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Positive and Negative Effect of Using Handphone

By group 6 Class 9C : Ignatius Yosef – 21/9C Irena Nathania – 22/9C Johanes Ary – 23/9C Jovani Debora – 24/9C

then we can refuse the negative one and use the phone wisely. . we want to notify the positive and negative effects of using hand phone. • So.Why we choose this topic ? • These days people especially children and students have dependence of hand phone.

History of mobile phone • In 1910 the precursor cell phones were found by Lars Magnus Ericsson from the company Ericsson • In 1921 mobile phone was used in police cars • In 1969. . mobile telecommunications are increasingly being talked about. • After 1970. Motorola is the first company that displayed the phone in public. a mobile telecommunications system commercialized.

gaming. MMS messaging. e-mail. radio and GPS those give people comfort. MP3 player. such as SMS messages. • In addition to being a telephone. camera. modern hand phones also support many additional services and accessories. Internet access. .• Initially. But now it is getting more advanced. Bluetooth and infrared short range wireless communication. mobile phone was used to talk to someone in another place.

Entertaining game. 2. Modern hand phone has an internet access. By SMS messages we can often communicate with our friends. . Adding knowledge about the development of technology. Facilitate communication. 4. mp3 player. Hand phone is the practical one of telephone. Expanding the network of friendship. It can help us to talk to someone who is far from us in everywhere.Positive Impact : 1. We can browse and get many information fast from our phone. camera and others applications can entertain you and spend your spare time. 3.

Disruptive Child Development The bad things a student can do with handphone are cheating in replication. 2.Negative Impact: 1. . the worst impact of it is cancer. the children should not be given the opportunity to use hand phone permanently. If it is not really necessary. then the generation that we hope will become slaves to technology. Radiation effects Radiation can make us feel dizzy. playing games while the teacher explains the lesson and so forth. If it is allowed.

Students are not strong enough to fight or to ask a help. then we will increase spending time and money . 5. 4. especially if the hand phone is only used for things that are not useful such as cheating and gossip. Vulnerable to crime Remember that student is one of the main targets of the criminals. Very potentially affect students' attitudes and behavior If there is no control from teachers and parents. Extravagance By having a hand phone. they would be a waste. . Hand phone can be used to deploy images containing pornographic elements and so did not deserve a student. They are also easy to be tricked.3.

To avoid the risk of radiation effects. all hand phone users should notice : • Use a hand-free headset when you call someone • Use hand phone in the open air as often as possible • Reduce to use hand phone in the building • Do not let children use it often • Turn off the phone while you are sleeping • Do not put your hand phone in your pocket. try to not use mobile phone . but put it in your bag • If you want to make a long conversation.

So let us make handphone a good appliance by use it wisely! . The effects depend on how we manage to use it. Handphone is one of the important things in our life. These days. Handphone can expand our network of friendship and adding knowledges about the development of technology but it can disruptive our development and give radiation too. it is so useful. it has positive and negative effects of its using.Conclusion and Suggestion Mobile phone was used to call someone in another place. But. It has many features.

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