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500 kg.  HGVs are over-involved in fatal crashes. .INTRODUCTION  Heavy Goods Vehicles(HGVs)are those with a total net weight above 3. since their high mass leads to severe consequences for other road users in such crashes.

As a result most traffic control and transport units have schemes and regulations by which they manage these activities.  This report is on management of heavy goods vehicles in urban areas.PROBLEM STATEMENT The activities heavy goods vehicles have tremendous effect on the sanctity of most central business districts in urban areas. . Besides the effect on traffic flow and environmental pollution. the destructive effect they have on road pavement is a major problem.

OBJECTIVES  To assess the system of managing HGVs  To recommend an efficient system SCOPE OF STUDY  Review of existing literature on the management systems in use elsewhere the world over  Assessment of impact of the activities of HGVs in the CBD of Kumasi on: o traffic flows o pavement structure and o the environment. .

MANAGEMENT PRACTICES INADVANCED COUNTRIES  Parking  Vision and conspicuity • Introduction of blind spot mirrors: • Retro-reflective markings: Braking and handling Rollover stability Impairment by alcohol and fatigue Digital tachographs Crash protection measures • Seat belts and seats • Driver cabin structure • Front under-run protection • Rear under-run protection • Side under-run protection  Noise pollution      .

CURRENT MANAGEMENT PRACTICES IN GHANA Ministry of Roads and Transport has installed eleven permanent axle weighbridges at: Yapei Ofankor Asokwa Asuoyeboah Bogoso Afienya Sefwi Bekwai Mim Pwalugu Elimina Tema 17 more are to be constructed at strategic locations in the country. The haulage of freight across country has increased significantly since 2001. This translates to about 500 more heavy goods vehicles on a daily basis.342 in 2000 to 3. .872 in 2004. The average annual daily traffic of the heavy goods vehicles has increased from 3.

CURRENT MANAGEMENT PRACTICES IN GHANA  Redesign of our major corridors.5 tons per axle.  6:00am to 6:00pm operation period  Differential toll booths prices  Custom and police checkpoints . o Accra-Elubo o Accra-Aflao o Accra-Paga for axle loads of 13tons compared with the ECOWAS permissible axle load limit of 11.

Cola Nuts . Hide. Tomatoes Timber. Beverages Timber. Farm Produce. Cattle. the activities of most of the vehicles especially those transporting raw materials are seasonal.ACTIVITIES OF HEAVY GOODS VEHICLES: KUMASI AS A CASE STUDY Highway Activity/Freight Kumasi-Offinso/Techiman road: Tomatoes. Secondhand goods. Yam. Yam. Also supplies heavy machine parts to Suame Magazine : Petroleum products. Hardware. Cocoa Timber. Cocoa Kumasi-Accra road: Kumasi-Bibiani/Enchi road Kumasi-Sunyani road: Kumasi-Obuasi/Cape-Coast road: With the exception of vehicles supplying imported or finished goods. .

PROBLEMS GENERATED BY THE ACTIVITIES OF HEAVY GOODS VEHICLES  Brake failure  Spilling of loads (especially timber)  On street parking at night  Inadequate warning on distressed and parked vehicles  Overage vehicles Conclusion  Heavy goods vehicles are not well managed as a result of:  Bribery and corruption  Carelessness and ignorance on the part of drivers  Unfit vehicles  Improper parking .

RECOMMENDATIONS  Speed management  Reaction and Response time  Following another vehicle Four-second crash avoidance space .

.  60 metres outside a road train area.5 metres or longer must keep the following minimum distances between long vehicles:  200 metres in a road train area.RECOMMENDATIONS  Minimum distances between large vehicles: All vehicles 7.

RECOMMENDATIONS  Controlling speed  Crossing or entering traffic  Height and length limits Warning triangles  Warning triangles  Parking facilities:  Enforcement of regulations: .

Anane (MP).gov.RECOMMENDATIONS  Parking facilities:  Enforcement of regulations: REFERENCES  Presentation by the minister for road and transport.p df  Truck. Dr R. (2005) Available online at http://www. Ultimate Reference Suite. Chicago: Encyclopedia Britannica. Encyclopedia Britannica. available online at W.nsw.mrt./heavy_vehicle_driver_handbook.pdf  Heavy vehicle driver handbook . . (2009).