The problems of students nowadays

There is no better time we can have during our life-time than our adolescence and youth.

Adolescence is filled with intellectual and emotional changes in addition to the major biological and physical ones . It is a time of discovery of self and one’s relationship to the

Abstract thinking ability takes place during adolescence. In early adolescence thinking ability is still concrete. By the end of this period individuals are able to fully comprehend abstract concepts. They think of good arguments for their positions. As they begin to think abstractly , adolescents are more likely to question things that were unquestionable before.

For positive development , parents and adults who work with adolescence should alow them some freedom to explore their beliefs . Their questioning nature makes parenting and working with them a challenge . That is why parents and teachers should keep a balance between their support and love and their boundaries and limits that they set with them.

Experimenting with risk behaviors is also a normal part of adolescence . Still , no one grows up without being a youngster who thinks he or she knows best when it comes to making decisions. Most of us prefer to make the decision that will somehow affect our life , on our own , do what we think to be the right thing for us.

As we grow up we seem to think that our experience are the best , ignoring those who might really think clearly and

We just want to learn from our own methods, rather than regret having allowed somebody else’s advice.

To my mind there is no perfect way to make students do what they should do, by force. Education is a pains-taking effort about learning to be free and choose. The teacher could be a facilitator, able to transform an uninterested person

An apparently boring topic can be turned into a magic guidance in the vast field of knowledge. It can easily be noticed that some teachers are old-fashioned and their methods of teaching are obsolete , which resulted in completely unbearable boredom at classes. On the other hand , a few of them are willing to

At school, most children are bored by the lessons which they see as irrelevant to life as they perceive it. Live is about having fun, and having fun

Or, at the other extreme , school is fiercely competitive, and students are pushed by parents to achieve at all costs. The youngsters have to respect the elders and admire them and learn from them.

Unfortunately, the youth has learnt to question the wisdom of its elders. Money and materialism

No wonder there is a drug abuse on a scale never seen before. No wonder so many children seek the help of psychiatrists . What are they to fill the emptiness of their

Psychologists say that the” effective parents are firm and consistent , not harsh or rigid”. In general they encourage the child to act responsibly , to think , and to make good decisions . Such parents balance their own rights

They control their children’s behavior in a caring , responsive, non authoritarian way.”Do it for this reason ” , they say. This style produces children who are competent , self- controled ,

Let’s agree that young people are after all human beings : people just like their elders.

There is only one difference between an old man and a young one : the young man has a glorious future before him and the old one has a splendid future behind him


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