Brand Research

men and children fashion line  Created in 1983  Founded by Franco Moschino  Innovative and cheerful  .Introduction Italian fashion design house  Women.

Different lines Moschino (women and men line)  Moschino Cheao and Chick (women’s secondary line)  Love Moschino (men and women diffusion line known as Moschino Jeans)  Accessories.  . perfume. jewelry. cosmetic and jet helmets.

Types of stores Mono label  Franchise stores  Shop-in shops  Corners and soft cornes  .

She best represents Moschino  .Inspirations Rebel with a cause  Playful style  Based on pop culture  Products (many) insired from Olivia of Popoye the sailor.

Identification Something different from regular red and black combination  All abou girlish flaunting but still provocative looks  Black.  Candy coloured clothes. gold and red  Eccentric and magical colour palette mixed with provocative attitude.  .

Thought involved Be fashionable but not a fashion victim  Homour involved  Playing with materials and shaped but in the end every collection is a girl dreamits sophisticate but different. classic but extravagent.  .

 .Autumn/Winter 13 collection Celebrated Scottish highlands  Blazers. coats and dresses out from a variety of tartans.  Ode to british fashion  Sense of playfulness and fun  Slim cut suits with bow ties  Sure to sell well from Rome to London & beyond.

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