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There are some who are born talented........and some who don't require talent...............

Helen devoted her later life to work for the American Foundation for Blind.1. Helen Keller Inspiration of a movie The Miracle Worker. Helen Keller was the first deaf and blind person to earn the degree of Bachelor of Arts. . She was also an authoritative member of the Socialist Party ofAmerica where she openly criticized the policies of Woodrow Wilson. An illustrious author of 12 books and winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

After graduating in Accounting and Financial Planning. 1982. Nick Vujicic Victim of a rare disease Tetra-amelia syndrome. he established an NGO Life Without Limbs. Nick Vujicic was born on december 4. . he started his journey as a motivational speaker of subjects revolving around meaning of life. which is characterized by the absence of all four limbs. hope and disability. in Australia. in a Serbian family. Throughout his childhood.2. he struggled a lot to overcome the sick mentality of society and finally at the age of 17.

. this genius. black holes along with his best seller A Brief History of Time. Hawking’s wheelchair is attached with a computer system which is operated by an infrared ‘blink switch. Sure enough.3. has changed the world by his revolutionary theories. arms and voice. Stephen Hawking Not only does God play dice.’ This renowned cosmologist and Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts is admired among tech pundits for his works on gravitational singularities. victim of a motor neuron disease. Completely paralyzed with his legs. but… he sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen.

when in 2006. 1988.4. along with crippled limbs. Patrick Henry Hughes What more can I say about this dynamic and inspiring soul? This multi-instrumental musician was born blind on March 10. An inborn patient of bilateral anophthalmia and hip dysplasia. . he was subsequently invited to perform across the country. After the exposure of his extraordinary talent. as a student of University of Louisville. he played trumpet in the Louisville Marching Band where his father was pushing him on a wheelchair. who introduced him to piano at the early age of nine months. Hughes was spotlighted by media. Hughes was backed up by his father.

his hearing ability began to deteriorate and later he became completely deaf but this disability didn’t trespass his caliber of composing. Promoter of the modern symphony orchestra. Ludwig Van Beethoven One of the most celebrated phenomenon among romantic and classical composers. . During the adolescent. Beethoven has established himself as a master legend in the musical arena.5. Beethoven was born in the family of musicians in Germany.