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A Presentation On

Relationship Marketing
By: Nilesh Dhurve Section A-09

Contents  Definition  Importance  Scope  Development  Satisfaction  Retention  Conclusion .

long-term relationship with a customer. . which goes beyond the initial contact.Definition  Relationship marketing: Relationship Marketing is a marketing strategy whose objective is to establish and maintain a profitable.

Why do so few companies focus on customer relationship marketing ? .Importance •Customer relationships are the lifeblood of every good company. • So. • Loyal relationships with these valued individuals make for a strong bottom line.

.Scope  Relationship marketing has also been strongly influenced by reengineering concepts.  Cross-functional teams should be responsible for a whole process.  4 p’s of Marketing mix. from beginning to end.

. and when there is an ongoing and periodic desire for the product or service.Development  Relationship Marketing refers to a long-term arrangement.  Simple purchase-exchange process with a customer. relationship marketing can be applied when there are competitive product alternatives for customers to choose from.  According to Liam Alvey.

 Customer satisfaction-service  Relationship marketing is large. accurate and relevant. .Satisfaction  Relationship marketing relies upon the communication and acquisition of consumer requirements.

.Retention  A key principle of relationship marketing  Counterbalancing new customers and opportunities with current and existing customers.  This process of "churning" is less economically viable than retaining all or the majority of customers using both direct and relationship management as lead generation via new customers requires more investment.

Conclusion Finally we can suggest that what the new-age marketer requires is the foresight and they shouldn’t get caught by the marketing myopia and look beyond their usual ways to think out of the box and innovate new tricks to cater the customers in a more profitable way which will make the bond between the customers and the company stronger. .

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