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Module 1 Mastery Assignment 2 Types of Governments

Directions: Using the information you read in the Notes and Resources folder, complete the PowerPoint presentation that follows. For each slide, evaluate the difference between the different forms of government listed at the top. Make sure you provide examples of current nations that have the form of government described. DO NOT COPY AND PASTEthe information needs to be in your own words.

Democracy vs. Dictatorship

A democracy is a government which the people rule. The people can elect representatives to let the peoples voice be heard in the government or the entire population can vote. No countries today have a complete democracy United States and Switzerland have a democratic-republic.

A dictatorship is a government which one person issue a coup d'tat against the former government. This government relies on its military and police force to stay in power. Cuba, Myanmar, and Syria currently have a dictatorship

Republic vs. Oligarchy

A republic is a government where the government rules by a constitution and by popular suffrage. Mexico and Iraq both have a republic

An oligarchy is a government which a group of individuals issue a coup d'tat against the former government. This government relies on its military and police force to stay in power. The USSR was known to use an Oligarchy

Representative Democracy vs. Direct Democracy

A representative democracy is where the people elect individuals to represent their needs. The United States, Canada, and Costa Rica have this government mixed with a republic

A direct democracy is where the people voice their own opinions without representatives. The closest government to this today is Switzerland.

Monarchy vs. Aristocracy

A monarchy is where a person or two people rule a nation. It normally has a hereditary rule. Today Saudi Arabia and Bhutan have a monarchy

An aristocracy is where a group of individual, normally with a large sum of currency, rule. There are no aristocratic countries today

Totalitarianism vs. Federalism

A totalitarian government is where the government controls everything in the public and personal lives. North Korea and Iran both have this government

Federalism is where two or more levels of government have authority over the same group of people Russia and Venezuela have this government

Your Ideal Form of Government

State and explain in detail which form of government you would create if you were in charge of building a new country. Be sure to include examples of that type of government.

A direct democracy would be my ideal form of government. Everyone would have a voice in what goes on and what will be a law. The Athenian seemed to run their city well. They allowed their city to be one of the best in Greece through this system. Switzerland also has this system and they are the banking capital of the world.