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Versova. of mangroves existed in Mumbai. km. largely in the Thane creek. perhaps over 37 sq. Malabar Hill and Colaba It acts as natural flood-barrier and silt trap. Mahim. . with sporadic patches in places such as Bandra. Gorai and Ghodbunder.   Britishers reclaimed these seven islands into one continuous land mass which later on came to be known as greater Mumbai In the early nineties.

Hundreds of acres of swamps in Mahim creek have been reclaimed and put to use for construction by builders . largely because of reclamation for housing. Mangrove ecosystems which exist along the Mithi River and Mahim creek are being destroyed and Replaced with construction. sewage treatment and garbage dumps. slums.  Mumbai has probably lost 40 per cent of all its mangroves in the past decade or so.

   Many hills like mazgaon hill.matunga hill.tardeo hill has vanished from Mumbai's topography Even the hills like Malabar hill.worli hill do not look like hills now. Most of the hills of greater mumbai have already been vanished for housing industry & other activities Hornby vellard-a big wall was build to hold back the seawater in 1720 between worli & mahalakshmi .chinchpokli hill.

During Monsoon. The Versova beach erosion. the rain water is added. The water also comes down the three rivers and their tributaries. the recurrence of floods in the Ulhas and Vaitarna rivers and the flooding of the low lying areas in Bombay are symptoms of the geological hazards due to reclamation in Bombay. the sea water penetrates inland through the estuaries and creeks and seeps into the subsoil. .   In Mumbai. All this water has to be kept under control if the land in Mumbai is to remain habitable.

in the same period.  In the past 10 years alone. . forest and wetland areas shrank by 35 percent The Bandra-kurla complex was created by replacing such swamps. built-up land in Mumbai has soared nearly 114 percent.

The shallow waters of headlines like Kolaba point.The incoming waves towards Mumbai advance more rapidly through a deeper water opposite a bay or creek than through a shallow water opposite a headland.  Versova beach erosion may be cited as an example of the effect due to interference with natural process in mumbai. . Malbar point. Bandra Point and Madh Point arrest the forward progress of the waves sweep into the bays and creeks before being checked.