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Hotel Management System With Online Environment For Hotel Riviera


Background of The Company Introduction to Hotel Management System Technology Used in the HMS System Analysis and My Approach to the System Design Implementation Testing and Evaluation Future of the OHMS

Background of the hotel Riviera

The Riviera resort is a Tourist Resort. It is located in the charming fishing town of Batticaloa, in the eastern coastal district of Sri Lanka. This resort was established in 2000.

This resort has 38 rooms with all the Facilities. There are double single and family rooms with attached bathrooms. There are in door and out door games facilities with swimming pool. Air-conditioned rooms too are available.

Introduction of current system

Guest registration Room reservation Food order payment calculation

Problems identified
It takes more time to reserve the room. So performance of the current system is slow. Now the current system is running manually. So they are facing the following problems. Difficult to handle data accurately and security because of the data lost, viewing by unauthorized people, cant collect the data at the time.

Day to day current system is very costly So security wise is not guarantee to all information and datas. If customer wants search their details it very difficult Processing delay Not easy to handle room details Storage problems Unable to analyze past data (Update, Search, Delete, Edit), these types of methods are not accessible and not carry with the manual method

Introduction to Online Hotel Management System (OHMS)

To resolve the current problems the Hotel decided to do in Fashionable way so that they no their situation. So Hotel agreed to do in computerized method to resolve the reservations problems. The Hotel believes that advantages of doing in a computerized system.

The system will help the Hotel Riviera to operate efficiently by eliminating all the time consuming procedures and provide a better service to their customers as well as for the employees in the company.

Two Main Parts

Web Based Reservation System (Customers Perspective) Hotel Reservation System (Administration Perspective)

Features of the New System

Handling Customer Details Reservations Cancellations Handling Rooms Details Making Payments Features like Update, Searching, Deleting, Editing Record etc... Generating different kinds of report. Customers can view videos of hotel rooms with audio explanations. Customers Make reservations, enquiries and cancellations via online.

Waterfall Development-based Methodology

Method of Analysis
E-R Diagrams Relations/Tables Data Flow Diagram
Context Diagram (0 Level DFD) Level 1 DFD Level 1 DFD

Flow Charts

Data Flow Diagram (DFD)

Data Flow diagrams are a network representation of a system. Four entities that must be represented are:
Data flows: movement of data in the system Data stores: data repositories for data that is not moving Processes: transforms of incoming data flows to out going data flows External entities: sources or destinations outside the specified system boundary

io n Re po po rt r

pti on ist

Context Level for Proposed System

Hotel Reservation System

ls ai et D ls st ai s et ue tail D G e t r fo s t D en t m eq ue ils or ay a R G P ep et r R fo tD rt n en po io eq e m R at R ay erv ils n P ta io es de at R y nt rv e e rl t m es ea en Y R ay P ly ym th ity Pa l y on ci lit Fa ci Fa M R eq r fo

an ce


fo rC



rm Fo n tio va rm o er F es n ls ai tio rR et fo va q tD er Re es es u R ls ai rG et fo ls q tD ai t Re es De s Gu m il om oo eta o D rR R t fo e m q th en oo Re m m R ay fir P on t n or C f en tio eq n ella ym R tio c Pa lla an ce t C ity an jec acil e F rC fo or R ble q a s l ie ils t Re m ai lit en fir r av eta ci D on o Fa aym C q f lity e P ci Re th y t Fa m ili t fir ac en on r F ym fo Pa eq

es Gu

me s to Cu

c Fa

ty ili


pt ei


nc e

lla t

io n

agem Ma n



lla t


Co nfi r

Co nfi r


the Re m




Ro om or R rva Re tio nD es srv erv a ti on e ta a ti on D ils e ta ils

First Level for Proposed System

for Res erv atio Res nF Req erv orm atio for nF Gu orm est Det Gu ails est Req De tail for s Ro om Det 1 Ro ails om Co nfi D e ta rm ils the Ro om Reservation Req

Update Update

R ec st ni tio ep

tails n De vatio eser R r fo tails Req n De rvatio ation Rese serv e Re rm th fi n o om C e Ro rm th Confi

G ue s

Req for Room Details


Room Details


R eq

or Fa ci Fa lity P cil ity aym e Pa ym nt en t

ilt ie

Reservation De

ila bl e


Fa c


fo an r ce Ca lla nc tio ell at n de ion ta d ils et a



fo ra


ai ls


ili ty

Fa c

Fa c

ili tie


th e

on fir


anc for C Req on ellati

C fir on

t en m ay t P t r en en fo ym m Pa ay P e th



ce t ip

2 Payment Process

tion erva Res etails D


Facility Payment


Re qf

R or

Re Fa c

ser ls Re ai et D s st ail ue et r G st D fo ue G



ilit y

or Fa c me

ese rva


Facil it y De ta ils


Pa y

Pay m




Pa ym en nt td de e ta ta i ls ils

ilit y

D ion

ils e ta nD tio ils e ta

Req for available Facility

Facility Process


Facility details Facility Details

Report Process

rt po Re on a ti rt ell po e nc s Ca nR tail or latio De qf el est Re nc Gu r Ca q fo ls Re e ta i ils e ta st D Gue nt D me s Pay tail for e D Req rt ent po ym Re t Pa r o on p a ti Re erv ls n es ta i tio e yR d va arl er nt s e Ye Re t ym en Pa hly ym ty nt i Pa cil Mo Fa ity cil or Fa qf



st Gue

firm Con

or R

n atio cell Can t c eje

Cancellation Process


em ag an

t en

Second Level for Proposed System

Roo mD e ta i Roo ls mD e ta i Co ls nfir mt he Ro om Req for

G u es

Req for Room Details

Inquiry Process
Room Details

R eq r fo R es R es er






va n o ti

n o ti

Gu es


or Gu es

rm o F

rm o F

e ta



e ta



Reservation Process
n rvatio



ese for R Req


atio nD



ation serv e Re h t irm oom Conf he R irm t f n o C

e ta




nD atio

ls e ta i





tio nD

e ta


2 Payment Process

5 Cancellation Process

Mapping ER Diagram for Reservation System

Room M M Customer Room: room_ID, room_No, room_Date, reservation_Date

Roomcustomer: room_ID, cust_ID

Customer: cust_ID, cust_name, cust_address, cust_tpno, cust_email



Payment: Pay_ID, amount, date, cust_ID

Customer: cust_ID, cust_name, cust_address, cust_tpno, cust_email M M



Banquet: banq_ID, date_reserved, time_start, time_end, time_served, function

BanquetCustomer: banq_ID, cust_ID

Customer: cust_ID, cust_name, cust_address, cust_tpno, cust_email 1 M



Pool: pool_No, description, price

Customer: cust_ID, cust_name, cust_address, cust_tpno, cust_email, pool_No Restaurant 1 M Customer

Restaurant: rest_ID, food_ID, description, price, total_Amount Customer: cust_ID, cust_name, cust_address, cust_tpno, cust_email, rest_ID M 1



Booking: booking_ID, date, cust_ID

Customer: cust_ID, cust_name, cust_address, cust_tpno, cust_email 1 M



Bar: bar_ID, Liquor_No, description, quantity, selling_Price, expiry_date Customer: cust_ID, cust_name, cust_address, cust_tpno, cust_email, bar_ID


Flow Charts

Log In To the System

Startup Screen

Main Screen

Data Process

Guest update

Guest update Procedure

F Make room reservation F T Room selection Room selction Procedure T Room Reservation Procedure

F Room reservataion T Reservation

F Food order Food order Procedure

F Bar order T Bar order Procedure

F Report Selection F T Report Procedure

Log Off From the System


Technology Used in the SOSM System

The technologies that should be taken into consideration when implementing the system are as follows: Re-usability Efficiency and performance

Tools to be used in developing the system

Graphic Editor Software
Adobe Photoshop will be used as a graphic editor. Since it is not complex to work and it has more sophisticated features.

Web Development Tool

Macromedia Dreamweaver version 8 will be used for web development tool.

Development Language Requirements

Familiarity Web Support Rapid Development Execution Speed and Efficiency

Database Software SQL Server 2000 and MS Access were selected as the database software for this project out of the available software in the market.

Operating System
Windows is selected as the operating system software since it works well or run well PHP and VB.

Programming Language
PHP Hypertext Pre-processor:-PHP is a server-side scripting language. Although it was originally designed to run under Linux using the Apache Web server.
VB (Visual Basic) language for Administrators perspective reservation system.

Apache as the Web Server The Apache Web Server, maintain by the Apache Software foundation, is currently the most popular Web server because its stability, efficiency, portability, security and small size and mainly it is Open Source.

Software Architecture, Input and Output Design, Interface Design and Security Design

VB Designs

Menu and screen Form designs.


User name Pass word



Create a login by administrator for administrator and user

Date Time

User name Add Pass word Main Exit Save Update Delete

New Old

Guest Id Last name Address Age Tel no Sex Company Ok Cancel Nationality First name Mid init

Show all

Banquet reservation form

Banquet reservation
Date reserved Client Address Contact no Time start Time served Function Setup Backdrop Time end Description Price Quantity Amount Time end
Cancel Save

Location Fax Engineering Meal type

This form shows Room reservation

Room reservation
Room no Room type Room rate
Reservation no Guest id Room no Reservation date Checkout date



Show all

Room and banquet confirmation form design

Room and banquet confirmation Room Banquet Guest ID Room no Reservation date Date reserved Length of stay Status

Reservation no

view confirmation date

view expire reservation

view confirmed

Show all


Web based Design

Web page designs

Main web page description
Header of web page

Page Links

Welcome part

Description on particular links.

Client Access



Managers link Introduction Rooms Video Clips Online Room reservation Banquet reservation Our Services Foods and Beverages Feedbacks Pool About Srilanka Further Information's

Implementation Plan
This plan describes how the developed system will be deployed. It contains an overview of the system,

The system to be implemented is an Online Hotel Management for Hotel Reveira. It is a web-base and a Visual Basic developed to run on a PHP/MySQL/Apache server and in Visual Basic. This is developed to assist the company in providing a better reservation service to their manages,and to the Customers also.

Major task required for the implementation of the system

Providing overall planning and coordination for the implementation. Providing appropriate training for personnel Ensuring that the user manual is available for the implementation effort Ensuring that all prerequisites are met. Performing data conversion before loading the data into the developed system.

Description of the implementation

Firstly, the web server software (Apache) and database software (Mysql) are checked if they are present, if unavailable, they are installed. PHP and VB software is deployed The System developed is then implemented.

Also instead of using above first three steps you can use the Xampp, which is consider a open source package that comes with the Apache server mysql database as a configured one. Import a Database backup. The system implemented is tested in the client PCs.

Implementation of Database
The database tables were successfully created using My SQL and MS Access. All the tables mentioned were designed and implemented appropriately with the appropriate fields and their data types.

Testing and Evaluation

Component Testing The program deals with database and some ActiveX controls and references some runtime libraries therefore it was essential to test if they are properly referenced or not. installed Visual Basic 6.0 and Crystal Reports on the target test machine and run the system. All of them were successfully running without any problems

Integration Testing
This test was mainly carried out to see the links between a forms and reports in the system. There are a number of different forms and reports linked together. So it was necessary to check the operability of the links found on the multiple document interface (MDI) form.

This testing mainly focused to check whether links between the forms and reports in the system work correctly. There are two kinds of test within this testing process.

Test links from the MDI form to other forms: when the user clicks on the menu, it will call respective form. For example: when the user clicks on Guest menu, it will open Guest window.

Mobile Reservations Virtual Reality Adding ERP and BPR