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A guide to everything you need to know about anything Never published on Earth «A wholly remarkable book» .


Douglas Noel Adams (11 March 1952 – 11 May 2001) .

Doctor Who (Classic series) Monty Phython’s Flying Circus .

.Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul The Meaning of Liff.




Main Characters .

ARTHUR DENT Planet of Origin: Earth Species: Human Dark haired and never quite at ease with himself middling man. . Arthur Dent escaped the planet with Ford Prefect and wanders the galaxy still in his dressing gown in a state of confusion and is always hit with a fresh shock before he has really had time to recover from the last one and as a result his mind can never really catch up with and comprehend the current situation. who was one of two Earthlings to escape the planet Earth before it was demolished to make way for an intergalatic bypass.

His real job involves compiling research for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. he finally gets the opportunity to leave when a most unpleasant alien race announces their plans to destroy the primitive planet.Ford Prefect is actually an alien posing as an out-of-work actor. Sometimes difficulty with his friend's lack of comprehension. on Earth for 15 years. And because Arthur once saved his life. Ford decides to return the favor and plucks his friend off Earth before its annihilation. Ford is the perfect companion to have on a galactic adventure. but doesn’t give up. FORD PREFECT Planet of Origin: Vicinity of Betelgeuse Species: Unknown .

She alone seems to have some amount of control over Zaphod. it is often quite clear that she knows more about what is going on than either Ford or Zaphod despite their Galactic experience. Easily the most sensible one of the group. so when she met Zaphod at a party.TRILLIAN Planet of Origin: Earth Species: Human Trillian has a degree in mathematics and a doctorate in astrophysics. she jumped at the chance to see the galaxy. as well as constantly doing her best to be nice to Marvin. . even after everyone else has given up.

something which he often covers up by having a dig at Arthur and making him look like a fool.k. and utterly dignified. arrogant. He became President for the sole purpose of stealing the Heart of Gold spaceship—the most remarkable and unique ship in the history of the galaxy. . luring her away with one line—“I’m from a different planet. Oh yes.ZAPHOD BEEBLEBROX Planet of Origin: Betelgeuse Five Species: Yes. Trillian). Zaphod recently popped in to Earth to pick up a female companion (Tricia McMillan. he can also be astoundingly stupid.a. a. Please Cool. adventurous. Would you like to see my spaceship?” Famous for being astoundingly clever. he also has two heads and three arms. Zaphod Beeblebrox is also the President of the galaxy.

MARVIN Manufacturer: Sirius Cybernetics Corporation Make: GPP (Genuine People Personalities) Marvin is a new generation of robot. opening doors and fetching things can be a little dreary when you have a brain that can plan the entire planet's military strategy as well as solve all of the major problems of the Universe. Meet Marvin and wish you hadn’t!) . infused with GPP (Genuine People Personalities). Chronically depressed ”Paranoid Android” has a brain the size of a planet and therefore resents the menial tasks he is frequently asked to perform. To be fair.

Prostetnic is very typical of his species. Prostetnic is the Vogon who demolishes Earth at the beginning of the novel. his main interests involve shouting orders at people below him. .PROSTETNIC VOGON JELTZ Origin:Vogosphere Species:Vogon The head of a Vogon Constructor Fleet. obeying orders of his masters and writing terrible poetry. in that like most Vogons.

Film Adaptation .





and so shows us how weird and.The book touched upon a variety of issues: politics. at the same time. He is a great observer. but the important things are often spoken in jest. when little things are taken seriously. pleasant life could be. . religion. After reading this book you will certainly know that you are not at all alone in the Universe. love – questions of life the universe and everything. But all this through the prism of fascinating author's world view with an admixture of quintessentially British humor. Adams is a master storyteller. rarely letting his readers rest before hitting them with another plot twist or belly-acher.

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