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Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre WEBQUEST

Jane Eyre is a coming-of-age novel written in the Victorian Age, which shows Janes emotional and intellectual maturation in five distinct stages. By completing this web quest, you will understand the basic story, how Jane was an atypical female in the Victorian Age, how the novel contains gothic elements, and how Janes relationships helped molded her.

TASK 1- Reading Comprehension Check

After reading the novel, answer the following level one questions by hand. 1. How does Jane come to be orphaned and to be living with her uncles wife? 2. In the Victorian period, what would usually happened to orphans? 3. Describe Janes appearance and character. 4. How is Jane treated at Gateshead? Why? 5. Describe the conditions at Lowood and Mr. Brocklehursts rationale for maintaining them.

6. What does Jane learn from Helen? Why do you suppose Bronte has such a character pass away? What is the symbolic significance for such a personality type? 7. After Jane leaves for Lowood, what are her plans for the future? Why? 8. What mysterious sounds does Jane repeatedly hear in the house? 9. Describe the circumstances under which Jane meets Mr. Rochester. Describe his appearance and personality. 10.Does it seem that Jane and Mr. Rochester are attracted to one another? Why or why not? What quality of Janes does Rochester particularly appreciate?

11. What is the gypsys primary advice to Jane? How is this message related to one of the themes of the novel? 12. What two signs foreshadow that Janes future with Rochester will never be realized at this time? 13. What is the main consequence that Jane fears which prevents her from giving into her love for Rochester? 14. Why does St. John want to marry Jane? Why does Jane decline? What does she value? 15. When Jane is reunited with Rochester, what had happened to him? If his condition is a punishment for his prior actions, what is Bronte saying about relationships?

Victorian Age
The following are sites to help you answer a few of the comprehension questions for task #1 and to complete the chart for task #2 Women in the Victorian Age Lady Geraldines Courtship. 2003 Reader$3 Victorian Web. National Scholars Program.

Task #2: Jane a Victorian female?

Create a chart where you identify 4 traits that described a Victorian female. You should consider attitude towards marriage, actions, and social status. Copy and complete the chart.

Victorian Trait

Does Jane fit? y/n

Evidence/ Quote

Page #

Task #3 Gothic Tale

You have learned about the darker side of Romanticism in American literature and how gothic writers like Poe and Hawthorne used specific elements to add suspense and excitement to their writing. Likewise, Bronte incorporated some of these elements in her novel. Review these typical elements Harris, Robert. Elements of the Gothic Novel 1998.

Select at least 4 gothic traits and find textual evidence in the novel which shows these traits in action. Cite properly.


Gothic Element #1 _________

Gothic Element #2 _________

Gothic Element #3 _________

Gothic Element #4 _________




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