Abolino, Krizia Camille Austria, Raynier Daryl Tabaquero, Renz James Visco, Sarah

Introduction  Bullying is the violent action towards another person. .  It happens mostly on social networking sites.  It greatly affects someone’s psychological mentality.  Cyber-bullying is same as bullying but using modern technology.

Research problem & objectives  What is cyber-bullying?  What is the motive of the bullies in doing such bullying?  How can cyber-bullying affect someone’s perspective in life?  In what ways can those people minimize the effect of cyber-bullying? .

.Thesis statement Victims of cyber-bullying tend to have low selfesteem.

.Significance  To the victims:  Provide strategies for them in coping up with the      problem. And also how to prevent being cyber-bullied. Raise their awareness about cyber-bullying. To others: Contribute information for the bullies about getting involved in cyber bullying. Know what is cyber-bullying and how can it affect a person’s psychological speaking.

Major findings or learning points  Cyber-bullying and bullying.  What are the motives of the bullies  Cyber-bullying can cause psychological effect  The psychological effects caused greatly affect one’s lifestyle  How can people minimize cyber-bulling .

 Ways to prevent cyber-bullying.  Effects of cyber-bullying. .Summary  Cyber-bullying.

Conclusion  The psychological effects caused by cyber-bullying distress one’s mentality in every aspect.  Cyber bullying doesn’t have good benefits to offer.  Cyber-bullying must be prevented. .

.  The proposed study is also recommended for further enhancement and improvement.Recommendation  One major concern of the proposed study is the people to benefit from it by raising their awareness.  The researchers recommend this study. to serve as their reference for students who are conducting a research and a guide that will produce better research paper.

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