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Chapter 9 The Performance Interview


Chapter Summary
Preparing for the Performance Interview Selecting an Appropriate Review Model Conducting the Performance Interview The Employee in the Performance Review The Performance Problem Interview Summary


Preparing for the Performance Interview

Preparation Advice
Supportive Climate is Preferred by Interviewees Regular Feedback Avoids Surprises Interviewers Must be Trained


Preparing for the Performance Interview

Reviewing Rules, Laws, and Regulations
Be careful of judging what you cannot measure. Changing demographics have led to changes in methods and assumptions.


Selecting an Appropriate Review Model

Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) Model Management by Objectives (MBO) Model Universal Performance Interviewing Model The 360-Degree Approach


Conducting the Performance Review Interview

Do your homework. Select and understand the perspective of the interview. Relationship influences both parties and the nature of the interview.


Conducting the Performance Review Interview

Opening the Interview
Climate and atmosphere are critical. Be prepared but flexible in opening the interview.


Conducting the Performance Review Interview

Discussing Performance
Use all of your listening skills. Feedback is central in performance interviews. Develop a true dialogue with the interviewee. Enhance trust and cooperation to avoid conflict. Strive for a balance between praise and criticism. Be aware of potential biases. Know how to conduct performance interviews. Use question tools to gain and verify information.


Conducting the Performance Review Interview

Setting New Goals and a Plan of Action
Focus on the future and not the past. The interviewee must be an active participant. Review the last periods goals before going on to new ones. Do not make the goals too easy or too difficult.


Conducting the Performance Review Interview

Closing the Interview
Close with the perception that the interview has been valuable for both parties.


Conducting the Performance Review Interview


The Employee in the Performance Review

Do a self-evaluation before the interview. Approach the interview with a positive attitude. Avoid unnecessary defensiveness. A good offense is better than a good defense. Leave your temper at the door.


The Performance Problem Interview

The need for discipline has become a performance problem. Determining Just Cause
Know what constitutes a just cause. Treat all employees fairly and equally. The punishment must fit the infraction.


The Performance Problem Interview

Preparing for the Interview
Practice before conducting the real thing. Be prepared for common reactions and responses. What evidence do you have of the infraction? Distinguish between the severity of infractions. Learn why an infraction has occurred. Relational dimensions are critical in performance problem interviews.


The Performance Problem Interview

Keeping Self and Situation Under Control
Uncontrolled anger can destroy an interaction. Timing of the interview may be critical. Hold the interview in a private location. With severe problems, consider obtaining assistance. Consider including a witness or union representative.


The Performance Problem Interview

Focusing on the Problem
Deal with facts rather than impressions and opinions. Avoid unsupported accusations. Ask questions that draw out the interviewee.


The Performance Problem Interview

Avoiding Conclusions During the Interview
Be slow to draw conclusions. Do not verbalize conclusions during the interview.


The Performance Problem Interview

Closing the Interview
Conclude the interview in neutral. If discipline or termination is appropriate, do it. Delaying action may enable you to think more clearly about the incident. Apply all rules and actions equally to all employees.


Evaluate an employees performance on the basis of standards mutually agreed upon ahead of time. Apply the same standards equally to all employees performing a specific job. Flexibility and open-mindedness are important keys in successful performance review interviews. The performance process must be ongoing.