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Biodiversity- the Philippines is host to numerous

species and plant and animal life, a number of which are endemic to the country
Aesthetic Value- e.g. Tagaytay in the Philippines

boasts of the view of Taal lake and the volcano island

Existing Resources- a large part of the tourist

expenditure goes to the consumption of local resources

Physical Environment- a major component of

ecotourism. Any impact to the physical environment like land, water and the coastal area, will ultimately affect the living creatures in that particular ecosystem, affects its quality or pollute it
Other industries- like tourism, other industries also

affect the environment

Weather- Tourism patterns are often dictated by the

weather patterns either in market countries or destination areas

Environmental Laws- any development that would

involve resource extraction and utilization must conform with the existing environmental laws particularly the National Integrated Protected Areas (NIPAS) and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which are under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)

Government Policies- Tourism is subject to the

policy focus on government agencies directly and indirectly involved in the development of tourist destinations

Indigenous Tribes- the most sought-after group of

people are the indigenous tribes found only in far away places or unique habitats
Local customs and practices- each nation and

destination has its own set of customs and practices. What may be ordinary in one area may be scandalous to another

Cultural Heritage- in any cultural destination, the

reason why tourists come would be the unique cultural heritage of the people
Local Community Benefits- Tourism benefits

should ultimately accrue to the local community through improvement of standard of life

Research- to find out if a particular area is qualified

for a type of sustainable ecotourism program

Consultation- with the local communities and other

individuals/organizations which may either be stakeholders or important sources of ideas

Investment- may be physical, like infra and super

structure; and services, like guiding


It may be done through: Printed materials, like brochures and posters Publicity using media Other effective means of promotions are inviting potential suppliers and participating in travel marts and fairs

Identify the market that would be most appropriate to

be invited the program

Domestic Foreign Should the activities required be specific, or can they be

diversified to accommodate a wider range of market?