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Marico is one of India's leading Consumer Products &

Services companies.
The Company was incorporated on 13th October,1988. In 1989, the name of the Company was changed to

Marico Industries Limited.

The Company's products are sold under the brand

names Parachute, Saffola, Sweekar, Marico's Hair & Care, Revive.

It is headquartered in Mumbai.




Maricos Products

Hair Oil Category Parachute Hair & Care Nihar Shanti Amla

Hair & Body Care Category After Shower Silk & Shine Mediker Manjal Soap

Edible Oil Category Saffola oil

Other Products

Saffola Oats

Sweekar Oil

Saffola Arise

Maricos international Brands: Fiance ,Haircode, Camelia, Aromatic, Caivil, Hercules, Black Chic, Code10,Ingwe, XMen, LOvite. Skin Care Solutions segment: Kaya Skin Clinics in India, Middle East and Bangladesh Derma Rx in Singapore.

Hair Oil category:


Hair and Body care category


Edible Oil and Other products


Large number of buyers and sellers: Buyers: Today, Marico has a presence in over 25 countries across Asia and Africa. Every month, over 70 million consumer packs from Marico reach approximately 130 Million consumers in about 23 Million households, through a widespread distribution network of more than 3.3 million outlets in India and overseas. Sellers: large number of sellers in all categories hair care ,skin care, health care.

Product differentiation:
Product differentiation is a key differentiater

in a competitive world Innovation is fundamental building block of marico organisation The spirit of innovation in marico is demonstrated in its unique product designs. Examples:-1.differentiation by innovative packaging: A bottle heater for parachute hot champi 2.Innovation in product delivery with parachute advanced(aimed at young adults), starz(aimed at children),etc. 3.In cookong oil business ,marico continues to promote saffola and its variants, on the good for heart platform and sweekar for its low absorption properties

Selling costs
All those expenses which are incurred on sales promotion of a product are called as selling costs. Sales promotion: Marico targets the retail shop by introducing schemes wherein the retailer has to exhibit only maricos products in a section of shop for a particular period and in return the retailers get a rent amount for a prescribed period Other selling costs of marico include attractive packaging, advertisements,etc.

Non price competition:

In this market, there will be

competition among Minimonopolists for their products and not for the price of the product. Thus, there is product competition rather than price competition. Rather than shifting to premium-priced brands, maricos strategy is to improve the overall margin profile of their portfolio. Marico continue to introduce new products to the market.

Recently in 2011Parachute launched its new brand extension- Parachute Advansed Body Lotion. This is a major brand extension from Parachute since its After Shower hair cream launch. According to newspaper reports, this category extension is to de-risk the brand's dependence on the hair oil segment. The brand is priced very competitively at Rs 99 for 250 ml which makes it one of the most value-for-money body lotion available in the market. Existing Brand equity will ensure that consumers will try out this product for sure.

Short-run equilibrium of the firm.

Long-run equilibrium of the firm


In the long run there is free

entry and exit.

Numerous firms wait to enter

the market each with its own "unique" product or in pursuit of positive profits and any firm unable to cover its costs can leave the market without incurring liquidation costs.

No sellers or buyers have complete market

information, like market demand or market supply

In monopolistic competition, a firm takes the prices

charged by its rivals as given and ignores the impact of its own prices on the prices of other firms. Producers have a degree of control over price

The year 2011 saw an unprecedented increase in the

price of copra - dried coconut kernel, the raw material input for coconut oil. At the same time, the Company prioritized expansion of its consumer franchise. Consequently, it did not pass on the entire cost inflation; particularly in its 'recruiter packs', the smallerstock keeping units (SKUs).

During 2011s World Heart Day, Saffola launched its

'Young at Heart' campaign, partnering leading hospitals, diagnostic centers and dietician teams to educate consumers about their 'heart age'. Aided by this initiative, the Saffola refined oils franchise continued its healthy growth. Saffola grew by ~16% in volume terms during FY11 compared toFY10. It maintained its leadership position in the super premium refined edible oilsmarket.

Maricos advertisement and sales promotion (ASP)

expenses in FY11 were slightly lower than that in FY10.

In Kaya they have gone back to localised and more

effective advertisement in Print and Radio as against TV earlier.

Kaya will continue to use consumer promotions in

the future in the form of loyalty and referral offers

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