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The soul of nature

-nature gives life to the soul

-nature lead us to contemplation and drives away from non
sense thinking of our daily life
-nature is the foundation of the spiritual path
-spirituality is limitless
• As the famous philosopher stated the importance of
nature in the spiritual life.”and what is this?i asked the
earth;and it answered,”I’m not he”;and whatsoever there
in made the same confession.i asked the sea and the
deeps,and the creeping things that lived,and they
replied,we are not thy god seek higher than we.and I
answered unto all these things which stand about the
door of my flesh,”you have told me concerning my
god,that you are not he;tell me something about
him.”and with a loud voice they exlaimed ,”he made
us”.my questioning was my observing of them;and their
beauty was their reply.
• Technology make us forget about the
spiritual life which make us ignorant
• As the great master and philosopher ibn
arabi stated.”the ignorant one does not
see his ignorance as he basks in its
darkness;nor does the knowledgeable one
sees his knowledge,for he basks in his
Life without the spirit of nature
• Technology makes enlightnment difficult
for us.
• Most people do not complain about
important issues .such as noise ,artificial
• How would nature invite us into
contemplation,wonder if we block it?
Natural light and human
• DR Alfred lewy of oregan health science
university,determine that human
performance is improved by natural light.
• How can businesses nowadays introduce
nature to business?
• Provide employees with natural light
• Parks,fountain,time for walk.
Replacing nature with technology
may affect people psychologically
• Washington,april 2:university of
washington experts made it clear that
technology may affect people’s life which
can cause psychological problem.
• “We are a technological species, but we
also need a deep connection with nature
in our lives,” said Peter Kahn, a UW
developmental psychologist .
• Watching TV can cause more stress.
TV versus reading books
• TV kills imagination.
• Reading books improve imagination.
Technology and self defence
• Ipod can block you from experiencing
double attention.
• What is double attention?
• Being aware of your surrounding.
• Experiencing the beauty of higher
• By using ipod you can be in danger.
Handwriting has more benefit than
• Handwriting can help you see who you are.
• Handwriting can help you change your attitude.
• Handwriting give a sense of more imagination.
• Some writers feel that they are like
william grass declared:”I try to make things out
of words the way a sculptor might make out of
• By using computers to write, most writers feels
that they do not have the ability for new
Modern houses versus ancient
• Ancient houses:
• Most houses had front door leading into a
courtyard,and rooms all around the
• Ancient houses leads to spirituality.
• Modern houses:
• No court in the middle of the house .
• The house is all covered with walls and
• Modern houses leads to disenchantment.
IT and the working environment:
• Microprocessor has resulted in many
changes concerning employment
pattern.this latter created two different
• Pessimistic view:
• Pessimist believe that technology leading
to unemployment.
• Optimistic view
• Optimist believe that new job were