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Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)

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Mukesh Kumar Bairwa

11 Aralk 2007

Introduction Virtual Local Area Network Operation Types of Virtual Local Area Network Virtual Local Area Network Configuration Benefits of Virtual Local Area Network

General Description of LAN
Covering a small geographic area

Home Office Group of Buildings

Definition of Virtual Local Area Network

Commonly known as VLAN Group of hosts(ports) on the switch with a

common set of requirements

Group of hosts communicate as if they were attached to the same wire

Definition of Virtual Local Area Network

VLAN has the same attributes as a physical LAN VLAN allows grouping to the end stations, services and


End stations do not need to locate on the same LAN segment

Broadcast domain created by one or more switches

Difference of VLAN and LAN

Broadcast Domains

A switch creates a broadcast domain VLAN helps manage broadcast domains VLANS can be defined on ports groups, users or protocols LAN switches and network management software provide a mechanism to create VLANs

VLAN Operations

VLAN has a switched network that is logically segmented Each switch port can be assigned to a VLAN Ports assigned to the same VLAN share broadcasts. Ports that do not belong to that VLAN do not share these broadcasts This improves network performance because unnecessary broadcasts are reduced

Types of VLAN
Three basic VLAN memberships for determining and controlling how a packet entering a switch gets assigned to a VLAN.

Port driven VLANs contd.

User assigned port association ???
For example, in a bridge with four ports, ports 1, 2, and 4 belong to VLAN 1 and port 3 belongs to VLAN 2
Port 1 2 3 4 VLAN 1 1 2 1

Disadvantage: Does not allow for user mobility

Assignment of ports to different VLAN's.

MAC address driven VLANs contd

MAC Address 1212354145121 2389234873743 3045834758445 5483579475843

VLAN 1 2 2 1

Assignment of MAC addresses to different VLAN's

MAC address driven VLANs contd

VLAN membership must be assigned initially.
In networks with thousands of users. Also, in environments where notebook PC's are used, the MAC address is associated with the docking station and not with the notebook PC. Consequently, when a notebook PC is moved to a different docking station, its VLAN membership must be reconfigured.

Network address driven VLANs

The network IP subnet address can be used to classify VLAN membership
IP Subnet 23.2.24 VLAN 1


Assignment of IP subnet addresses to different VLAN's

Benefits of VLAN

Benefits of VLAN
VLANs allow network administrators to organize LANs logically instead of physically. Easily move workstations on the LAN Easily add workstations to the LAN Easily change the LAN configuration Easily control network traffic Improve security

Why use VLAN instead of LAN ?

Performance Formation of Virtual Workgroups Simplified Administration Reduces Cost Security


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