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Quality of Work Life at Auro Textiles

Presented By Vijay kumar

• Quality of work life(QWL) level of happiness or satisfaction with one’s career • The QWL approach considers employees as an ‘assets’ to the organization rather than as ‘costs’. • It believes that people perform better when they are allowed to participate in managing their work and make decisions.

. today’s workforce is realizing the importance of relationships and is trying to strike a balance between career and personal lives. • Further. organizations need to concentrate on job designs and organization of work. • To satisfy the new generation workforce.• This approach motivates people by satisfying not only their economic needs but also their social and psychological ones.

To improve standard of living of the people . To increase productivity 3.OBJECTIVES 1. To create a positive attitude  2.

Job satisfaction • • • • Opportunities for growth Workload To use skills and abilities to maximum level Job security .Factors affecting QWL 1.

Working Environment • • • • Equal opportunity to work Cooperation Respect in work place Opinion and suggestion .2.

Training and Development • Opportunity to learn new skills • Opportunity to develop own abilities • Improving the quality of work .3.

4. Health. safety benefits and Facilities • The safety and the Health of employee • Medical facilities • Fringe Benefits • Accommodation • Transportation facilities .

a/c Computer configuration Lights etc . Infrastructure • • • • Seating arrangement Ventilation.5.

6. Feedback .

Motivational Insights • • • • Praise appreciation Recognition Awards & Rewards .7.

Impact of low Quality of Work Life • • • • • • Poor morale Low performance Occasional sabotage Absenteeism Turnover Ultimately it is the organization that suffers. .

Objectives 1. Primary Objective  Overall Quality of Work Life in the organization and its impact on employees work culture .

Secondary Objectives • To measure the level of satisfaction of employees • To suggest suitable measures to improve the quality of work life • To identify the major areas of dissatisfaction if any.2. . and provide valuable suggestions.

Research Methodology • • • • • Research Design Sampling Technique Sample Size Data Collection Method Tool Used For Analysis .

General Observation • Almost all the employees are having job satisfaction • Employees are satisfied with job environment and working condition.Findings 1. • The superior are cooperative • Job security is good but some of the employees are partially satisfied with the promotion system • Employees are partially satisfied with accommodation and transportation facilities .

.• Most of the employees feels that ventilation is poor • Employees are partially satisfied with training and development program • Best organization for a trainee to learn new skills and technology • Partially satisfied with motivational insights such as praise. appreciation. recognition. • occasionally got feedback on performances.

Observation based upon Questionnaire .

Job satisfaction • Work load(no repetition. prioritization of work) .

Working environment • The organization should seek the opinion of the employees. open door policy) . • Grievances are to be resolved fairly(gripe box.

help to meet expectation) . remedial. counseling.Training and Development • There should be more and more Training and Development program (orientation. job. etc) • Career growth plan(planning. safety.

training on H&S . Safety benefits& facilities • The transportation and accommodation facilities should be provided to each employee • Safety equipments should be used.Health. maintenance.

Infrastructure • Computer configuration should be provided • Improvement in ventilation. .

) .Feedback • There should be feedback on performance (eg 360 degree feedback.

praise. incentives.) .Motivational insights • There should be motivational program to enhance morale (gain sharing.

Overall quality of work life .

Proud to be a part of Auro Textiles .

. gift voucher etc in order to improve the moral of employees. star of the month. growth.Suggestion • Workshop & seminar to bring about greater awareness on QWL • Job enrichment (recognition. Involve employee in decision making) • There is a need of motivational insights such as appreciation at workplace. more responsibilities) • Participative management(suggestion system.

time management.• There should be training and development program for the old employees (work management. etc • Career development program( So as employee are clear about their future career) • The transportation and accommodation facilities should be provided to each employee • The quality of food should be improved in canteen and the food should be provided with minimum cost • Feedback on performance to improve or enhance productivity .

name plate . dissemination of information • Need of TPM in some offices specially.• Suggestion box and its proper implementation or the program like “Dreams unlimited”. • Should improve computer configuration and Ventilation. • Developing a network for collection. storage. “mera kam aasan”.

Trainings) • Separate girl hostel. peers and customers.g Games.(e.(Team building activites e.This would be Best organization if….g free health checkups) • Training on engineering tools to be provided at regular interval of time. • Organization should also focus on the growth of non technical employees . • Appropriate medical facilities are to be provided to the employees. • Employees should get day to day motivational remarks such as appreciation words by manager. • Focus on team work.

• The organization adopts the rack system in the raw material section so that the vertical space is utilized. • Availability of seats in the Auro school for the children of employees at reasonable fee . • Parallel thinking is adopted in order to enhance the growth of organization.• Sufficient and hygienic accommodation need to be provided to the operators and workers.

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