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Ethics . . .

Ethics is the study of right and wrong and of the morality of the choices individuals make.
An ethical decision is one that is ‘right’ according to some standard of behavior.

Business Ethics
Business Ethics is the application of moral standards to business situations.
Cigarette companies are being fined for their advertising practices.

Group Pressure Businesses are often influenced by group pressure in their ethical practices: Investors want management to make sensible financial decisions that will increase sales. profits and returns on their investments. Customers expect a business’s products to be safe. . reliable and reasonably priced.

. Creditors require payments to be made on time and accounting information provided by the business to be accurate. and compensation decisions. promotion. Competitors expect the business’s competitive practices to be fair and honest.Group Pressure (continued) Employees demand to be treated fairly in hiring.

rather than for the employer’s interest Communication When communication in business. especially advertising.Common Ethical Issues Fairness and Honesty • Discrimination • Deceiving or intimidating others Organizational Relationship • Taking credit for others work Conflict of Interest When an employee takes advantage of a situation for his or her benefit (bribe). is false or misleading • Pressuring others to behave unethically .

Case .S. buyer because it had failed to inform him that his car paint had been damaged and retouched.Deceiving Others BMW received a court order to pay $2 million to a U. Identify the ethical issue that is violated by BMW a) b) c) d) Organizational Relationships Fairness and Honesty Conflict of Interest Communication .

Identify the ethical issue that is violated by the manager a) Fairness and Honesty b) Organizational Relationships c) Conflict of Interest d) Communication . After submitting the report. Your manager requested a report about the ‘The Demand and Supply of the RealEstate Market in Bahrain'.Case – Taking Credit for Others Work Assume that you are an employee in XYZ Company. you found that your manager submitted it to the CEO under his name only. which is part of your duties.

Case . You received an expensive watch from one of the bidders.Bribe Assume that you are a 'contract manager' in XYZ company. Identify the ethical issue that you violated a) b) c) d) Fairness and Honesty Organizational Relationships Conflict of Interest Communication .

Identify the ethical issue that is violated in the ad a) Fairness and Honesty b) Organizational Relationships c) Conflict of Interest d) Communication .Misleading Advertising This is a billboard ad that is located near to a school.Case .

 A Code of Ethics is a written guide to acceptable and ethical behavior as determined by that organization. (Figure 2. Trade and Professional Organizations provide ethical guidelines for businesses to follow.2. p 40) .  Businesses provide a code of ethics to employees to encourage ethical behavior.Encouraging Ethical Behavior  Government. standards and punishments for violations. It contains uniform policies.

 Businesses must create an environment in which employees recognize the importance of following the written code.  Code cannot cover every situation. and training employees to make ethical decisions.  Managers have to provide direction by encouraging communication.Encouraging Ethical Behavior (continued)  Employees know what is expected of them and what will happen if they violate the rules when a written code of ethics is provided and enforced. . serving as a role model.

Social Responsibility .SR The recognition that business activities have an impact on society and the consideration of that impact in business decisions .

They also allow them to use the medical facility when necessary. Hotels and other organizations volunteer to clean beaches annually. . Some organizations provide scholarships for students to attend universities in Bahrain and around the world. . GPIC – set up a fish nursery in the sea outside their plant to prove that they are not polluters of water. land and noise pollution near and around their plants.Bahraini Companies. Fish are donated to charities and serve an environmental purpose as they attract flamingos back to the island. Alba – allows the villagers near the plant to take fresh water from their plant site. water. Some organizations are taking responsibility to prevent air. . Businesses organize walk-a-thons and other events to raise money for various charities on the island.

including the coffee grounds. McDonald’s Provides low-cost housing for people who have seriously ill children – Ronald McDonald Houses. Starbucks Uses only materials that may be recycled. . .000 restaurants around the world – no longer uses styrfoam containers for its sandwiches and drinks .International Companies. . Practices recycling and waste control in its 30. Buys coffee directly from farmers instead of wholesalers. Provides loans for small coffee farmers.

so social responsibility begins with the attitude of management.Models of Social Responsibility Business decisions are made within the firm. Government regulations and public awareness have increased the social responsibility of businesses. .

.Models of Social Responsibility The Economic Model of Social Responsibility states that society will benefit most when business is left alone to produce and market profitable products that society needs.

.Models of Social Responsibility The Socioeconomic Model of Social Responsibility states that business should emphasize not only its profits but also the impact of its decision on society.

financial and managerial resources needed to tackle today’s complex social issues.Comparison of Models of Social Responsibility Arguments For Social Responsibility: 1. which would force businesses to do what they decided not to do voluntarily. By helping resolve social issues. 4. 3. Socially responsible decision making by firms can prevent increased government intervention. . Business has the technical. 2. Since business is a part of society. it cannot ignore social issues. business can create a more stable environment for long-term profitability.

3. 2. not to solve society’s problems. money and talent should be used to maximize profits.Comparison of Models of Social Responsibility Arguments Against Social Responsibility: 1. Social issues are the responsibility of government officials who are elected for that purpose and are accountable to the voters for their decisions. 4. so management must be concerned with providing a return on owners’ investments. Corporate time. so individual businesses should not be expected to solve these problems. Business managers are primarily responsible to investors. . Social problems affect society in general.

.What is Consumerism? Consumerism includes all activities undertaken to protect the rights of consumers.

Consumerism Six Basic Rights of Consumers ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ The Right to Safety The Right to Be Informed The Right to Choose The Right to Be Heard The Right to Consumer Education The Right to Service .

The Right To Safety • Safe for intended use • Explicit directions for proper use • Tested for quality and reliability .

The Right To Be Informed • Access to complete information about the product before they buy it – Ingredients and Nutrition on food containers – Fabric and laundering methods – clothing – Interest rate – Loans • Potential dangerous of usage – Side effects of medicine .

The Right To Choose • A choice of product offered by many manufacturers and sellers to satisfy a particular need – Competition: reduction in prices .

The Right To Be Heard Someone will listen and take appropriate action when the consumer complains – Consumers Relations/ Services: Created a competitive edge .

The Right To Consumer Education Entitles people to be fully informed about their rights as consumers .

courteous and responsive treatment from manufacturers and sellers .The Right To Courteous Service Entitles customer to receive convenient.