By: Reed Fujan

 Roamed parts of Northern California.500 potential suspects. . Serial Killer  One of the great unsolved serial killers.  Between December 1968 and 1969.  Police investigated over 2.

. 1968  Betty Jensen (16) and David Faraday (17) were parked on Lake Herman Road in Vallejo.  Betty was dead at the scene and David was dead on route to the hospital.  Around 11:15 they were discovered lying outside their bullet-riddled car. California. December 20.  From 10:15-11:00 witnesses claimed nothing was unusual.

 Ferrin died before reaching the hospital. blinded the couple with a flashlight and began shooting.  Both were shot. 1969  Darlene Ferrin (22) and Michael Mageau (19) were parked at the Blue Rock Springs Golf Course in Benicia around midnight (four miles from where Jensen and Faraday were shot). A man thought to be a cop.  Michael Mageau survived the attack (able to describe the killer). July 4.  A car pulled up behind couple’s car. .

 About 5’8’’  About 195 lbs. . Sort heavy set man.

. an anonymous male caller called police and reported the murder of Ferrin and Mageau.m.  On the phone he took responsibility for Faraday and Jensen’s murder. At 12:40 a.  Police traced the call to a phone booth located blocks from the police department (less than 1 mile from Darlene Ferrin’s home).

This is where he adopted the name Zodiac. August 1. Offered clues to future murder plots. “I like killing people because it is so much fun…” . 1969  The Zodiac Killer sent a series of cryptic letters he sent     to the press and others. He disclosed his insanity which motivated the killings. In one of the decoded letters he wrote.


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