How to Speedup the Computer

By Kamran Farooq

WHAT IS COMPUTER? ?      Electronic Device. Dumb Machine. Give Result with Speed and Accuracy. Fast Rule Following. Non-Innovative. (17-06- HabibUllah Coastal Power Company .

Personal Computer  For Personal Use. HabibUllah Coastal Power Company (17-06- .  Not linked with any resource like Internet or Network.

 Super Computers.  Micro Computers.  Main Frame Computers.Types Of Computers  Mini Computers. HabibUllah Coastal Power Company (17-06- .

Keyboard. Monitor. Mouse. Printer.Hardware and Software  The Physical Component of the Computer is called Hardware. (17-06- HabibUllah Coastal Power Company .      System Box.

Software  The instructions running on the screen of the monitor or a set of instructions is called software. Software System Software’s Application Software’s HabibUllah Coastal Power Company (17-06- .

Number System  Binary Number system (0 & 1)  Octal Number System ( 0 – 7)  Decimal Number System (0 – 9)  Hexadecimal Number System (0 – 9 – F) HabibUllah Coastal Power Company (17-06- .

What is Bit  Bit is the smallest unit of Digital Information.  8 bit  1024 Byte  1024 Kilo Byte  1024 Mega Byte  1023 Giga Byte = = = = = 1 Byte 1 Kilo Byte 1 Mega Byte 1 Giga Byte 1 Tera Byte (17-06- HabibUllah Coastal Power Company .

 One could be because your processors MHz is not fast enough and you have upgraded to windows98 or higher.  Also windows can be corrupt.  Check the processor usage. requiring more data to be process. Another could be that you have install software that is running in the background and taking up RAM and the computer is swapping(using your hard drive as imitation RAM). if it is constantly processing even when you are not using computer you may have program corrupt or not working correctly HabibUllah Coastal Power Company (17-06- Why The Computer Is Slow  There are many reasons why a computer can slow. if you haven‟t changed or install software but is running slower now. .some of the most common are.

How To Speedup the Computer By Hardware Upgrade .

HabibUllah Coastal Power Company (17-06- . This work is called clock cycle.  1 Hz = 1 Cycle per second. One clock cycle is for CPU Command.  1MHz= 1 Million cycles per second.Increasing Clock Speed  Every time CPU unit cable is charged.  Maximum cycles which computer can control is called Processor Speed.  At least two clock cycle required to CPU so that it can work on every command.

How To Speedup the Computer Hard Drive Housekeeping .

To function at its best. Press Ctrl + A to select all files. Find>. your computer‟s hard drive should be clean and Defragmented about once a month. 1. We will check for removable files with the find program. Disk cleanup utility in windows will do it automatically. Files or Folders in the named box type *. HabibUllah Coastal Power Company (17-06- . Go to Start. Lots of un-needed files take up valuable disk space and slow down your computer.tmp and click the find now button. Press the delete button from keyboard and all these files will be removed to your recycle Bin.

click on it and open it. There is no great harm either way. If you find a folder named Temporary Internet Files. We‟ll check for the other removable files with the same Find Program. Its up to you to decide to leave or delete them.2. they are just deleted). If you have any “cookie files” it will again ask you that really you want to delete them. Disk Cleanup in windows will do it automatically HabibUllah Coastal Power Company (17-06- . (These files do not go in to your recycle bin. In the Name box type temp and click the Find Now button. Again press Ctrl + A with the help of the keyboard to Select all Files and press your Delete button to get rid of all these files.

3. On your Desktop Click on the My Computer Icon to open it. Go to File. 4. Click on the files to select it. click on the Recycle Bin Icon to open it and take a look at files it contains. Restore on your menu bar. Select your hard drive and click it with your Right Mouse Button. then go to File. To restore any files. To delete the remaining files . On your desktop. Any thing in your Recycle Bin is NOT deleted from your hard drive and need to be restored to its original place on your drive or deleted. Disk cleanup utility in windows will do it automatically. At the bottom of the fly-out menu Select Properties. HabibUllah Coastal Power Company (17-06- . Empty Recycle Bin on your menu bar. It restore the file to its original location.

6.. Select the Tools Tab at the top of property window. HabibUllah Coastal Power Company (17-06- . if it finds a file with an error. This way. If you have Win 98 you can click the Disk Cleanup button to remove temporary files and clean out your Recycle Bin. You can always delete it later if it turns out to be something you don‟t want. Select standard in the next window and click the start button. Read and consider these options carefully. De-select(Uncheck) Automatically Fix Errors. Anything under 300MB is not enough room to install any more new programs and still allow your computer to process properly. the program will give you several options to choose from for handling the file. choose to save the file and look at it later. if in doubt. Button under Error checking status. The property window opens showing graph of available disk space as well as numerical information.5. Click the Check Now.

8. Click Show Details to see sectors being copied and moved as your hard drive is cleaned up. This is way of to watch if you have nothing else in the world do with your time! Click on the Legend button for an explanation of what the different colored squares mean. HabibUllah Coastal Power Company (17-06- . Don‟t wait until you have trouble with your hard drive.7. do it now. immediately see about having your hard drive replaced. Important – if you have even one sector that is designated as a bad sector (square with a diagonal line through it). Restart your Computer for fresh “Lean „n mean” Start. Go down to the Deframentation status section and click the Defragment Now… button. 9. Close out all Open Windows.

and colleagues. Brand new viruses are really detected by virus scan program. HabibUllah Coastal Power Company (17-06- . So that you can restore them if your computer ever crashes or becomes infected with a data destroying virus. consider running full system scan every few weeks. so you should always play it safe and use caution when downloading files and attachment on to your computer and when receiving disks from family. It is generally a good idea to keep a backup of your important files off your hard disk. Keep your virus definition files up to date (check your scanner documentation for instructions on how to do this). If you choose not to run a virus scan all the time. friends.Check for Viruses Regularly  Some people seem to be more prone to get viruses than others.

Just because a file may have a word temp or temporary somewhere in its name does NOT mean that its OK to remove it. Only Remove the files Specified.CAUTION Never remove any file from your computer if you are in the least bit unsure about what it is. HabibUllah Coastal Power Company (17-06- .

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