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BUSINESS VOCABULARY – I Dr.V.Veera Balaji Kumar BHMS., M Sc., M Phil ( Psychology)

Dr.V.Veera Balaji Kumar

BHMS., M Sc., M Phil ( Psychology)


IMPORTANCE  A good vocabulary is a sure sign of a person’s ability to express himself

A good vocabulary is a sure sign of a person’s ability to express himself or herself clearly

A manager should be well versed with the words from the world of business

Dr.Johnson O’ Connor, Director of Human engineering laboratory singular importance of vocabulary in achievement

Survival of the fittest

In the business world it is the survival of one with the fittest vocabulary

There is a definite correlation between success in business and size of vocabulary.

Survival of the fittest  In the business world it is the survival of one with


To find out what someone’s job is we say ‘what do you do?’

“I work for a large watch manufacturer. I am in charge of designing the watches. I am responsible for planning the new product research.”

In charge of + noun Responsible for + verb+ ing


I am in charge of this department (n) I am responsible for coordinating (v+ing) design and production and production units’ activities. I am a responsible… X [wrong]

‘Work’ is a verb as well as a noun ‘Work’ is also the place where you do your job

Some phrases with ‘work’

Hi I’m Ramesh. I work in a bank in coimbatore. I leave for work at 7:30 every morning.

I go to work by

train and bus.

I arrive at work at about 9:00 AM.

I am off work when I’m sick. I am at the work. I’m going to work.


A full time job is for the whole of the normal working week; a part-time job is for less than that.

A part-time job does not finish after a fixed period; a temporary job finishes after a fixed period.


A JOB has different tasks.


I work as a personal secretary in an industry. It is a nine-to-five job. We all have to clock in and clock out everyday.

I am working as a computer programmer. Ours’ is a flexitime (AmE: flextime): we can work when we want, within certain limits.

Words used in front of ‘Job’ & ‘Work’

Satisfying, inspiring, stimulating, fascinating, exciting = work is interesting and gives positive feelings

Dull, boring, uninteresting, dreary = work is not interesting

Repetitive, monotonous = routine work

Tedious, hard, demanding, tiring = difficult work which makes you tried


The person who is recruited is a recruit or Hire.

A company employs or hires him/her. Recruiting agencies or employment agencies help companies recruit.

Headhunters are also recruiters. But they persuade people to leave the organizations they already work for. This process is called headhunting.

Applying for a Job

Prakash applied for a job of company secretary in a leading hospital. He sent his CV (BrE = Curriculum Vitae, the ‘story’ of his life ) AmE Resume` and a cover (AmE) letter ( BrE = covering letter) explaining why he wanted the job and why he was the right person for it.

Selection procedures

‘We advertise in national newspapers. We look at the bkgrnd. of the applicants: their experience of different jobs and qualifications. We invite the most suitable candidates to a group discussion. Then we have individual interviews. We also ask them to do psychometric tests to assess their intelligence and personality.

Selection procedures…

After this, we shortlist 3 or 4 candidates. We check their references by writing to referees or teachers. If the ref. are o.k then we ask the candidates to come back for final interview.

Finally we offer the job to someone. If he/she turns down the offer we choose the next best option.

Skills and qualifications

A skill is learned ability to do something well, especially after training and practice.

Unskilled Semi-skilled Skilled Highly skilled

A airline pilot is a highly skilled professional. A office sweeper is unskilled laborer.

Terms used to describe people

Self-starter, proactive, self-motivated, Self-driven = good at working on their own Methodical, systematic, organized = can work in planned way Computer-literate = good with computers Numerate = good with numbers Talented = good at what they do

Team player = people who work well with other people