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About Biodiesel

• From Jatropha Carcus

• New invention to replace diesel as
• Have a lot advantages compare to
• A very profitable business
•Also known as White Physic Nuts
•Easily grown from stems and seed
•found in the tropics and subtropics and likes heat,
•Is resistant to drought and can be planted even in the desert climates,
and it thrives on any type of soil, grows almost anywhere; in sandy,
gravelly and saline soils.
•Needs minimal input or managementHas no insect pest it is not
browsed by cattle or insects.
•Can survive long periods of drought.
•Growth rapidly
•Starts yielding from the second year onwards and continues for 40
•Quickly establishes itself and will produce seeds in the 6th month’s
•Approximately 30 to 40% of oil extracted from the Jatropha seeds.
•be transformed into biodiesel fuel through esterification.
•oil can be combusted as fuel without being refined
•It burns with clear smoke-free flame
•Can help to increase rural incomes, self-sustainability and alleviate
poverty for women. elderly, children, and men, tribal communities, small
Fuel Property Diesel Bio diesel

Carbon Monoxide (%) -42.2 -12.6

Fuel Standard ASTM D975 ASTM PS121
Fuel Consumption C10-C21HC C12-C22 FAME
Water (%) 1.61 0.05
Carbon (%) 87 77
Oxygen (%) 0 11
Sulphur (%) 0.05 0 – 0.002
Boiling Point (oC) 188 – 343 182 – 338
Flash Point (oC) 60 – 80 100 – 170
Cetane Number 40 – 55 48 – 60
Hydrogen (%) 13 12
Average CO@ emissions per year
-4.5 tonnes for the average car A tonne of CO2 is emitted when you ….
-4.5 tonnes for the average of global citizen -Fly 2,000 miles in an airplane
-6.2 tonnes for electricity use of the average -Drive 1,300 miles in a large SUV
household. -Drive 1,900 miles in a mid-sized car
-21 tonnes for the average of resident. -Drive 6,000 miles in a hybrid car
-1.5 millions tones for a 500MV gas power plant -Run an average household for 60 days
-25 billion tones for the planet as a whole -Run your computer for 10,600 hours

Save The World !!

(Carbon Calculator)

Carbon Offset
-1 hectare plantation (2,500 plants) will produce a reduction of 20 tons of CO2 per
year for 40 years.
-2,00 plants will produce around 10 tons of seeds which at 35% yield will produce
3,500 litres of biodiesel which result in 9.2 tons of CO2 offset every year for 40 years.
-10 tons of seed will produce 6,500 kg biomassfrom de-oiled seed cake which will be
used for gasification to produce methane that will be harnessed for the captive
consumption to replace highly-inefficient wood burners with gas fired burners and
electricity, Thus, jatropha plantation has a much higher impact in reduction of
greenhouse gas emissions in than any other plantation projects.
Bio-diesel Diesel

Renewable Shortage energy

energy resource. worldwide

Low cost – easy High cost –

to harvest High market price

Give clean Do not preserve

environment the environment