P07222: FSAE Engine Management System For Electronic Fuel Injection

Sponsor: RIT FSAE Team Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alan Nye
Erich Fiederlein Andrew Bloom Brandon Mancini Greg Doelger Kenvin Tung Brad Greene

Team Leader / Heat Transfer Analysis Programming Vibration Analysis IC Engine Analysis / 3-D Modeling Digital Design / Embedded System Hardware Design

reliable and durable Small and lightweight Data logging capability with run storage Flexible I/O Configuration Engineering Specs User definable and intuitive interface Cross platform. vibration proof. USB interface Accurate to 0. Zero configuration.5kg Ability to record past 20 minutes of sensor activity Inputs: 8 Analog / 8 Digital Outputs: 16 Digital .1 AFR Aluminum case with rubber dampners Potted Sealed Connectors Less than 147mm x 105mm x 40mm Less than 0.Project Description • Fuel and ignition control module for 4-stroke gasoline engine. Customer Needs Easy to tune and adjust Programmable from a laptop Built in wideband o2 sensor Watertight.

Design Concept .

Design Concept .

Design Concept .

Improper heater control circuitry • Fuel Injectors .Running over 80% duty cycle will cause failure • Engine • Timing Inaccuracies .Risk Assessment • Damage to customer’s components • Sensors • Oxygen Sensor .the case is water-tight and sealed.a battery installed in reverse can destroy the electronics .propagation delays in firing fuel injectors or ignition can cause engine malfunctions and even damage • Damage to our components • Overheating . but the components will generate 45W of heat • Faulty Installation .

Proposed Mitigation • Damage to customer’s components • Sensors • Computer simulations and substantial bench testing • Engine • Real time monitoring of outputs in the laboratory • Damage to our components • Overheating • Thermal analysis used in case development • Monitor temperatures during extended test runs • Faulty Installation • Over Voltage and Battery Protection circuitry .

Traction Control are all out of the scope of this project due to time constraints. Integrated Display. Wireless Telemetry. Knock Sensor.$362 • Mitigation • The system contains extra I/O and processing power to allow future expandability .Current State of Design • Design meets all customer needs except • Auto tune. • Design meets all engineering specifications • Still on track for proposed budget of $1200 • Budget COG (each) .$400 • Actual COG (each) .

Project Schedule Milestones • March 19th . GUI development resumes. sensor input and processing routines begun • March 26th . design verification • April 16th .Systems integration.Functional prototype assembled. design paper completed. poster fabricated • May 18th .Website constructed.Electrical hardware testing. and drawing package finalized.Electrical/Mechanical components and PCB ordered.Project review . electrical data sheet composed. start implementation of output timer routines • March 31st . if necessary design revision • May 7th . serial communication (USB) completed • April 9th .PCB layout complete.Embedded application testing begins. thermal testing. fuel and ignition map control added to program • April 2nd .

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