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Scene One : Lord septic & lady Gatsby quarrel
Narrator : Once upon a time, there was a rich widow in Old Town West named Lady Gatsby. This caused one of the most notorious man in town to want to snatch Lady Gatsby·s properties and wealth. However, he never had his luck. Until one day, he succeeded in cheating Lady Gatsby to meet him at the railway station. Before that, Lady Gatsby hid a bag filled with gold at the New Station Locker. Then, she tied the key around her baby·s neck. Lady Gatsby : What do you want from me? Lord Septics·s father : Finally, you came. (Evil Laugh) Lady Gatsby : What do you want? Lord Septics·s father : No rush Lady. We still have plenty of time to talk. (Smoking cigar) Lady Gatsby : I don·t have time for you Evil! Lord Septic·s father : You don·t have time for me? Huh? Where is your gold?! Lady Gatsby : In« In the« I will never tell you! Lord Septic·s father : Tell me! Where is it? (Grabbing Lady Gatsby·s arm) [GASP] Lady Gatsby: No! Lord Septic·s father: Tie her up, men! And take her baby away! (Lady Gatsby is tied and her baby taken away.) Lady Gatsby : Let me go! Don·t you dare take my baby away! Lors Septic·s father : First, tell me where is your gold? Lady Gatsby : Don·t even think about it! (A train comes and the men moves away, taking her baby. Lady Gatsby is crushed into pieces. The men, didn·t know what to do, threw the baby in a trash can.) [BOOO] **Leslie, Lord Septic was actually there when his father tied Lady Gatsby. So how about adding a small boy (choose the shortest boy in class) to play Little Lord Septic. Dress him up like a little boy. Make him hold a lollipop or something as his watches his dad tie Lady Gatsby. Or you can make Lord Septic·s father teach him how to someone and be evil.

Scene two : Lord Septic marries Clora
Scene at an altar, with Lord Septic·s father looking proud of his son. Priest : I now pronounce you, Husband and Wife. You may kiss the bride. Lord Septic·s father: I·m so proud of you son! (hugs Lord Septic)

Crouch: Indeed. Sir.Narrator : As you can see.) Worker 1 : Fire-fire. Crouch carries his bags. she quickly knock the door.) Scene Four : Rose and her mum at their house (When Rose reached at her house. We·ll figure out something. Lord Septic: Very late. I can·t see. Psst. ) Lord Septic: It·s late. Crouch: Mmmm. His bride is Clora. Rose get out of the burning factory through a window but she cannot see clearly because her eyes were hot and in stinging pain. my dear. Mmmm. Lord Septic stomps up and down the platform under a gas lamp. Worker 2 : Run for your life! Worker 3 : Run! Fire !!!! (All the workers including Lord Septic ran for their lives except Rose that is still trying to find a way out of the factory. Lord Septic: Filthy. help me! Rose·s mother : Why child? (opens the door and shocked looking at Rose·s situation) Rose : Mother. Rose·s mother: Oh no! My poor baby! Rose: I·m going to lose my job! How are we going to survive? How am I going to be your medicines? Rose·s mother: Hush now. She tried to find her way home. It was cold and foggy. running along behind him. mother.) Rose : Mother. He doesn·t love her at all. do you want to know a secret? He only marries Clora because she owns a gun factory. the match factory burnt down and Rose is still collecting the matches alone without realizing that the factory is on fire. The smoke was thick and an exit was nowhere to be seen. stupid girl! You thought this is your father·s factory? Collect all those matches now! Rose : I·m sorry Sir. Crouch: Mmmmm. (hugs Rose) Scene Five : Crouch and lord septic looking for the Gatsby gold Narrator : Lady Gatsby is killed! Lord Septic marries Clora! A fire in a factory! Whatever is going to happen next?! (An empty railway station at night.(walks away) (At that instant. . (quickly collects all the matches) Lord Septic : Good. the bride groom is that evil man·s son. [BOOOOO] Scene three : lord septic at the match factory Rose : (Trips over some boxes and the box full with matches that she holds fall) Lord Septic : Hey. help me. Lord Septic. The factory was burning down quickly. after a few moments. Finally. Lord Septic: My train is late. My eyes are burning.

Do you know what I·m just a step away from. you twisted fool. filthy. sir. sir. Lord Septic: This fog is so thick. I can·t see a thing out there. I·ll look under every sleeper. Most true. I·ll sack the driver. The edge of the platform. Get out of my way you fool. Get lost. At last. Crouch: I·m not very good with letters sir. Crouch: Mmmm. I shall enjoy this. I have some power (evil laugh) Lord Septic: Don·t make a mess! Rose: Hello? Crouch: What do you think you·re doing? Rose: Would you like a few lovely flowers. I·ll search every station. Tell her to go or I shall kill her. Clear off. Crouch: Of course. You know what tonight is. And do you know why? Crouch: Because you·ll own the biggest train set ever. Lord Septic: Shut up. Lord Septic. Lord Septic: It·s a FRIDAY night Crouch. foggy.) Lord Septic: A flower seller. My wife is waiting. frosty. It means I need to go back to my country castle. Lord Septic: No. Lord Septic: You fool! I know that. It·s hidden somewhere along this line. Lord Septic: Try the letter ¶F·. That·s a lot of ¶F·s. sir. Crouch:Mmmm. Sir? Lord Septic: The night you fool.Crouch: Really? (Looks at his shoes) Did you tread in something. After all. Just stay here and tell me when the train comes.(He trips over Crouch). It·s a foul and filthy night. next week I·ll own this railway line. Crouch: The letter ¶F· Sir? Lord Septic: Tonight is an ¶F· night. Crouch: Indeed. It·s cold. Lord Septic: Nothing can stop me now. sir? Only a penny a bunch. Very sorry. And you know what that means. Money. sir. I·m just a step away. I don·t want to kill her. Crouch: Don·t get too near the edge of the platform. But it·s not a bad idea either. Lord Septic: If this train doesn·t come soon. I don·t want any beggars on my platform. Really sorry. you fool? Crouch: Yes. Crouch: Your wife? Clora? You want to kill your wife sir? Lord Septic: No. Lord Septic: Angry. I hate nights like this. It·s as thick as« Crouch: Pea soup. your ever-so big lordship. sir. It means tomorrow is Saturday. Crouch. Crouch: Most sorry. Tonight is an ¶F· night. Crouch: Very nasty. foul night. you fool! Power. Very thick pea soup. I·ll dig up the track. sir. At last« And nothing will get in my way. . I need to kill. I·ll be the richest man in the land. ( Lord Septic and Crouch·s conversation stopped when a girl appears out of nowhere. don·t you? Crouch: Oh yes sir. Got it? Crouch: Yes sir. Crouch: Shut up. It·s a freezing. One day. sir. Crouch: Leave it to me sir. Be careful. Fame. Lord Septic: I can·t even see the railway track. Lord Septic: ¶F· Crouch. Lord Septic: Because I will find the Gatsby Gold. sir. All mine. Lord Septic: Very angry. Crouch: Err« Frosty? Lord Septic: Try again. I have a hunting party. it will be mine. I·ll sack everyone.

With just a hint of rust. How can I help my mother when I can·t even help myself? Poor mother will die starving. Crouch: GET OFF THIS PLATFORM THIS INSTANT! Rose: But I can·t go home until I earn a few coins. it·s freezing don·t you know? Percy: Such a pretty smile. Rose: Please I beg you. Rose: But I·m just a harmless flower seller. isn·t it? Rose: Sorry? Percy: The night. if you·re still here by the time we get back. can you? Rose: Not since the fire at the match factory. I haven·t eaten for three days.Rose: I·ll take that as a no then. Rose: Well. Crouch: What do you mean fool? Rose: I·m blind. . Rose: If I may ask. My mother is so sick and I must pay for the pills that make her well. how is your face like? (Puts her hand and touches the lamp post) You feel cold. It might be sunny tomorrow. (Puts it in her hand) . cheer up. I will never see the sun again. you and your flowers will be pulp under the next train. (He holds her hand) You can·t see. And my eyes. Mother needs my help. Hahahaha . yet so strong and smooth. We don·t want any beggars here. But I warn you. Crouch: Get off this platform. (Crying) Percy: I say it is not that bad. (she falls to the ground as Percy comes) Percy: Pretty grim. Get out of here you filthy! (Crouch throws away her flowers) [BOOOOO] Rose: But these flowers are all I have. Rose: Truly? Percy: Really. Crouch: You·re lucky flowers don·t bring you luck at all. Your hand is freezing and« Rose: Yes? What is it? Percy: You·re so pale. Crouch: Then you shouldn·t be out on a night like this. Rose: Yes. On such a dark and foggy night you cold get lost (evil laugh) Rose: It·s the same to either night or day. Crouch: We don·t have beggars here. Then I will be able to see again.. Percy: You poor girl. Rose: Really? Percy: Truly. (Leaves Rose) [BOOOO] Rose: (Sobs as she tries to find her flowers) What shall I do? I can·t go back home without any penny. Crouch: Bah! Who cares about that? It doesn·t matter if you can see or not on a night like this. Crouch: Who cares? Rose: If I can just sell a few flowers I may be able to pay the doctors. Rose: Can you help me find my flowers? Percy: I say. I·m going to tell Lord Septic I have sent you away. I·m trying to save up for an operation on my eyes. Ghastly. Here·s one. Rose: The worst ever.

The man who threw my flowers. Percy: And I wish I can help you too. Crouch.! But I don·t even know your name. All I have is my railway ticket. Percy: Your name really suits you. Though. It has a little sign with the letters NSL on it. I was born with nothing. Crouch: There? You can·t mean? . Must stand for NO SUCH LUCK. Percy: Of course. Rose: I wish I could help you. Percy: Did he? Crouch: I told you to get lost. Tie her to the railway track. I·ve just met you! Rose: Let me touch the key. Rose: Perhaps your luck will change tonight. What·s your name. I wear it ¶til now for luck. Crouch : Indeed sir . Rose: Poor me. Someone to take you home and put you in water. Sweet! Then let me pick you and hold you under my nose! You need someone like me to look after you. They found me in the garbage bin. Rose. (Taking the rope) Where shall I tie her sir? Lord Septic: Simple. Rose: Poor you. Percy: Have you no shame treating a young harmless girl like that? It·s time to give you the taste of you own treatment! (He grabs Crouch by his collar and punches him in the face) [CHEER] Lord Septic: Ahh stupid! (hits Percy on the head) Crouch: Lord Septic! Rose: Oh no Lord Septic! Lord Septic: The Lord Septic!! [BOOOO] Lord Septic: Grab her. Percy: I think it already has. I have nothing. Percy: Poor you. Percy: I·m Percy. Percy: What a rotter that man is! He only thinks of himself! Rose: I still can·t forget that day. All alone. I never knew what this key is for. They say my mother was killed on this railway line. On the railway track. [HISSS] [BOOOOO] Crouch: Hey! I told you to get off this platform! Rose: Oh no! It·s him again. Percy: I was just a baby when they found me. beautiful? Rose: My name is Rose. Apart from a key tied on my neck and an apple core on my head. If only I could give you some money.Percy: Lord Septic·s match factory? Rose: Indeed. He did not care about the safety of the factory and workers. Rose: it could be the key to my heart. (Trying hard to smile) Percy: I say you look pretty when you smile.

But I am sure the bag is somewhere around this station. The fun. Percy cuts the rope. He must have gone to the tip. They fall in heap. (Evil laugh) [GASP] Rose: Percy! Where are you! PERCY!!!! Crouch: Too late. that one over there. [GULP] Crouch: Then. It was years ago. Rose: The noise. Percy leaps on with a chain. Lord Septic: The fog. He·s left you. No one tells me what to do. Your end is near. Get ready to meet your doom. Now. (Points at Percy) Look out.) [BOOO] Crouch: Fear not my dear. We never found it.he·s got away!! Lord Septic: Let him be. Her gold was worth a fortune. The train stopped at once because of the red light. The smoke. [GASP] Rose: No! Please! Lord Septic: Just try and stop me. The weedy brat never got his chance of knowing he was the heir to a fortune. shut up your noise.Lord Septic: Yes tie her to the railway track. Lord Septic: This is just like many years ago. I want her deadly dead. Who cares? He can·t harm us. Rose: Percy! Oh Percy! It was Percy! Lord Septic : (Slaps her face) Ah. I was with my father at his railway track when he tried to kill Lady Gatsby. Rose: The garbage bin? On this station? Lord Septic: Yes. frees Rose and holds her in his arms. Rose: What ever happened to the baby? Lord Septic: Bah! Who cares about the Gatsby Kid? I threw it away in the garbage bin. He·s running off the track. you Percy! Take a closer look at the station lockers! (Slams Percy against a locker) (Crouch ties Rose to the track. into the path off the train. Are you alright sir? You seem deathly still. The train came early. The rails. Crouch: The end!! (Meanwhile. Crouch: Here it comes! Like thunder« like a dragon coming to slay the damsel. He·s probably dead. he went back to see Rose. The midnight express will drown your screams. Percy take off his pants and ran to put it on the lamp post. which he quickly winds round and round Crouch and Lord Septic. Crouch: Did she tell? Lord Septic: No. The fear. Crouch: Killing must run in your blood sir! Lord Septic: Lady Gatsby came here with her baby and the Gatsby Gold. But somehow she hid it before we got our hands on it. my dear. Then.) . He·s just a coward. We tied her to this track to make her tell us where the gold is. we will kill two birds with one stone! Lord Septic: She·s such a pretty young thing. Rose: Where am I? What·s that noise? Lord Septic: The Grim Reaper has a ticket on the midnight express.

That key must unlock the gold. (runs to the locker) I don·t believe it! It·s full of gold. Rose: But there·s something you must know. You can pay for the operation for you to see again and for your mother·s pills. Lord Septic: I·m livid. You·ll go to prison for this. We can buy a new home. can it really be you? Lord Septic: Untie this chain at once! Percy: Never! I told the guard on the train to call the police. Rose: You·re lips. Will you marry me? Rose: Oh Percy. Rose: You·re here. Rose: I·m shocked. Percy! Sir Percy! Percy: Sir Percy? Rose: Sir Percy Gatsby! The heir to the Gatsby Gold! Lord Septic: You·ll never find it! Rose: The key! Percy: My key! Rose: The key around your neck. Half of this gold is yours. The one with the sign NSL on it. Percy: You·re kiss.. I·m so happy for you. All our fears are over. Percy: No Rose. Rose. . Be happy for us. Crouch: You·re joking. Rose: Percy. Our home. THE END««««««. I want to marry you. I love you! Crouch: Yuk!!! Lord Septic: This is the worst day of my life. Crouch: NSL? That·s the sign on the New Station Locker. [CHEER] Scene SIX : Percy marries rose Priest : I now pronounce you. I·m rich! Lord Septic: Blast and double blast! Rose: Oh Percy! Your mother hid it there when you were a baby. I saw the very same sign that·s on my key. The one your mother tied to you as a baby.[CHEER] Percy: I·m Back.. Percy : Yes of course! When I bashed my head on to the locker over here. Husband and Wife. Percy: You·re safe. They were new many years ago. Percy: You·re mine. They·re on their way. Crouch: I·m stuck. You may kiss the bride. Rose: You·re strong.