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Ensign CDGK Call Centre Training Program


Bu sine ss Pr ocess
Outso ur cing
means to do

Outso ur cin g Wor k

Cal l cen ters are those where
Tel ep hone cal ls are being handled

Delegating a Company’s
Business Processes
Third Party

Outsourcing, the application of

taking internal company tasks
and paying an outside firm to
handle them at a lesser cost, is
usually allocated overseas to
foreign nations.
What is BPO?
Business process outsourcing
(BPO) is an act of outsourcing that
involves the contracting of the
operations and responsibilities of a
specific business functions (or
processes) to a third-party service
What is BPO?
BPO as expanded sounds as
Business Process Outsourcing and
can be aptly defined as the act of
utilizing the services of a third party by
a company in order to perform its
back office operations that might be
payroll administration, customer help
desks/ call centers, telemarketing,
accounting, billing; the list is endless.
Business Process Outsourcing includes the
following areas and a lot more:
Back office operations
Customer Relationship Management
Call Centers and telemarketing
Tele-servicing and product support
Finance / Accounting/billing
Human Resources
Medical transcription
Back Office Operations
Insurance Claims Processing
Works can be Outsourced.
Technology Service Outsourcing Business Process Outsourcing

Tech Support Human Resources

Finance and Accounting

Web Hosting

Back Office Administration

Web Security & Solution

Payment Processing
CRM (Customer Relationship
Logistic Management
Reasons for
Cost Advantages
Innovation and speed to market
Increased Customer satisfaction
Economy of sale
Availability to skilled personnel also
increase the quality of service
Types of Activities suited to
1. Front Office
 Inbound Sales
 Outbound Sales
4 Back Office
 Accounting
 Data Entry
 Database Management
 Human Resources
Benefits of BPO
Increase productivity
Cut operational costs
Provide better service
Save costs
Improved accountability

A call centre is a place

of network of places, where a customer’s queries can
be dealt with satisfaction to the customer. A call centre
is a place, which interacts with the customers, either by
making or receiving calls, for business purpose. It is
the core work of the call centre.
Call Center Services
Call centers provide various services and
they are totally customizable to the needs of
each industry and organization. If you are a
web solution provider and want to outsource
your customer care service, customer care
call centers offer the following services:

• Customer care
• Complaint center
• Customer satisfaction
• Troubleshooting
• Order processing
Call Center Services
If you are a multinational company
selling electronic equipments online,
your hired call center may provide you
with following services:

• Online Order processing

• Live chat
• Customer care via web or phone
• Complaint center
• Troubleshooting
Kinds of Call Centre
 According to Geographical location:-

DOMESTIC-Receiving & Making calls in same country.

INTERNATIONAL-Call made in one country & received
in other country.
Types of Call Centre
 Inbound Call Centre
 Outbound Call Centre

 Web Enabled Call Centre

 CRM Call Centre

 Telemarketing Call Centre

 Phone Call Centre

Inbound Call Centre

 The inbound call centers are those

that only receive the calls usually on
toll free numbers from the customers.
These call centers provide 24 hours
service to all customers.
The primary goal of these call centers
are to receive product orders, help
customers, to find dealer location.
Outbound Call Centre

 Outbound call centers deals with

telemarketing and product
promotion. It requires technical
experience and expertise to ensure
the clients that you are the
company that is best.
Web Enabled Call Centre
 Web enabled call centers are
prevailing throughout the world
rapidly. Web enabled call centers
deal with online transaction and live
Telemarketing Call Centre
 These call centers deal with
telemarketing and promotion of
services. Their primary goal is to
promote sales and customer
Phone Call Centre
 They are usually automated call
centers that rout the calls and uses
IVR technology. These call centers
can be used for asking bank account
balance, pin numbers, telephone
numbers and other information.
Computers replies pre recorded
 According to process:-
Inbound:-Where the calls are received.

Outbound:-Where the calls are made.

 According to Technology:-
Voice Based:-Which interacts with the
customers by using voice only.

Web Based:-Which interacts the customers

through web.
Inbound Call Centre
 An Inbound Centre is one that
handles calls coming in from
outside, most often through
toll free numbers. These calls
are primarily service and
support calls, and inbound
Services of an inbound call center
 Inbound call centers are designed to take
catalog orders, help desk queries, dealer
locations and more. They offer customized
services according to the business they are
dealing and hence give constant orientation
and training to there employees working for
that particular project. The inbound call
centre professionals process calls and
integrate Interactive Voice Response. They
also use Internet services to sell additional
products and offer services in a dedicated
 Apart from this they also integrate
customer care services, predict customer
behavior and take action accordingly,
while the customers are still on the line.
So it can easily be said that in this
business you have to be on your toes all
the time. The inbound call center employ
a dedicated team of live operators,
account representatives and program
managers. Offering 24/7 operator
availability for the customers, these call
centers provide round-the-clock account
management. Attention on detail is a
must trait for surviving in this business.
 Inbound call centres offer
communication services specifically
designed to maximize the
efficiency of direct marketing
efforts or to be a part of the
technical support team of the
clients. They help the business in
building a successful long-lasting
relationship with customers and
hence ensure the growth of the
For Example
 Customer Service
 Toll Free Response

 Help Desk

 Seminar Registration

 Inquiry Handling

 Technical Support

Representatives in inbound call centres are

called CSRs (Customer Service
Inbound Call Center offers
• Skilled, professional, customer support
and technical service representatives
• Experience with programs similar to
• Rapid response to market conditions
• Market research
• Account management expertise
• Enhanced reporting capabilities
• Market testing capabilities
• Improved market coverage
• Faster ramp-up, launch, and roll-out of
new campaigns
Services Provided
 Banking & Finance
 I.T & Telecommunications

 Insurance & Mortgage

 Public Transportation
Outbound Call Centre
 In Outbound Call Centres
the calls are initiated by
the representatives,
mostly with the aim to sell
a product or service to a
Outbound Call Centre
 Outbound Call Centers depends on the
technological solutions, extensive
experience, quality assurance
programs and commitment to
customer service excellence that
further ensures maximum results from
the direct marketing efforts for its
success. The business depends on
three basic things training, research
and persuasion.
 The success of this business is the
training of the agents to become
competent and persuade the
customer. This takes a lot of skill
and practice. For a call canter
business to do well it is important
that constant training be provided
to the agents and they should
know all the latest techniques
 The outbound clients benefit from the
rigorous adherence to highly cost-
effective, results-based production and
management processes. The key to
success is the thorough understanding
of the business. Having understood the
differences between business-to-
consumer and business-to-business
telemarketing, the outbound call centers
use experienced management to focus
on the unique requirements of each
client and their targeted market.
Incentive are offered to motivate the
Outbound Call Centre Services are:
 Direct Mail Follow-up
 Production Promotion

 Debt Collection

 Appointment Scheduling

 Up Sell/ Cross Sell Campaigns

 Market Intelligence Surveys

 Information and Literature Fulfillment

 Customer Satisfaction
Industries suites to Outbound:
 Banking & Finance
 I.T & Telecommunications

 Insurance and & Mortgage

 Tourism, Travel Industry &

Types of Dialers
Manual Dialer
Progressive Dialer

Preview Dialer

Predictive Dialer

Predicative Hang-up

Manual Dialer
 Using a
manual dialer
means where
an agent has
to dial
Progressive Dialer
 A device that presents the account
information and phone number on
the screen after the number is dialed
 This dialer is more automated than a

preview dialer but less automated

than a predictive dialer.
Preview Dialer
 A device that presents the
account information and phone
number on the screen to allow
the agent to “preview” the
information before instructing
the dialer to dial (or not dial)
the call
Predictive Dialer
 A device used to automate the
method of making outbound calls
and directing them to an agent
when a live person answers
 Predictive dialing screens out other

responses such as answering

machines, busy signals or operator
intercepts and records the result
Predictive Hang-up
 The call attempt is aborted
during the progress and
before the customer
Automatic Call Distribution ACD
 A software feature that routes a call
groups of agents (also called a “queue”)
based on first-in, first-answered criteria.
The guiding principle is that the caller
who has been waiting the longest will be
first the caller routed to the next
available agent. The agent that receives
the call will be either the first available
agent or the agent that has been
available for the longest period of time
Computer Telephony Integration
 A method of connecting your telephone
system to your database to permit faster
and more efficient handling of calls. Most
commonly this will allow you to pop your
callers’ details up on to the agents’
screen when the calls connects.
 Screen pop is a function of CTI, CTI will

direct the data screen of the calling

person’s account to the terminal of the
agent as the call is being routed
Basic Technologies
 Automatic Number Identifier (ANI)
 A telephone service that provides the

telephone number of an incoming

 A signal that software programs

“pick up” the moment some calls in

and then route that call to the
appropriate rep and display the
caller’s record of info in front of them
Call/ Contact Blending
 The process of combing the flow of
inbound/ outbound calls and other
contacts such as email or web
transactions to a set of agents.
 Contact blending can be

accomplished manually or by means

of automated systems that route the
contacts to the agents.
Abandoned Call/ Contact
 A call or other type of contact that has
been offered into a communications
network or telephone system, but is
terminated by the person originating the
contact before any conversation happens.
In an outbound calling scenario,
abandoned calls refer to connects that
are disconnected by the automated dialer
once live contact is detected and no
agent available to match up with the call.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
 A device which automates retrieval and
processing of information by phone using
touch tone signaling or voice recognition
to access information residing on a server
to give a response. The response may be
given by a recorded human voice or a
synthesized ( computerized voice. IVR is
used in applications such as “Banks by
phone” or “check on my order” which not
only distributes information but collects
information as well
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
 Transportation of voice calls across the

Talk Time
 The elapsed time from when a person
answers a call until the call is
disconnected by a person
Wrap-Up Time
 The time required by an ACD
agent after a conversation is
ended, to complete work that is
directly associated with the calls
just completed. Does not include
time for any other activities such
as meetings, breaks,
After Call Work (ACW)

 Work immediately following an

inbound call or transaction. If work
must be completed before agent can
handle next contact, then ACW is
factored into average handle time.
Work may involve keying activity
codes, updating database, filing out
forms, placing an outbound contact
Integrated Services Digital Network
 A set of international
standards for telephone
transmission. ISDN provides
an end-to-end digital network,
out-of-band signaling, and
greater bandwidth than older
telephones services
Idle Time
 Time waiting for a call

Key Performance Indicator

 Reflects organizational goals
 Change in sales volume from month

to month
Sales per Hour (SPH)
 A sale per hour refers to a total
number of sales divided by total
number of hours

Sales per Day (SPD)

 A sale per day refers to a total
number of sales divided by total
number of days
Modes of Payment
Paying Method
- Transaction

Card Present Transaction (CPT)
- Card holder Physically present
 Card Not Present Transaction

- By Phone, Web, Fax
 Only large companies are

preferred or allowed to make

 CNPT carries higher risk of fraud
There are two basic modes of payment
in telemarketing

By Credit Card

By Cheque
Modes of Payment
1 VIS Visa Starts Has 13-
with 4 16 digits
2 AMX American Express Starts Has 15
with 3 digits
3 DC Diners Club Starts Has 14
with 3 digits
4 DIS Discovery Starts Has 16
with 6 digits
5 MC Master Card Starts Has 16
with 5 digits
Automated Clearing House (ACH)
 ACH is an electronic network.
 It transfers and clears funds between

banking institutions.
 It takes 48 hours to clear

 ACH is the term used in US

In UK it is known as BACS (Banks

Automated Clearing Services). In
Australia it is known as APCA (Australian
Payment Clearing Association). In
Canada it is known as ACSS (Automated
Clearing Settlement System).
Identity Theft
 Identity theft is a crime.
 Identity theft is the wrongful use of

another’s personal data for economic


E.g. your bank account number, social

security number, credit card number
can be used for this deception
 These numbers are issued to
citizens, residents and temporary
working residents.
 It is used for taxation purpose

 These number has become de

facto national numbers

 These numbers are the source to

access Credit Report

Credit Report
 A document which shows a individuals
 It has creditability rating which from 500-

 This rating is also known as “ Beacon

 Credit Bureau which maitains this report

1. Equifax 2. Trans Union 3. Experion
Digital Contract/ Signature:
 After the sale is made the call is
transferred to a verifier who states the
terms and conditions to the customer
who in turn accepts the terms and
states a “yes”. This conversation is
recorded and saved as file.
 The recording/ file are called Digital

Contract or Signature
 It is a legal contract
Voice Verification:
 For verification process:
 The customer has to be 18 yrs of

age or above
 Recording Permission

 Verbatim (material, price,

 Payment mode

 Customer Service Number