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CASE: BMWs Company of Ideas Campaign: Targeting The Creative Class BY Kimberly Rodrigues Himanshu Seth Arnab Chattopadhyay

Aparna Priyanka Singh Shaikh Abdul Shoaib

Geographic Segmentation


South, West, North, East

Class I Cities, Class II Cities

Rural and Semi Urban Areas

Demographic Segment
Life Stage Gender

Occupation Education Socio - Economic Classifications

Psychographic Segmentation
Science of using psychology and demographics
Better understand consumers Market is divided in groups

Based on personality,lifestyle,values

VALS framework

VALS Framework
Dimensions Consumer Motivation Consumer Resources

3 Primary Motivations

- knowledge and principles Achievements - success to peers Self-Expressions - variety and risk

Higher resources groups

Innovators - purchase upscale products

- seek value in products Achievers - success to peers Experiences- focus on fashion & socializing

Lower Resources
Believers - Concrete beliefs

- Stylish products Makers - work with their hands Survivors - loyal to their brands

Behavioral Segmentation
Needs & Benefits Decision Roles
Initiator , Influencer, Decider, buyer and User.

User & Usage

Occasion User status Usage rate Buyer-Readiness Stage Loyalty Status Attitude Multiple bases

Bases for segmenting business markets

Demographic variables : Industry, company size and location Operating variables : Technology, user or non user status. and customer capabilities Purchasing Approaches: Purchasing function, power structure, nature of existing relationship Situational factors : Urgency, specific application and size or order Personal characteristics : Buyer selller similarity, attitude towards risk, loyalty.

Market Targeting
Basis For Market Segmentation Segmentation Criteria Threat of intense segment rivalry Threat of new entrants Threat of substitute products Threat of buyers growing bargaining power Threat of suppliers growing bargaining power

Market Targeting
Going beyond the Yuppies

Targeting the Creative Class

Evaluating and Selecting the Market Segments

Full Market Segment
Multiple Market Segment Single Segment Concentration

Individual Marketing
Ethical Choice of Market Targets