an appropriate match. Parental Responsibilities .

Tracking Know what your child needs to do at the beginning of each week. • Use the Pace charts and check that your child submits work on time and consistently. Access Pace Chart Monitor student progress • You are responsible for tracking your child's progress each week. • Use your Guardian Account to access the VSA dashboard of your child's classes. and check grade and assignment submissions in the Gradebook. • Click on each course. and check to make sure it gets done. • Celebrate success as your child progresses! Parental Responsibilities . read the teacher's announcement page.

grade. Check each week: • Weeks Active • Assignments: date submitted. and feedback • Current grade • (Segment _Current Percentage) Percent complete with the semester (Segment __Assessments Completed) Tutorial: Tracking Parental Responsibilities: Tracking .How to Use Gradebook In Gradebook you will see what your child has turned in and how she is doing.

Sample Weekly Work Schedule Access Pace Chart • Print your child's Pace Chart for each class. • Look at all charts and determine a weekly schedule. • As the "learning coach. • Celebrate success Tutorial: Schedule Schedule made by M. Zalecki Click here for Template! Parental Responsibilities: Tracking . • The schedule you make should show all work for all classes for the week. This will help you to set up the best schedule for him/her." you will observe your child's work habits and learning styles.

sibling. Remind her to review the notes he has taken from each lesson and to prepare for the DBA so he can show his BEST understanding of the material. This is a phone call between student and teacher where your child will demonstrate her understanding of the material. You should prepare your child by practicing with her! Encourage her to explain what she is learning to you. • • • Parental Responsibilities .Discussion Based Assessments DBA's are a teacher/ student conversation about the module. • "Discussion Based Assessments. a grandparent. or a friend." also known as "DBA's" or "Oral Assessments" follow each module/ chapter your child completes.

• We will discuss your child's progress in the class. or phone. • By keeping up with your child’s progress in the course. Parental Responsibilities . • Contact information is available • • • in the VSA dashboard In Course Information. you are helping to maintain open communication. text. Teacher Contact and on our Announcement Pages • Monthly Call: Our minimum contact is once a month. via appointment on the "appointment schedulers" or at your convenience 8am-8pm weekdays.Communication Communicate with every teacher every month regarding your child's progress. • We are available by: • • • email. • Maintain open communication with each teacher. • You can ask any questions you may have.

Parental Responsibilities: Communication .Communication Guidelines and Expectations • Whenever you or your child call. please leave a message. All message will be returned within 24 weekday hours. • Please read the given teacher feedback on assignments. One is sufficient. • Teachers have a 48 weekday hour turn around time for grading submitted assignments.

• Some teachers will require you and your child to attend an online collaboration session to get started in the course. and live lessons. tutorials. • • Make sure your child starts strong Check that your computer systems meets the course requirements • Blackboard Collaborate (formerly known as Elluminate) is an online virtual environment that allows the students. Parental Responsibilities: Communication .Collaboration Sessions All teachers have an online virtual office environment. parents and teachers to work online together. • Sessions are used for collaboration. • Java is required to run.

Set Up a Parent/Guardian Account "Your guardian account gives you access to communication and tracking tools to help your child succeed. you can use this information to set up your own Guardian Account." • Once your child has completed the online application and received a student username/ password. Parental Responsibilities . • This is how you will access all of the wonderful communication and tracking features available to help your child succeed.

• • • • You are responsible for reaching out if your child needs help. The teacher can help with content questions. Parental Responsibilities .HELP! – Technical Support Access technical support at 800-374-1430. Technical assistance can help if you are having trouble accessing something in the course. The Help Center is available 24/7 at: 800-374-1430.

Communication: Parents have the right and responsibility to contact each teacher at least a month regarding student progress. including FCAT and EOC exams. Testing: All full-time virtual students have the responsibility to participate in state testing.• • • • • • Drop/Add Period: Students and parents have the right to withdraw within the first fourteen (14) days of a course. Activities: Full time students have the right to participate in online clubs. School Policies School Policies . tutoring. Academic Honesty: Parents have the responsibility to make sure the child writes all responses in his/ her own words. Pace Chart: Parents and students have the responsibility to use the course Pace Chart and complete all of the required work consistently each week. and special activities at Palm Beach Virtual. field trips.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about your role in virtual education. We look forward to working with your family! .