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Gamma's Bakery

• Gramma´s Bakery

• Contact info: Diego Ferman • Phone number: 6188292256 • Mail:

Personal Information
Diego Ferman: CEO of bakery “El globo” (2000-2010) And PhD of industrial Marketing, whit collaborations in “El sol S.A de C.V” Jhair Lopez: Professional chef whit a master degree in world kitchen and recently collaborations whit “El globo” also work whit buddy valastro (2009-2011)

• Business Project •1- Projects y Objetives .

is about a project who wants introduce a new way to see the industry of bread and bakery and start to sell. in new citys like Durango . • Gramma´s Bakery.The Idea..A.

. .B. is a clear opportunity in this region because is a product whit a BIG request .Why? • The bread and the derivate of wheat.

.D. Mision • Our mission is to supply a lot of different kinds of bread and desserts whit the best quality in Durango.

E. • • • • Be the leader bakery in Durango Try to expand our bussines constantly Give the best service to our clients Generate employments . Objectives.

Product and Market .2.

A..Product: General Vision • The bread is a product of first necesity in Durango family's • The recent studys that we made show us that the bread consumed reguraly by the mornings and evenings .

.The client. • • • • Our potencial clients: The housewife The university students The families in general .B.

00 y el Integral $ 8.25 cts. El pan dulce $ 7.80 centavos.00. El especial de $ 1. • A las panaderías locales por cada 15 panes de compra se les bonificara con 2 de regalo..The Price of our product • El precio del pan bolillo será de $ . .

3.-Competitiveness .

Competition • • • • • • “Panadería El Sol” “Panadería Wal-Mart” “Panadería Soriana” The restaurants in the zone “Pasteleria Monchys” “Pasteleria Kane” ..A.

.Comparison whit the main competitors COMPETITORS "Panaderia el Sol" Weaknesses Bread whit low quality Strenghts 50 years working in Durango Big market and low prices Have a lot of famous in the zone "Panaderia Walmart" Limit Production "Pasteleria Monchys" Only 2 or 3 stores .C.

D.-Competitiveness Produced on a small scale Has customers in north Old technology No distribution vehiccles Old truck for deliveries High Quality Clients from esat and south 5 Trucks for delivery Modern technology Gas Truck Doorstep sales Near of the principal clients Large Ovens Fixed Positions In front of the univerity Produce and bake in the same place Doorstep sales aderia el Sol aderia Wal-Mart teleria Monchys .

-Marketing • frills • spectacular • radio .4.

Bussines strategy • Sales on the premises. . • Doorstep sales. • Sales delivery truck to local bakeries.

-S.T STRENGHTS Personal whit expirence End technology Client service Good system of delivery OPPORTUNITIES Demand growth Lack of quality competition WEAKNESSES New Bussines Customer loyalty THREATS New competition Low prices of competition .O.W.A.

Risk • • • • New competitors The competition provoque to the price going down Raw material miss Social conflicts .

How to deal with the risk • • • • Quality product Delivery whit quality Promotions Offers .

on invested capital .Rental and Security • profitability is expected to have a greater than 30% annually.

Pross • • • • • Experienced staff Latest Technology Customer Oriented Good distribution system New system of itinerant .