What is Consumer Behavior?

Consumer behavior is the study of how and why people acquire and use products for themselves and/or their household.

1) Process by which individual decide whether,

2) 3) 4) 5)

what, when, from whom, where & how much to buy. It comprises both mental & physical activities of a consumer. An individual Behavior is influenced by internal & external factors. It is influenced by a No. of marketing stimuli offered by marketer. They learn & thereby change their attitudes & behavior.

Motive is inner urge that moves or

prompts a person to some action.
It can be a strong desire, feeling, a

drive, stimulus or emotion which plays a role in the consumer’s decision to purchase a product or service.

Personal Motives
d) Role Playing f) Diversion h) Learning about new trends

ii. Social Motives
d) Social Experience f) Status & Authority h) Pleasure of Bargaining

Consumer Decision Making Process
The Buying process by a consumer is triggered by his specific needs.

Consumer Distinctive Behavior Pattern Towards Services
Consumer rely more on information

from personal services Engage in greater post purchase evaluation and information seeking. Consumer Perceive greater risk. Mood plays an important role.

Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior
Culture Subculture Social class Reference groups Family

Implication for service providers
Marketers should be careful in satisfying

existing customers. Assistance of service providers plays an important role. Customer becomes a part of service delivery process. Time taken to deliver the service forms the basis of competition. Demand for both quality and customization poses a challenge to service providers.

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