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Gina M cNew

Highl ight ed

Ho me Stager
At lant a, G eorg ia
1. A f resh coat o f
n eu tral
pai nt

» Dated wall paper
needs to be
1. Fixtures ar e to be i n
top co ndi tio n an d in
st yl e

1. Make sure cabinet
hardware is up to date
1. Do n ot have a
bunch of t hrow
1. Plungers by the toilet
should be removed

• Clean out vanities to
demonstrate plenty of
storage space
• Keep countertops
10. Do NOT have
medications in clear
• Mak e su re ven ts ar e
du st -free
• For a sp eci al
touch ... mak e su re t o
Final Thought:

“The bathroom can almost
always show the greatest
amount of improvement with a
minimal amount of
Ge t More Ad vi ce fro m

.c om
Gin a McNe w
& O ther
Pro fe ssio nals