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Daniel P. De Vera Grade VI – St.

Thomas Aquinas

This Project , My Autobiography , would not have been possible without the assistance of the following persons whom I am very grateful: To my Mom, for her effort in gathering pictures necessary to give color and describe the most important moments during my pre-school and elementary days of my life. To my Dad, for the words so that the reader can understand the whole story of this book. To my Ate Roxanne, for the technical support linking pictures and the words. . . .and to my Ate Charlene and Christian, for their neverending criticism during the data collection that helped in the editing, and putting everything in place.

. . . . To my loving parents and sisters for their kind attention and support! . Christian and make him prepare as early as today upon reading the work of his “Kuya” on how to come up with a book like this when he reached my stage . The author would like to dedicate his work to his younger brother..

My Plans In High School i. My Family C. All About Me B. My Early Childhood Years D. Table of contents A. My Most Unforgettable Experience g. My Ambition in Life I. My Pre-school Years E. 1 2 3 4-6 6-8 8-9 9-12 12-17 17 18 18-19 19 . Dedication III. The Things that I’ll miss in NPS h.Acknowledgement II. My Elementary Years F.

Since my father was a doctor and an Anesthesiologist by profession my mother gave birth to me on a “painless delivery”. 2000 at Ago Foundation Hospital. My Mother used to work in this hospital as a Staff Nurse and a Clinical Nurse Instructor. It is indeed my privilege to have both parents in medical profession . an 8 pounder in weight at that. Naga City.My mother gave birth on me one morning of October 17. I was their third child. . I was baptized at the Archdiocese of Caceres Parish of Chapel of the Good Shepherd. Archbishop’s Residence Naga City.

The ceremony was officiated by Msgr. and respectable character from an ABS-CBN Telenovela portrayed by the late “Rico Yan”. good-looking. whose Soap Opera was then the most phenomenal during that time. My name is also a “Biblical figure” which means “Prophet”. I was named “Daniel” after a popular.C. Picar . P. 2000. on December 21st. Jesus J. . a popular commercial model and a heart-throb.

My Dad bought a Basketball ring that he mounted on our garage wall so that we will no longer go outside to play. Sometimes my friends in our subdivision.I love to play Basketball with my little brother Christian at home. so with my classmates who happen to live in the same village invite me to play other games at our village’s clubhouse like Wave-boarding. biking. . soccer. and kite flying. Me and my little brother enjoyed playing “rain or shine”.

My father is a Physician. a Grade III pupil at the Naga Parochial School. due to the demand of attention in the family during growing years as their children. My other sister. However. and an Anesthesiologist by profession. also a Clinical Nurse Instructor. Christian. my mother was once a Staff Nurse at Ago Foundation Hospital. Naga City. We are the lucky children having parents like them. The Eldest in the family is my Ate Roxanne. She is a 3rd Year Nursing student at UNC. The last but not the least my ever charming little brother. Ate Charlene is graduating her High School at the Ateneo High School at Pacol. my mom decided to gave up her profession and devoted most of her time in taking care of us. He is the exact opposite of me. My father was a really good provider. Naga City.I came from a “healthy” family. .

because it is only during weekends that we are all bonding by dining out. watching movies. and together we go to the cemetery (Eternal Gardens. We see to it. roaming around inside the malls. Naga) to visit the grave of our lola. . who has been dead for almost 2 years. especially my parents. We sometimes visit my grandfather after hearing the Sunday mass. even watching TV together in my parents room.We all enjoy the moments during meal times. to make every weekends our “Family Day”.

rather. “Superman”. cute boy to their eyes. “The Flash”. I experience to be “Spiderman”. . before my younger brother came. I was just a quiet child. During my early childhood days. What I love most with my parents. because I was then the only boy in the family. and other superhero characters. I was not a “spoiled”.My parents love to dress me up in superhero costumes. I got all the attention from my parents and elder sisters. I got unforgettable birthday parties. there was no sense of favoritism in care or attention among us siblings. a nice . special gifts from my parents and grand parents during my birthdays. Since I was the first boy in the family. Each of one of us was treated as a special one.

. Janet Sola. my Nursery teacher and Mrs. Their dedication to work and tender loving care to us pupils was beyond compare. They both imparted to me the good values that everyone has to know. I was anxious to be left alone in that room and I cried a lot when my Mom and my Dan vanished from my sight. it was really a tough job for my pre-school teachers to have all the patience in the world and tried to convince us how to behave in the classroom. It took some time before I was able to adjust to the new environment.I remember it was awkward during my first day of school to sit in a room of total strangers. Mrs. Ceferina Velasco. my Prep teacher. I owe a lot from these two ladies who served as many second mothers when I was away from home. the School. Now I recalled.

It was one of my early fulfillments during my early school days. Rain and shine we go marching along the major streets of Naga City.It was fun witnessing these teachers how they painstakingly managed to train and discipline us during the UNC Cab Scout Drills Which we won the most discipline troop in one Civic Parade during the Penafrancia Fetivities. .

RR and 2 snobbish girls.There were some of my classmates during my Nursery and Prep days. my four best friends Jamiel. but three names remains in my mind when we talk of friends during those early school days. I have no contacts with them now. Angela and Gelay. .

It would be another experience to tell. I wish to see them again.I don’t know where they are now. perhaps in one class reunion someday. . Who knows we can be classmates again when I go to high school.

few of my parents’ friends have good experiences with their kids who were at the Naga Parochial School. . which by that time. Besides. my parents decided to transfer me to Naga Parochial School.After my Prep graduation at the University of Nueva Caceres. This is cut short possible expenses on transportation if me and my little brother will be into different schools. my younger brother is about to enter nursery also.

So. and notebooks. However. It was hard at the start. .After my parents been convinced. but more on academics this time. It was another adjustment in my learning days. I started carrying heavy trolley bag filled with many books. but it was fun. Modesty aside. which I successfully passed. I started Grade I and my younger brother in Nursery. we were already bombarded with assignments. few on socialization. I was consistent in academic excellence from Grades I to III. I underwent tutorials in preparation for my entrance exam to NPS. work books. and always in honors class.

D.D. The experience was solemn and holy. . I received the sacrament of Confirmation on January 19. Domingo Valenzuela) as my sponsors. Cecilia B. challenges were getting harder and harder that slashed me from the academic achievers. Rolando Octavus Joven Tria Tirona.D. I had my First Communion in my Third Grade. O.C. but I was still with the honor’s class until I reached my sixth grade. The ceremony was officiated by the newly installed Archbishop of the Diocese of Nueva Caceres.Upon reaching Grades IV and V. Plenty of activities and experiences got added to my early elementary years. 2013 at the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral with my two God Parents during baptism (Dr. Del Gallego and Dr. That was my very first time I tasted the host.

There were Quiz Bees. Oratorical competitions. . stage performances in order to represent our class section in competition with the other grade levels we were exposed to activities like these to overcome our stage fright.There were Family Day Activities in School. where parents were asked of their involvement in their children’s activities.

and how to be of service to others. Participation on Charity works was really a noble act by reaching out to our less fortunate brothers and sisters who were victims of natural and man-made calamities like typhoons and fires.Now in my Sixth Grade. . I guess Grade VI is now the conclusion of my elementary days. that will serve as my guiding light towards the next level of my journey in my life. but the hard learned experiences will be kept intact in my mind. I may say farewell to the institution. how to be independent. school activities were more on leadership trainings.

Jimenez. Bench Decena for being kind in teaching me how to play the guitar and sometimes being funny to his students. . Mr. Allen Joseph Pintang. my Language teacher who gave us this project. Rica R.I will miss my friends. to Mrs. Raymond Arnante. to my most liked teachers. and understanding. and John Christian Artuz to name a few for them being friendly and kind. and to the rest of my teachers for all your guidance.

My most unforgettable experience during my early childhood year was our vacation to Bagiuo City. It was my first time I did horseback riding at the age of 9 years at the Mines View Park. also boat rowing at the Burnham Park. .

the school corridors. I will surely miss the kind school director. I’m sure I will miss it when I leave NPS.Family Day Activities in school is really fun. Rex Alarcon. I will miss the covered court for sure. Fr. Most Importantly. Intelligent. ant the play grounds. . and good looking teachers of Naga Parochial School. I will miss all the talented. the school canteen.

. Others say that when you study at Naga Paorochial School. It is just preparing you for the Ateneo de Naga High School curriculum. is alsowhat you get at Ateneo de Naga High School. This school has been my very first choice to go for high school education. What you see in NPS.I was happy knowing that I passed the entrance examination of the Ateneo de Naga High School. My eldest sister was a graduate of this Institution. Pacol. and the place is just few minutes away from our subdivision in Brgy.

and I told my Dad. The next time he asked me what I want to be in the future. . my Dad asked me what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a Doctor! It is clear to now. my ambition in life is to become a Doctor or an Architect someday. I want to become a Pope someday. I replied.I remember when I was in Third Grade. we will no longer be with you when you become a Pope because we are all dead when that time comes. My Dad answered.