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Thursday, 2 August, 2001, 08:53 GMT 09:53 UK 

Murdoch buys builds on Star's online presence in India

Rupert Murdoch's Star Network, 
owned by News Corp, has bought 
"nearly all" of Indian consumer 
internet portal 
Enemy of the People: Rupert Murdoch
Here are some facts about Rupert Murdoch: 
Murdoch owns:

9 Satellite Television Networks

175 Newpapers

100 Cable Channels

40 Book Imprints

40 Television Stations

1 Movie Studio
His media Empire now reaches:

U.S. Television Network - 280 Million people

Asian Satellite Network - 300 Million people

Cable Channels - 300 Million Homes

Magazines - 28 Million People

TOTAL AUDIENCE: 4.7 Billion People, 75 % of the

World Population
But most telling are the following.  Those people who use Fox as 
their main source of news answered the following questions:

Has the U.S. found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq:
33% answered affirmatively.
Those who watch PBS & NPR 11%

Does the World favor U.S. intervention in Iraq?:
35 percent answered affirmatively
Those who watched PBS-NPR:  5%

Has the U.S found links between Iraq & Al-Quaeda?:
67 percent answered affirmatively
Those who watched PBS-NPR: 16%
O'Reilly: "I could make you ... look like a
Communist, a fascist, a Muslim, or a mud-
wrestling woman“

FOX News Channel host Bill O'Reilly apparently believes being called "a 
Muslim" is comparable to being called "a Communist, a fascist ... or a 
mud-wrestling woman." In an interview with Television Week editor Alex 
Ben Block on the August 5 edition of The O'Reilly Factor, O'Reilly included 
"Muslim" in a litany of portrayals that a "smear merchant" filmmaker 
might choose in order to defame an opponent using clever editing tactics.

[Rupert] Murdoch told of the time he took a 
group of editors from New York and London for a 
weekend at Ariel Sharon's ranch. Sharon took 
them on a bird's-eye tour of Israel aboard a 
helicopter gunship.
Rupert Murdoch's televised statements on 

"Murdoch told of the time he took a group of editors from New York 
and London for a weekend at Ariel Sharon's ranch. Sharon took 
them on a bird's-eye tour of Israel aboard a helicopter gunship, flying 
over the Golan Heights, West Bank and settlements. 
"We saw the vulnerability of the country," Murdoch said. "Not all New 
York newspapers feel the cause of Israel is all the news that's fit to 
print," he added. 
For some reason, Murdoch has always tried to 
hide the fact that his pious mother brought him 
up as a Jew...

And that, as I am sure you know, makes him a 
Jew according to the law of the Talmud, and 
indeed according to the present laws of Israel. 
In addition to Fox, Murdoch controls the Bush-friendly Weekly Standard
magazine and New York Post newspaper, as well as 35 local television
stations and the 20th Century Fox movie studio. Thanks to Bush Administration
appointees to the Federal Communications Commission, Murdoch's reach is
rapidly expanding in the US. In December, the FCC approved News Corp.'s
$6.6-billion takeover of DirecTV, the country's leading satellite television firm.

That decision made Murdoch the only media executive with satellite, cable and
broadcast assets in the US.

In other words, Rupert Murdoch is a very powerful player in the media – and,
because of his willingness to turn his properties into mouthpieces for the
administration, in the politics of the United States. So it should probably not
come as any surprise that, like the politicians in any number of countries where
Murdoch has come to dominate the discourse, Bush Administration officials
answer Rupert's call – even when they are supposedly preoccupied with
national security concerns.
But when Rupert Murdoch calls, well, how could
Condoleezza Rice refuse?
"I could be meeting Rupert Murdoch soon"
W ith media mogul Rupert Murdoch's Star group acquiring a 21 per cent
stake in Balaji Telefilms Limited for Rs 1.23 billion, the production house,
sometimes called Ekta Kapoor's soap factory is on a high. But what does the
stake imply? Is there more than meets the eye?
TV's prima donna talks to Vickey Lalwani.
Have you met Rupert Murdoch?
No. But I think I'll be meeting him shortly (smiles).
PS: QUITE recently, a Times correspondent actually resigned because he 
was not allowed to report properly what was going on in Israel, or even to 
use accurate words to describe facts which were undisputed. He stated: 
"Murdoch's executives were so scared of irritating him that, when I pulled off 
a little scoop by tracking, interviewing and photographing the unit in the 
Israeli army which killed Mohammed al-Durrah, the 12-year-old boy 
whose death was captured on film and became the iconic image of the 
conflict, I was asked to file the piece 'without mentioning the dead kid'. After 
that conversation, I was left wordless, so I quit." Unusually courageous for a 
modern journalist.
There's a Wall Between Us

Rupert Murdoch and My Sister


I mentioned Saddam Hussein had actually once been an ally of the United States and 
that this had been back in the days when Ronald Reagan was president. This fact she 
had never heard of. I pressed harder on the issue.
"You remember when Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against the Kurds?"
Yes, she remembered this.
"Where do you think he got his chemical weapons?" I asked.
She didn't know. When I told her it was from the United States it was almost as if a 
wall went up immediately between us. This was so contrary to-and so alien from-
everything she had been told that I could see she simply wasn't buying it or accepting 
I tried a different tact.
"You remember the war between Iran and Iraq?"
She did.
"Who do you think the United States supported in that war?"
"I don't know-Iraq?"
I replied that this was the case, but then I had to explain how and why this had come 
about which meant going into the Iranian revolution, the U.S. support for the shah, 
the shah's secret police, the Savak, the emergence of radical Islam, and so on-and by 
this time the conversation had gone pretty far afield.
Alan Greenspan
Who is Alan Greenspan?
Alan Greenspan is chairman of the Federal Reserve Board and
arguably one of the most powerful individuals in the United
The country is in an economic downward spiral. Since January, companies have
announced 652,510 layoffs - and more are announced each day. People are not
looking to Superman to save the day. They are looking to one person, and
one person only. As Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan is, hands
down, the most influential Jew in America. He is, some would argue, the most
influential person in America. With each interest rate cut - another is expected
this week - this 74-year-old contains the key to an economic turnaround in this time
of recession. When he speaks, the world listens. Besides that, he’s the economy’s
most optimistic cheerleader.
“With all our concerns about the next several quarters, there is still, in my judgment,
ample evidence that we are experiencing only a pause,” he said in a speech
Famous Jews
•William Fox (Fox Film Corporation; 20th Century-Fox)
•Michael Eisner (Paramount Pictures; Disney Studios)
•Robert Evans (Paramount Pictures)
•David Geffen (Warner Brothers; DreamWorks SKG)
•Sam Goldwyn, (the "G" in MGM)
•Jeffrey Katzenberg (Paramount Pictures; DreamWorks SKG)
•Carl Laemmle (Universal Pictures)
•Carl Laemmle Jr (Universal Studios)
•Marcus Loew (MGM)
•Joseph Schenck (20th Century Pictures)
•Steven Spielberg (DreamWorks SKG)
•Louis B. Mayer, (the "M" of MGM)
•Jack Warner (Warner Brothers)
•Lew Wasserman (Universal Studios)
•Darryl Zanuck (Warner Brothers; 20th Century Pictures; 20th
•Bob Weinstein (Miramax)
Harvey Weinstein (Miramax)
•Adolph Zukor (Paramount Pictures)
Irving Thalberg "the Last Tycoon"
•David Blaine, US illusionist
•David Copperfield, US illusionist
•Uri Geller, Israeli spoon bending magician
•Harry Houdini, US illusionist
Ricky Jay, US magician
Cartoons & Comics
•Al Capp, US cartoonist; creator of Li'l Abner
•Will Eisner, US cartoonist; (The Spirit)
•Mark Evanier, US comics and animated cartoons writer
for Disney and Hanna-Barbera
•Max Fleischer, US animated cartoonist; (Popeye,
•Bob Kane, US cartoonist; creator of Batman
•Gil Kane, Latvian-born US comics artist. First to draw
Silver Age Green Lantern and the Atom.
Jack Kirby, US comics and animated cartoons creator; co-
creator of Captain America, (Fantastic Four, Hulk)
•Stan Lee, US cartoon writer and creator of Marvel
Comics and its heroes
•Harvey Pekar, US comic book writer; (American
•Julius Schwartz, US comic book and magazine editor;
(The Flash; Green Lantern).
•Joe Shuster, Canadian-US comics artist; co-creator of
•Jerome Siegel, US comics artist; co-creator of Superman
•Joe Simon, US cartoonist; co-creator of Captain America
•Art Spiegelman, Swedish-US comic-book artist; creator
of Maus
•Matt Stone, Co-creator of South Park
Mort Weisinger, US comic book and magazine editor;
(Superman, Supergirl)
•Kenneth Cole, US fashion designer
•Marc Jacobs, US clothing designer
•Calvin Klein, US fashion designer, CK
•Donna Karan, US fashion designer, DKNY
•Ralph Lauren, US fashion designer
•Isaac Mizrahi, US fashion designer
Levi Strauss, US "Father of Jeans"
•Roman Abramovich, Russian billionaire
•Steve Ballmer, US CEO of Microsoft (Jewish mother)
•Boris Berezovsky, Russian billionaire
•Michael Bloomberg, US politician, founder of
Bloomberg News
Sergey Brin Russian-born US co-founder of Google
•Michael Dell, US founder of Dell Inc.
•Larry Ellison, US CEO of Oracle Corporation
•Mikhail Fridman, Russian billionaire
•Alan Greenspan, US economist, chairman of the
US Federal Reserve
•Andrew Grove, Hungarian-born US co-founder of Intel
•Vladimir Gusinsky, Russian billionaire
•Peter Ivany, Australian Media Mogul, earned his fortune
running Hoyts cinemas world wide
•Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Russian billionare
Ted Turner, Founder of CNN
Ron Sommer, CEO of Deutsche Telekom

•Mayer Amschel Rothschild, German banker,

first of the Rothschild family
Nathan Mayer Rothschild, British financier and
•Rosalie Abella, Canadian Supreme Court
•Louis Brandeis, US Supreme Court Justice
•Stephen G. Breyer, US Supreme Court Justice
•Benjamin N. Cardozo, US Supreme Court
Arthur Chaskalson, Chief Justice of the Republic
of South Africa