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Water care Expertise and Membrane Applications Since 2001

Company Overview

Mr. Jeykumar. Balan in the water treatment industry since 1994. Chola Aqua Technologies &services (CAT) was founded in 2001 CAT is distinctive for offering complete systems with full technical support. CAT manufactures RO, UF, NF, and MF membrane plants using the best technologies available in the industry.

CAT is one of the largest stocking distributors of all components for water purification systems.
CAT is experienced in all water treatment technologies, using membrane technology as the core treatment.

1. Design & Engineering

4. Operation & Maintenance

National wide installation, Network with service. Preventive maintenance 5. Training In-house training Field training RO Training Seminar

Electrical Chemical

2. Manufacturing
Assembly Electrical panels Automations& Controls Testing

3. Process Design
Boiler feed water High purity water Potable water Seawater desalination

6. Technical Support & Service

Membrane Cleaning Foulant Analysis Replacement of Membrane elements

Company Capabilities

State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility All System Engineering and Design Full Range of Mechanical and CAD Drawings
Electrical Design and Panel Assembly with energy efficient Micro processer, PLC Programming Assembly and Pre-Testing Before Shipment Systems Frames and Manifolds After Sale Technical Support Installation Supervision & Field Service Technicians are available for travel world-wide

Experience in Area of
Boiler Feed & cooling tower Water Beverage, Bottled Seawater Water, Mineral Desalination water

Ultrapure water, USP XXIII Food Processing Resorts and Hotels Applications

Kidney Dialysis Manufacturing/ Process

Injection water
Municipal Water Treatment

Water Reuse & conservation


Physical/chemical treatment, Biological treatment Mechanical equipments for water and waste water treatment Membrane filtration -REVERSE OSMOSIS ,ULTRA FILTERATION, NANOFILTERAT ION,MICRO FILTERATION Effluent recycling and integrated water cycle management Total water cycle planning Desalination Boilers and cooling towers treatment Water quality risk assessment Treatment process modeling, design and commissioning Process optimisation, system automation Waste to energy production Odour dispersion modeling, management and control. Ecological and human health risk assessments Alternative low-cost sewerage systems, d-ecentralised Schemes Water recycling planning, design and operation

Products Membranes & Housings

Our company has developed many of its own main components for use in systems that are produced according to customer specifications. These include but are not limited to:

Membranes for RO, NF, UF, MF

Membrane Housings
Stainless Steel & PVC

Products Instrumentation
Our company has developed many of its own main components for use in systems that are produced according to our specifications. These include but are not limited to:

Microprocessor Controllers

Pressure Gauges & Flow meters


Products Micron Filters& Housing

Our company has developed many of its own main components for use in systems that are produced according to our specifications. These include but are not limited to:

Filter Housings & Cartridges

Micron filter Housing

RO, Filtration Components

we deals every component used in building reverse osmosis systems of any size. Our large inventory of these components allows us to give our customers a fast and efficient service. We are a major stocking distributor for all leading membranes.

Products Media Filtration

Multimedia Filters for Sediment Removal Softeners To Remove Hardness Carbon Filters For Chlorine, Taste & Odor Calcite Filters For Neutralization Iron Removal Filters Arsenic Removable Filters SS Carbon Towers

Products RO Chemicals
CAT has formulated its own proprietary membrane cleaning chemicals. These products are a result of over 8 years of hands-on experience of our engineers and chemists. We offer technical expertise and assistance in troubleshooting and cleaning of RO membranes to give you an optimum system performance.

Products Membrane Chemicals

Membrane Cleaning & Rejuvenating Services

Flow and Rejection Testing Membrane Preservation Membrane Autopsy Complete Standard Cleaning 2.5, 4, 8 Membranes Membrane Foulant Analysis Membrane Cleaning On-Site

Products Membrane Chemicals

Products Membrane Elements

We are dealing membrane
elements for:

Reverse Osmosis Nano filtration Ultra filtration Microfiltration

Membrane Elements

Residential Commercial Industrial Tap Water Brackish Water Seawater Special

2.5 to 8 Diameter 40 Length

Membrane Elements

MgSo4 Rejection 97-99% NACL Rejection 30-95%

Applications: Hardness Rejection Wastewater Treatment Liquid Concentration Methanol Recovery Oil-Water Separation Color Removal Metal Reclamation from Rinse Water

Membrane Elements

5,000 to 1,000,000 Molecular Weight Cut-Off In Materials: Polyethersulfone Polyacronitrile

Applications: Ultrapure Water Wastewater Treatment Water Reuse Food Processing Pharmaceutical

Membrane Elements

Applications: Wastewater Oil-Water Separation Beverage Polishing Surface Water Bacteria and Oil Remediation Best for very low pressure, high-flux applications

Water Treatment Systems

CAT is a designer and manufacturer of some of the finest commercial and industrial reverse osmosis water filtration systems in the industry.

CAT provides both standard and customized designs in system sizes ranging from 100 liter per Hour to millions liter per day. These systems also include all pretreatment and post-treatment equipment.

Industrial RO Systems

1000 LPH 75,000 LPH Used in applications such as semiconductor, boiler feed, pharmaceutical, municipal, water reuse, food processing, bottling, and a wide variety of other applications for water purification. Available with PLC, Touch Screen, and a large variety of optional equipment, instruments & controls.

Seawater Desalination

Converts Seawater to drinking water in flow ranges of 250 LPH to 10,000 LPH Used in applications such as hotels, resorts, navy, and off-shore platform.

Custom Seawater Desalination

We have supplied complete systems with Energy Recovery, Data Logging, Containerized Systems, Explosion Proof Systems, Portable Systems for special Operations.

Ultrafiltration Systems

Hollow-Fiber Membranes - Available in either Outside-In and Inside-Out Configurations.

Boiler Feed Water for Power Generation

Two 20,000 LPH Systems including Media Filtration and Reverse Osmosis. The Dual System Configuration Allows for Parallel or 2-pass Operation.

Boiler Feed Water

Product Resistivity >15 M

Touch Screen PLC Programming

Boiler Feed Water

Ro with Media filters. Remote monitoring via modem 3 years warranty with responsibility for performance, maintenance, and consumables.

Rinse water for microchips manufacturing

Resistivity = 17.5 mega ohms/cm TOC < 100 ppb DO2 < 100 ppb SiO2 < 5 ppb Microorganisms < 50/100 ml Product Flow = 300 gal/min Ozone, Hydro cyclone, media filters, carbon filter, 2-pass RO, membrane degasifies, mixed bed DI, UV, microfiltration, PVDF piping.

Containerized Seawater RO System for Off-Shore Oil Platform Installation

Seawater RO System for Potable water Feed water 35,000 PPM @ 50F (10C) PLC/micro processer Controlled

Built in a Container

Seawater RO System
Seawater RO with media filter & UV Less Than 500 ppm TDS Open Sea Intake

Process Water for Dairy Applications

Reduce TDS of brackish well water Remote monitoring

Water Reuse MF/RO

500,000 Liter per Day Permeate Flow Media Filter

Microfiltration & Reverse Osmosis

Reuse of Plant Wastewater MF/RO

5,00,000 liters/Day System Includes media filter, microfiltration, and RO. Reuse of Plant Waste Water

Containerized RO Systems

High brackish water: 10,000 TDS Containerized Includes media filter, chemical injection, RO, storage tank, UV, cleaning system.

Containerized RO Systems

Chemical Injection

Easy access for membrane maintenance

Local Instrumentation

Equipment Included: Boost pump, media filters w/backwash pump, chemical injection, RO with energy recovery, permeate flush, cleaning system. PLC controlled with color touch screen. High cube 40 containers with insulation, air conditioning, lighting, flooring and fine finishing details.

Media and Cartridge Filter Pre filtration

Permeate Flush and Cleaning System

Central Piping Connection Panel

Control Panel with Color Touch Screen

Municipal Water Treatment Potable Water

Municipal Water Treatment Potable Water Permeate flow of 1.4 Million Gallons Per Day.

Industry Leader in RO Expertise and Membrane Applications Since 2001


We thank you for your time and appreciate the opportunity to work with you.