Chatting with friends

How about you? e. Did you see the news last night? a. f. d. What’s the matter? 3. I’ve been to a meeting. How are you doing? 2. How was your weekend? 6. c. No. Did you watch the football yesterday? 8. that’s all. What have you been doing this week? 5. I didn’t. g. two – nil. I feel a bit sick this morning. No. Great. thanks. Mostly I’ve been at work but I went out on Wednesday night. how are you? partner these questions! 1h 2c 3a 4e 5d 6b 7f 8g . I went to the beach. What happened? Now ask a h. Have you got anything planned tonight? 7. Where’ve you been? 4. I’m fine thanks. I think I’ll just say at home and watch a film. It was terrible wasn’t it. b.Match these social questions and answers! 1.

A fella = a man .A quid = a pound .Has anything new or unusual happened to you lately? Tell me about it.Pre-Listening . . .Have you been anywhere good lately? What was it like? .Listen to the lady talking about her new boy friend and the man talking about his new car.

What colour are his eyes? 3. Where did he find the car? 9. it had obviously been used a lot 10. What did he write in the text he sent her? 6.Listen again and answer the questions 1. Did the car have any problems? He’s six foot three Blue Wine and soda An Indian restaurant ‘I’ve had a lovely time. I can’t wait for us to meet up again’ / ‘He had a lovely time and he couldn’t wait to meet up with her again. How tall is her new boyfriend? 2. Which restaurant did he take her to? 5. When did he get the new car? 7. What did he find inside the glove compartment? A wallet with three hundred quid (pounds) inside. At the weekend. How much did he have to spend and how did he pay for the car 8. He had a thousand pounds to spend but he bought the car for seven hundred and fifty He found it in the newspaper It started shaking went it got to 80 miles an hour. What were they drinking when they went out? 4. .

Do you ever gossip about other people behind their back? Please tell the truth. Tell each other about the last time you went to the hospital. Are there any topics that you never talk about? 3. 4. Tell each other about your last holiday. 1. 7. Do you like chatting on the internet or social networking sites? Tell me about it. What topics of conversation do you talk about most with your friends? Sport ? Fashion? Movies? Other people? 2. 8. 5. 6. . Tell each other the last time you ‘won’ something.Talk about these questions with a partner. Tell me something interesting that happened to you lately.

writing Dear brother/sister.Use paragraphs ! . We sometimes visit interesting places but never for very long and most of the time I only look at water on the horizon. . I hope you’re well. Please write and tell me everything that has happened and all the gossip and news… Tell me everything you can! Thanks Your brother Captain James Malek Please answer this letter to your brother. I really miss home and my family and friends. Hi there.Tell him as much gossip as you can about your family .Chatting with friends . Working on a ship is not as interesting as it sounds.Ask him about his life .Please write 100 words . As you know I’ve been away from home for a long time.

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