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Aravind EYE Hospital

Presented ByDhananjay kumar Jaipuria institute of management Noida

Intelligence and Capability are not enough. There

must be the joy of doing something beautiful.

Dr. G. Venkataswamy

Aravind Eye Hospital are the expression of a

vision quest, a response to the silent call of thousands who have lost their sight. Under the leadership of Dr. G. Venkataswamy, Aravind Eye Hospital was founded in Madurai in 1976 with the mission to eradicate needless blindness in Tamil Nadu. Aravind Eye Hospital is one of the World’s best Eye care centre Over 2.3 million out patients were treated and

Now Operating in the five cities with 2850

beds–Coimbatore, Madurai, Theni, Tirunelveli, Pondichery . Although two third of the patients are provided free surgery.Still they are financially independent With less than 1%of the country’s ophthalmic manpower, Aravind accounts for 5% of the opthalmic surgeries performed nationwide.

Services Offered
Retina and vitreous Cataract/General ophthalmology Nauru ophthalmology Paediatric ophthalmology Orbit and oculoplasty Glaucoma Uvea Corena Vision rehablitation centre

Other Services
Provide various education and training

programs Providing Eye care products Free services in the rural areas by various campaign

Service Processing at Aravind eye care centre
Exterrior of the hopital Exterrior of the hopital
Reception counter

Waiting rooms$ wash rooms

Doctor<s cabin

Testing equipme -nts

Reports prints

Dresses Of nurses

Equpiment s used by nurses

Medical stores and medicines given

Arrive at the hospital

Gget receipt at the reception counter

Go to waiting room

Go to the doctors cabin

Get in some test if recomme n ted

Get the reports

Get Some immediate aids by the nurses

Get the medicines

Pay the bills

leave with your medical products and other brought things

Counter staff

Nurses and doctors

Nursing staff

Nursing staff


Security support staffs

Staff management Committee

Finance Department persons

Staff Trainers

Cost and Selling Price calculating staffs

Security Department

Operation strategy
Mission Competitive priority Operation strategy Operation structure

Perceived risk
Hospitals are having good infrastructure As it is one of the best Eye hospitals of the

World and believe in providing the better healthcare facility to its patients. Better doctors Use of latest technology One aspect is transparency in terms of charges and in terms of surgical operation

Critical business success factorsThere are five Critical success factors.. 2.Quality 3.Speed 4.Dependability 5.Flexibility 6.Cost

Quality of Performance
Training to the nursing staff Better research facilities Aggressive hospitality displayed by employees By showing empathy to the patient

Quality of Design
Service design  Better expert system Use of latest technology  Free Treatment for poor patients

Quality of Conformance
Central team at LAICO coordinates with all the

hospitals for enhancing the application and develops new applications for both internal use and external use.
It has also started supporting other charitable

eye hospitals by implementing IT systems.

2. Speed
Effective supply chain management Providing treatment on the day of

Fast procedure from entry to exit. Service Technology.

They have never postpone any surgery due to

the short of sources.
In Aravind hospital every patient will get

treatment weather patient have no money.
Every patients gets same treatment weather

patient is paying or not.

 

24X7 emergency service to the customer. Doctors are working long hours because they have a sense of purpose. 400 surgeries per doctor per month are more compare to the average in other however.

For every thousand surgeries we do in a year, about 300 come under the pay segment. That is ten times what an average private practitioner may do. Our cost is much lower than a private practitioner's. To put it simplistically, we are to a large extent helped by the inefficiency of the private sector.

Problems at Aravind
Employees issues
They are paying less to their employees as

compare to the other private hospitals.
Work load is more in the hospital due to the

large number of patients.

Customer’s Problem
Customer facing Long queue at the

time of registration.
Waiting for the treatment. Patients who are not from south

India facing language problem.

Others problems
All the Aravind eye hospital is located in

south india so that the there is problem of ubiquity.
Due to its large number of patients in india

some times they are not able to serve all.
Climate of the location is not pleasing the


EXCEEDING THE To exceed the customer EXPECTATIONS service

expectations they provide highly personalized attention to it’s patients. The hospital prepare a patient’s profile. Counseling is done before the day of surgery. Exceeding expectation through organizational design appropriate staffing , training and good system. Aravind Eye hospital give attention to all aspects. Around 90% of patients comeback for treatment.

In hospitals customer perceptions are related to : • Quality of service • Price of service • Consumer’s emotion state , etc In hospital important features may include good doctors, nursing, pharmacy, comfort , privacy , courtesy of staff , room price , etc. Also includes good infrastructure such asexamination rooms,patient department and they are providing children’s play area so as to keep them occupied Aravind Hospitals provide all these facilities and

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