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Chinna Koundan Pudur Primary Agricultural Co-operative Credit Society

Dheeraj Khare Jeetendar Pathak

Kumara Raj
Pradeep Sharma Srikumar Panda Sushil Mohnish Chamaria

An agricultural cooperative is a cooperative where farmers pool their resources in certain areas of activity

About the Organization

set-up in 1985 by the group of farmers

under the society Act 1921

set-up in Periya Pudur, Ettimadai,

The governing body consist of board of

directors and the general body consisted of members of the society.

About the Organization (Contd)

The society serves 2 nearby villages and

several other small villages

The location of the society was decided due

to the availability of maximum number of farmers here.

The society currently has 757 members.

What the Society Does..

The society provides various services loans to the farmers who own land and who are members of the society.
Acts as a bank to the villagers who deposit, withdraw cash and mortgage their jewellery for cash.

Deputy Registrar (District) Special Officer (Revenue Department)

Secretary (Society Bank)

Joint Secretary




No. of Employees

Nature of Job
Full Time

Type of Labor

Pay Structure
Averaging @ 7000

Products and Services:

Kissan Cash credit with 7% annual rate Agri Jewel loan only for the members with no int. Jewel loan availed by everybody with 12.5%

interest rates.
Maternity Credit loan availed by only the members

with no interest rates.

Self-Help group credit with 11% interest rates.
Medium term loans availed by only the members

with 13% interest rates

Net worth-Rs. 13,80,000 Point of baking needs of farmers Deposits- Rs. 70 lakh Loan issued under KCC- Rs 33.44 lakh Agriculture jewel loans outstanding- Rs.34.92 lakh

Intermediary between government and farmers

Disburse financial, technical and other assistances

Serves land-owning farmers of two villages who

are authorized by revenue department of district authentication

3 types of farmers
Small (1-2.47 acres)

Medium (2.47-5 acres)

Large (above 5 acres)

Membership (Contd)
A class members can avail benefits given by

Tamil Nadu government and Central Co-op banks

B class members are the fresh joinees and

can only avail the jewel loans

Recovery Strategies
Bank recovery rate of its loans 97%
Issue of notice and reminders Personal visit to farmers in case of delay

Growth and Expansion

Increase customer base
Increase in financial expansion Sell fertilizers and seeds at a nominal price

Extend credit to fund agri-related activities

Buying tractors Buying livestock Home loans

Land less farmers are not extended the loans
No investment has been made on the technology

for the faster and efficient working of the bank

Credit to other needs like home appliances,

housing and vehicle needs and educational needs are still not offered
Bureaucracy and Red tapism is prevalent in the

government system

Issues (Contd)
Unmet needs from the farmers side like

availability of farm equipments in the vicinity and fertilizers and pesticides in the smaller quantities.
Coverage in terms of the number of farmers is

very limited.