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Eat Healthy, Think Better

Eat Healthy, Think Better

" Dominate the branded dairy market in India with milk and milk products that enhance the health and well being of the consumer

The Beginning
Britannia started its journey in 1892 from a small

house in Kolkata The initial investment was meager Rs. 295. By 1910, with the advent of electricity, Britannia merchandised its operations In 1921, it became the first company east of the Suez Canal to use imported gas ovens.

Eat Healthy, Think Better

Went for public issue in 1978

The following year, Britannia Biscuit Company

was re-christened Britannia Industries Limited (BIL) In 1983 it crossed the Rs. 100 crores revenue mark. In 1994, Volumes cross 1,00,000 tons of biscuits By 1997 the volumes crossed 3,00,000 tons.. Now, Britania crossed Rs.2,000 crore revenue mark
Eat Healthy, Think Better

THE ORIGIN OF 'Eat Healthy, Think Better'

Consumers seek foods that complement their

lifestyles while offering convenience, variety and economy, over and above health and nutrition. Britannia had the ability to resonate with the changes in consumer needs that have varied significantly across its 100+ year epoch IN 2002 Re-birth - new corporate identity 'Eat Healthy, Think Better' lead to new mission: 'Make every third Indian a Britannia consumer .

Eat Healthy, Think Better


Eat Healthy, Think Better

Britannia saw the

writing on the wall. Its "Swasth Khao Tan Man Jagao (Eat Healthy, Think Better) encapsulating the core essence of Britannia - healthy, nutritious, optimistic and combining it with a delightful product range to offer variety Eat Healthy, Think Better and choice to

Dairy products: Britannia holds an equity stake

in Dynamix Dairy and outsources the bulk of its dairy products from its associate. Its main competitors are Nestl India, the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), and Amul (GCMMF).
Biscuits : VitaMarieGold, Tiger, Nutrichoice

Junior,Good day, 50 50, Treat, Pure Magic, Milk Bikis, Good Morning, Bourbon, Thin Arrowroot, Nice, Little Hearts and many more.
Eat Healthy, Think Better

Tiger Targeted basically on kids. Positioning is done for modern mothers who play

an enabling role for their children to compete in today's world and thus want the best. Over the years, Tiger has become the massmarket face of Britannia symbolising fun and energy in both urban and rural India, and transcending glucose biscuits.
Eat Healthy, Think Better

LittleHearts-It is the only type of snack biscuit in

the market. A wafer biscuit with sugar coating.

Little Hearts is targeted towards the growing

youth segment. A completely unique product, it was the first time biscuits were retailed in pouch packs like potato wafers.

Eat Healthy, Think Better

Good Day This rich biscuit enjoys a fan following of

consumers across all ages. Good Day is amongst the fastest growing brands in Britannia's portfolio and is today the market leader with almost 2/3 share of the market. The brand is synonymous with everyday treats that infuse happiness into people's daily lives.

Eat Healthy, Think Better

Milk bikisThe only biscuits with milk flavored

cream, makes it the most different product in front of its key competitors.
Milk bikis too is targeted towards kids who may

dislike drinking milk, but they love Britannia Milk Bikis! Milk Bikis has been trusted by mothers as a source of growth energy of milk and their loyalty to the brand has made it an integral part of their children's nutrition regimen.
Eat Healthy, Think Better

Marie The oldest brand of Britannia. The no.1 in its

category. Targeted and positioned towards tea time biscuit lovers.

Eat Healthy, Think Better


This biscuit comes under snack biscuit. It was launched in 1993. It came with a flavor of Maska Chaska as a difference. IT covers 1/3 of the market share.

Eat Healthy, Think Better

Glucose biscuit Cakes

Parle Mongiris western India advantage of being first brand in this segment. Modern food, small scale industries. Amul, Dabur, Nestle

Bread Cheese/ butter Dairy whitener

Amul , Nestle,Every day, HLLs Milkana

Eat Healthy, Think Better


Widely accepted
Easy availability Available all

Increase in cost over

throughout the year Instant remedy for hunger

time Unable to utilise all resources properly Alteration in health Industry requires technological advancements

Eat Healthy, Think Better



Improving standard of

Face switching cost

Threat of new

living Rise in income Huge population Provide employment

entrants Maybe poor in quality in some cases

Eat Healthy, Think Better

Age Group Different product for different age

groups. e.g.. Tiger and Treat for kids , little hearts for youths and Good day for elder ones. Niche snacking segment- For those individually which are on the go, the company introduced small packs . Occasions Britannia's subh kaamnayein is for special occasions like festival .

Eat Healthy, Think Better

All the biscuit under Britannia has kept

appropriate pricing. Every biscuit has economy packs to family packs. This style covers every economic segments in the market.

Eat Healthy, Think Better

SALES-PROMOTION e.g. Eat healthy ,Think

better, Buy Britannia ,see cricket ,eat only Britannia Exchange 4 empty packs with a booklet , when Tiger was introduced in the market. Britannia supplied note books , scales pencils to children in the name of its new brand of cost . Britannia is providing small gifts in the Britannia treats pack.

Eat Healthy, Think Better


Buying biscuits means buying health nutrition

and food , Britannia conducted by Qualitative and Quantitative research , surveying over 5000 consumers , how they perceived the brand .

Eat Healthy, Think Better

Communication Channel T.V , RADIO

Distribution channel Big Bazaar , Retail shop

They give first communication channel on

advertisement, promotion . They spend huge amount own money over to distribution channel , they keep their product in front of customer, they compel to customer to purchase .

Eat Healthy, Think Better

CSR- Britannia Nutrition Foundation

Commitment to Health & Well-Being of most

vulnerable population of India. To demonstrate the strength & durability of Britannias commitment to health and enable the brand to play a significant civic role in social community through concrete action. BNF will enable BIL to reach the vulnerable sections of society with products/solutions of public health relevance.

Eat Healthy, Think Better

GAIN- Global Alliance for improved Nutrition

Clinton Global Initiative

World Bank Institute UN World Food Programme Nandi foundation Navajyoti Foundation

Eat Healthy, Think Better