Allocation of Air Time for Local Contents

Jia Yu Entertainment MDEC

Jia Yu Channel

• Jia Yu Channel has been established in 2004 by Cosmos Discovery Sdn Bhd (COSMOS), a leading production and media company in Malaysia. Jia Yu provides services & innovations includes: - Televised Broadcasting over the Channel - Provision of cutting-edge “New Media” content on Mobile - Production of in-house television programs Program Content includes Asian Entertainment News, Drama, Animation, Infotainment and Lifestyle. It is our hope to realize the dissemination of a “Modern China” worldview to audiences across the globe.

Jia Yu Channel’s Location
Malaysia – 2007, May

Hong Kong - 2006 GuangZhou - 2006

Future Expansions
Taiwan – 2008, 1st Qtr Vietnam – 2008, 1st Qtr The UK – 2008, 1st Qtr Canada – 2008, 2nd Qtr The US – 2008, 2nd Qtr Australia – 2008, 4th Qtr New Zealand – 2008, 4th Qtr

Jia Yu, your international Cantonese channel

JIA YU’S Coverage
Region Malaysia Hong Kong North America
* Figures are as of June, 2008.

Platform Astro Now TV KyLin TV

No. of Household over 2,000,000 over 850,000 over 50,000


Jia Yu Program Genre

Entertainment & Variety
A fantastic program with a combination of music chart show, entertainment news, exclusive snap, games, music story and the latest entertainment elements.

EEG FUN FUN FUN 英皇 娛樂 紛 Fun Fun
Experience the latest music videos and blogs from Hong Kong EEG, and witness the ultimate crossovers by talented artistes who take a break from the singing stage…..

Entertainment & Variety
ALL YOU CAN EAT 背脊朝天 乜都 食
Food & Beverage program which features philosophy behind Chinese Cuisine, find out all the food that you can actually eat by the way they recommend.

FASHION 時尚 你最 潮
A lifestyle program featuring the latest fashion trends, products, and fashion shows in town. Weekly tips on fashion from celebrities make you move into a stylish world.

Info & Culture
How complicated is a metropolitan relationship? The good and the bad are now revealed to guide the audience to the right way of LOVE.

An info-magazine program broadcasted live daily in Cantonese. It covers the latest update on current affairs, social activities and lifestyle direct from Guangdong.

Info & Culture
630 NEWS 630 新聞
One of the most influential programs in Guangdong and other provinces as it brings major news on China’s current affairs, business, economics, politics, sports and technology.

It is a unique program regarding Lingnan culture characteristic and Guangdong rhyme flavor.

LIVE Telecast
LIVE telecast of major events and Chinese festivals:

The Launching Ceremony of Visit Malaysia 2007 on January 6, 2007 2. Colour of Malaysia on May 26, 2007 3. Chinese Sentiment Mid-Autumn Festival

The Proposed Time Belt
• 1600 to 1630 • 2130 to 2230

• Content made in Malaysia or • Content made by Malaysian or • Copyright of the content owned (at least 30%) owned by Malaysia • Both Animation and Live Action Program are acceptable • Must meet technical and broadcast specifications • Subject to Quality Control

Business Model
• 80% of the net income (after deducting amount due to operator such as Astro, if any) goes to the Content Provider • Net Income includes advertising, product placement and sponsorship income generated from the time belt or net distribution income from non Jiayu territories

• • • • • A & P – by Jiayu Trade Show – by Jia Yu Joint Venture opportunity Assist production permit application Sale and Marketing – joint effort

New Program
Jointly developed content • Possibility of advance of MG and • Guarantee of broadcast platform and timing Self–funded content • Guarantee of broadcast platform and timing

Old Program
• Pre Local TV Dubbing Re-editing • Post Local TV Dubbing Re-editing Revenue share with RTM and Media Prima

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