the power to do more….

Submitted By: Siddharth P. Bijlani

13% 100 Plus Cloud9 Isotonic 4.4% Other 15. Herfindahl Index: 0. 1.45 Indicate a less Competitive Environment New Entrants Market Size : Rs.0% Gatorade 12.6 billion Growth (2009-10) : 49% *By off-trade value.13% of the market share within the non‐alcoholic beverage market.3% Other NonAlcoholic Drinks 99.9% Red Bull 66.4% 1. Source: Euromonitor International .87% Energy drinks only hold 0.Indian Energy & Sports Drinks Market Market Share* Energy Drinks 0.

Positioning Map* Psychological High Gatorade/ RedBull Appy Fizz Minute Maid CSDs Maaza/Slice/ Frooti Synthetic Tang Real & Tropicana Natural Glucose Based Milk Based High Functional Appeal too Functional High *A qualitative representation .

Product Vigor is a functional drink that gives you The Power To Do More. INGREDIENTS • Caffeine • Taurine • Glucuronolactone • Vitamins • Added Natural Flavours • Sweeteners • Quick Energy Boost • Increased Diligence (focus) • Decreases Fatigue • Heightened Senses VARIANTS • Improved alertness and overall mental functioning • Increased performance Light Strong .

Positioning Market Segment For the Following Market Segment: • Tier I | Sec A | Age : 30 yrs above (Adults) a Targeting based on Needs • Mental Fatigue • Physical Fatigue Points of Differences • Lower Sugar Content • Offered in 2 variants • LIGHT : Low Caffeine • STRONG: High Caffeine .

.Positioning a Mature Drink for Mature People….

Target Market Profile Tier I | Sec A | Age: 30yrs above (Adults) Insights • • Meetings & pressure at work keeps them busy and occupied Have an uncertain schedule with things propping up at the last moment Day long work timings and performance pressures – Performance linked Payment • Customer Speak Irrespective of nutrient and health needs Target Group is driven by Taste Accept following an unhealthy routine Do not prefer to take health supplements • • • Key Consumer Truths: • Busy Lifestyle • Time Deprived • Acceptance of packaged food on the rise • Rising Household Income Key Consumer Needs: • Nourishment • Day long vitality • Energy • Taste Source: TRPC. KPMG Analytics .

Consumption Footprint High frequency Individual Social Positioned as a Social Drink as well VIGOR Low frequency *A qualitative representation .

Pricing Light Packaging 250ml (Can) 330ml (Bottle) Price 70 90 a Packaging 250ml (Can) 330ml (Bottle) Strong Price 80 100 .

REXAM . health and high performance. Benefits: • 100% recyclable • Lightweight & Shatterproof • Convenient to carry 250ml 330ml Source: Fusion Aluminum Bottle & Cans (250ml).Packaging Use of maroon/blue/green colour with aluminum finish to convey sense of energy.

Place Core Distribution Strategy : Establish and intensive distribution channel a Place or Channel for Distribution MODERN TRADE GENERAL TRADE Objective: Visibility/Trial Objective: Reach/Penetration .


a Print Advertisements Objectives Points of Parity Points of Differences Build Brand Essence .Promotions • • • • • • • Outdoor Promotions or Sampling Point of Purchase Radio Social Media Billboard TV Commercials .

explain the benefits Point of Purchase • • • Primary tool .branded glass refrigerated sales units Prominent display of logo Prominent location in retail store . parties.com.a Radio • Broadcast time: Between 6PM – 9PM • Peak office travel time • Travelling back home from office .Outdoor Promotions and Sampling • Free Product Trials • At right places.lot more relaxed Social Media • • • Advertise on professional sites like linkedin. metro stations. bus stations… where people need an energy boost) • Encourage individuals to drink full can for maximum benefit.com Google ads and twitter awareness Facebook campaigns involving customer engagement. experience and feedback. . sporting events. Shine. festivals. right time (concerts.

Billboard • To attract maximum attention from target group • Areas having high concentration of corporate houses e. Readers Digest . Green Park New Delhi. BKC Mumbai • Areas having high number of restaurants. pubs and bars TV Commercials • • Advertising Pitch – “Mature drink for mature people” [Positioned against Red Bull – not meant for kids] Airing in Business.a Print Advertisement • • Full Front Page ads at +2 months from launch Print Ads in Lifestyle & business magazines like Forbes.g. DLF Gurgaon. News & Lifestyle Channels .

Campaign Flow New concept of energy drink for adults People need to be educated on the need of the product Increase visibility and trials Short span but frequent advertising required initially Objective Customers must associate energy with ‘VIGOR’ Test Market: Bangalore or Pune Launch Day 0 • Point of Purchase • Outdoor Promotion • Public Relations Accelerate Up to 2 months • Point of Purchase • Outdoor Promotions • Radio • Billboards .a Engage Up to 12 months • Success Stories • Social Media • Customer Surveys • Print/TVC • Consumer Promotions Invigorate After 12 months • Point of Purchase • Public Relations • Social Media • Print/TVC • Consumer Promotions .

calorielab.434 7 Value Chain Costing Processing Transportation Channel Margin Total 2 2.308 0.com & www.com .58E-05 0.06 Formulation Cost 0.redbull.Costing Formulation Cost Caffeine Taurine Glucoronolactone Sugar Pantothenic Acid Vitamin B6 Powder Vitamin B12 Powder Cost (Rs.5 mu.003 0. per kg.5 20% over Selling Price 26 (Rs.g Total Costing Formulation Packaging Cost per Bottle (Rs.) 0.) 0.6 mg 2.0018 0.1 mg 4.06 0. 30 approx) Source: www.00189 1.) 750 3 100 28 500 900 Quantity in 250ml 80 mg 1g 600 mg 11 grams 3.434 a 3500 Per pack (Rs.

Future Extensions Opportunity to extend the brand into unrelated product categories • Flavours Inner Core • Vigor Sugar-free • Vigor Shots Outer Core • Vigor Energy Bar Extension Zone • Bulletin .


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