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Demi Lovato shares her rehab experience Demi Lovato Made By Ngoc Linh and Huong Huong .

. Demi Lovato thanked everyone who supported her during her stay inside the rehab. for their never ending support and words of motivation. She especially thanked her close pals.Famous Disney star Demi Lovato has shared her experience inside the rehabilitation. On her release from rehab. stars Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus.

"There was a bunch leading up to it . "I did some things I that I regret to this day.18-year-old Lovato spent three months in a treatment centre to battle against eating disorder. self harming and depression issues. She was admitted at the end of the year 2010 and got out in the opening month of the year." ." She added.emotionally and physically . 2011.that I was doing to myself that I realized was unhealthy for my life.

" ." Lovato further said. Last October. Lovato dropped out of her world tour with the Jonas Brothers to enter a treatment facility for "emotional and physical issues."I wasn't going to continue to be alive if I continued to treat my body the way I was.

However. she realized that the uncomfortable nature and mood swings were caused due to depression. at that stage.Battling against depression was not something new for the rising star. but with time and age. Lovato decided not to take the problem seriously and kept on fighting against it secretly inside. . Lovato told that she had battled with the depression since she was 7. The decision of admitting herself in a rehab came when she failed to cope with it anymore. she was not completely sure of her feelings.

." "I'm not going to be perfect. Lovato mentioned that she felt very special and delighted when she received a Christmas present from Cyrus." Today. bulimia and cutting. which eventually led me to some of my biggest problems: Anorexia. but if I can make it through the day. that's all that matters." she said."I was unmedicated for so many years and it led to so many problems. She explained that in rehab getting presents from friends was very rare and therefore felt very special. she says it's a "daily journey" to stay on track and admitted that staying healthy will "be a struggle that I'll have to deal with for the rest of my life.


* Made By Anh Thy .

nostalgic D. commence Made By Anh Thy . technological C. embarrassed D. sneaky C.Choose the word that stress pattern different from that of the other words A. indifferent B. guarantee B. environmental A.


...She doesn't see her grandchildren very often so she makes . real fuss of them when she does A B C D - a an the Ф ..........


residential A. enthusiasm . entertainment D. situation B. experience C. embarrassment D. appreciate C. competition B.Choose the word that stress pattern different from that of the other words A.

The boy glanced at me and turned away A B C D - looked looked looked looked attractively quickly attentively suspiciously Made By Anh Thy .

generous A person or thing that is loved and admired very much is the _________. sneaky C. helpful B. fan Made By Anh Thy . A. A. ideal C. unselfish D. idol B.This _________ man was disliked by his friends and his parents. idea D.

* Made By Nguyen Phuong .

.... beach! 8.... BFF means: .. darling. Do you get any ... You're a liar! 5.... Poke.... Forever 12.. Taylor is my. 10. Elementary School 17. this summer? 4..... the feeling that you're smiling all the time 9. 14. I'll beat you in every .! 7.. Let's go to the BEACH. DOWN 1.. Taylor Swift has the most sold out . The vehicle Tắc Tong Teo and Mướt Già can't ride now! 18. Your face will turn RED! 3. kick. zzzZZZZ 16.... What's yours? 15.. sometimes you cry alot 11. attack... Can't take my eyes off you. Ugh. First Grade. slap..... DUDE! 6. You're no good for me. NYNFU 13.Made By Nguyen Phuong ACROSS 2.. I study at Minh Khai . . hit.. So boring.

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Relaxxx * Watching clips… =]]~ Made By Que Phuong .

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