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Sculpture Review & Critique Task

Kate Martin

Sculptures • Subodh Gupta ‘Line of Control’ • Yayoi Kusama ‘Flowers that Bloom at Midnight’ .

Most of Gupta’s art originates from local traditions and materials from his home state of Bihar in India.Subodh Gupta Subodh Gupta is known for his art-historical legacies of metal casting. . performance and sculpture to portray his meaningful artworks of cultural and political issues. video. assemblage and the 3D principles of modern sculpture. yet his subjective artworks have world recognition for their bold address to issues of global significance. he uses many different medias for instance painting. Gupta’s materials are laden with cultural. social and political history.

Line of Control Subodh Gupta .

. pans.Line of Control The 2008 sculpture Line of Control by Subodh Gupta was created with a large collection of brass and copper utensils. stainless steel and everyday objects such as pots. bicycles and other household items. These elements are supported by a large steel structure – overall standing 10 metres in height.


taxis and bicycles). milk buckets and other functional items. .This giant free standing assemblage artwork combines products and materials of Indian village life (e.g. kitchen utensils. also Gupta frequently uses parts of transportation devices such as motorbikes.

Through his controversial artwork Gupta changes the original image of damage. the tension between modern and traditional culture. urban and rural life. death and destruction into a reflection of explosive abundance. .The huge mushroom cloud is a representation of the contradictions in 21st century India. poverty and wealth.

Construction In the process of creating this magnificent sculpture Gupta made a series of steel pallets which sections of the overall sculpture were welded onto. these pallets were then lifted into place with cranes then welded together. .

when the public viewed the work they felt small and fearful – this was caused by the previous knowledge of explosive mushroom clouds and the destruction they cause – because the sculpture stands 10 metres high and spreads out over a 10 metre area above an average human’s head you feel insignificant and the idea that you. .Perspective The audience’s perspective of the prominent mushroom cloud is overwhelming. as a human being. are only a small part of society and today’s culture.

10 m .

celebration and mourning. Japan in 1929). . delicate and finding uniqueness through repetition. Matsumoto. masculinity and femininity all at the same time and with their complex forms being organic. How they represent life and death. These forms intrigued her and have become one of her most used and renowned artistic symbols. the Polka Dot Princess has always had an obsession with flowers.Yayoi Kusama Kusama (born. even at a young age she was fascinated by their beauty and form but also how they contradict themselves.

from two very different artist’s imaginations they share similar views and portray important messages through their artworks. block contrasting colours (Kusama likes to combine loud colours with basic shades and tints.Similarities & Differences These two sculptures have many similarities and differences. cartoon influenced designs with loud. Gupta chose a bland. futuristic. Flowers that Bloom at Midnight having fun. most of her works are brightly coloured with black or white dots.' – Kusama). while Gupta’s Line of Control is jagged. child-like. 'polka dots are a way to infinity. reinforced plastic and have been hand painted. vibrant. Their style and colour palettes also separate the works remarkably. The materials in the pieces are very different with Kusama’s works being created with smooth fibreglass. . chunky with space between his household materials. uniform bronze metallic look for his work sticking to the natural form and assemblage styled materials of his concept in Indian life.



Kusama’s giant flowers symbolize happiness. However.Both artworks have representations of conflict. joyous. . and playful messages while Gupta’s idea of taking a negative symbol and doubling it with the idea of rebirth and happiness is still very unique to Kusama’s styles. contrasting elements and idealistic contradictions.

. when all 11 flowers are placed in the same display it creates a sense of a large full garden. yet after careful surveillance the audience grows to like and understand the overall purpose of the sculpture. fearful. even when the flowers are spaced out on separate low plinths.The viewer’s interaction with the two large sculptures is firstly overwhelming with confusing and deep meanings but after assessing the artworks Kusama’s sculpture is an inviting instillation. Whereas Gupta’s work still has overwhelming. depressing yet intriguing factors to it. h_gupta • • Flowers that Bloom at Midnight • http://www.Bibliography • Line of Control • http://qagoma.2 • owers/ .qld.html •