TWITTER YOUR TIME AWAY; Introducing Twitter


“If you are not twittering, you are tragically unhip.” Mary Ellen Bates - widely known as one of the nation's leading business researchers

Presentation by Tom Pitre, Co-President, SPCUG

What is It?
• • • • More than a fad – much more It is a social engineering phenomenon It's a “real time” communication tool – international in scope – vs. newspapers It is a library, a contact list, business card, a reference, etc.

What Twitter is Not
• According to Fox News the US Army says Twitter is a tool for terrorists. Fox claim(s) a report states: “Twitter has also become a social activism tool for socialists, human rights groups, communists, vegetarians, anarchists, religious communities, atheists, political enthusiasts, hacktivists and others to communicate with each other and to send messages to broader audiences...” Source:

The History of Twitter
• Since its creation in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Twitter has gained extensive notability and popularity worldwide. It is sometimes described as the "SMS* of the Internet," *Short Message Service • • Jack Dorsey was 29 when he created Twitter. Twitter’s global unique visitors in April, 2009 was a whopping 32 million, up from 19 million in March, 2009.

Some Questions

What is Twitter? What is a tweet? How do I use it? Should I use it? What is the future of Twitter? How does Twittering make me a better person?

The Setup and Twitter Tools
Get an account Share documents #hashtags Following

Followers and blocks Post pictures Twit this page Search profiles Direct messages Re-Tweets Alerts Make an audio mix

Setting up an Account

Step 2, Twitter Setup

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Mark Favorite – Delete Update

Advantages, 1 of 2

Large search index Include SHORT links to sites in Tweets You can Tweet with your cell phone You can send feeds from a BLOG to a Tweet New tools are announced daily You can ask for help with anything...

Would Ya DM Me And Tell me How Ta do The screenCapture And get into A E-Mail??? Tks

Advantages, 1 of 2

Create interesting, and spark interesting conversations. You can build your network of like-minded people, peers, etc. You can tap into knowledge. When you follow the right people on Twitter, you learn new things and can contact the author. Real-time information. Expand your horizons. It's a new tool.

• • You’re essentially contributing to someone else’s social network You own your work in a self-hosted blog and are in total control over how it is presented, opposed to Twitter Cumulative results over time from blogging, each post incrementally adds value to your site as a whole. Not necessarily true on Twitter.

Some Twitter Resources
• • - collections by topic. - Twitter Tools Twitter search. After the Twitter, use %20 for spaces and enter your key words.

• •

Hash tags: Twitter help.

Your Take-home Message

Get an account Try it out If you like it, use it. If not, abandon it. No harm done.

Thank you. Questions?

T. Pitre

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