But over the past few years a growing volume of professional work has been done on the subject. and it's now clear that setting up commercial space tourism services is a realistic target for business today. Many people find this idea futuristic.SPACE TOURISM Space Tourism is the term that's come to be used to mean ordinary members of the public buying tickets to travel to space and back. .

• Lifelong dream for some people.• The biggest unexploited new market. • It could create major new fields of employment . to look out at the stars. • Possibilities such as space-walking. • Breathtaking view to look at Earth floating --in space. • To have the truly "un-Earthly" experience of living in zero gravity.

.Types of Space Tourism Two distinct services are currently envisioned for public space travel:- • Orbital flights-travelling to low Earth orbit • Suborbital flights-short excursions beyond earth's atmosphere and back.

. And due to this fall in prices as well as to the development of progressively more entertaining facilities in orbit.26%/year through the decade 2020-2030. it seems probable that demand will continue to grow strongly.Space tourism 2020 • Increase in number of passengers – Rs $20.000 • Average growth rates of 18% . • We can predict that service prices will fall steadily as passenger numbers increase.

• Nevertheless. by 2030 orbital hotels will have moved beyond the first generation comprising clusters of standard pre-fabricated modules. and will include large structures like resort hotels.Orbital Accommodation Industry • Such growth will also have interesting implications for the hotel industry. entertainment complexes and sports centres assembled in orbit .

hospitality and related on which they depend will be available in a wider range of countries in 2030 than they are today). • It is particularly interesting to note that the activities described above will create several million permanent jobs in the aerospace. assuming 5 million guests paying $20. .Space tourism turnover and Macroeconomic aspects • The tourist activities described above will represent a turnover of the order of some $100 billion/year by 2030.000 each. a large proportion of them in leading industrial countries (although the technical know.

several designs for large-scale space hotels were analysed in the context of industrial studies like the SHIMIZU. one can expect from such a giant hotel complex. concepts for space hotels have been investigated worldwide. . In Japan. • It has a total mass of 8000 tons and offers all amenities and entertainment opportunities.TOURISM IN SPACE HOTELS • In order to provide longer touristic stays in Earth orbit.


tennis.Zero-G sports centers. Zero gravity stadiums . and even basketball. with room for spectators too Entirely new sports (New rules and regulations) Possibility . As the structures get larger.For example zero-G versions of existing terrestrial sports.Space Sports Once hotel companies start to build and operate orbital accommodation . a wider range of games will become possible. such as table-tennis. badminton.

• The initial seat price is $200.000.000 . • Space ShipTwo will carry six people.Virgin Galactic adds satellite launches to space tourism • Virgin Galactic is all set to become the first private space tourism company to regularly send civilians into space. with a required down-payment of $20.

• Till date.000 feet (109. This goes beyond the internationally defined boundary between Earth and space of 100 km . • A citizen astronaut will only require three days of training before spaceflight.18 miles) high. over 500 people have signed up. • The spacecraft will travel 360.73 km/68.

000 passengers could be flying annually. representing revenues in excess of US$700 million. . • Forecast for suborbital space travel projects that by 2021. over 15. • There'll also be rotating structures giving artificial gravity. a new generation of ships will be developed capable of reaching much higher orbits. architecture will keep designers happy for decades by building any shape or size. • Exploiting the full range of possibilities of zero gravity. trips around the Moon may become possible. In the decades after that.Prediction • In the 2020s.

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