SAP Biller Direct

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Business Drivers
• Increase customer satisfaction
– Access to financial status – Online delivery of Invoices, Reports and Statements – Customer expectations

• Inefficient order-to-cash process
– Payment processing efficiencies – Large volume of paper invoices and statements – Cost of invoicing and reconciliation

• Significant online application use by our customers • Customers expect online payment capability • Global solution

Return on Investment • Reduce order-to-cash cycle time – Access to invoices • Next day access following order fulfillment – Increase working capital • Opportunity to reduce delay in cash receipts up to five days • Cost savings – Lockbox cost reductions – Limits staff requirements • Online payments significantly limit exception processing – Print and mailing opportunities • Enables online-only receipt of documents and reports 3 .

Standard Biller Direct Functionality • Open bills – Display/download – Pay (partial or full) – Clear credits/debits • Paid bills – Display/download • In process • Processed – 30 days/12 months/5 years/ Unlimited (Response time impact) – Cancel Payment – View bills associated with payment • Create Payment Advice/Display Payment Advice 4 .

Standard Biller Direct Functionality (cont.) • Balances and line items – Download – Monthly balances (Debit/Credit/Balance/Sales) • Administrative data – – – – Update address Create/Change/Delete Bank Details Change/Withdraw direct debit authorization Notification preferences (Email/SMS) • Switch account – Multiple SAP payer accounts can be assigned to single user id • FAQ • Logoff 5 .

Our Must-Haves for the Design • Open Items-Payment (standard Biller Direct-Open Bills) – Filter document types – Flag future due credits as “Non-Payable” – Add line item data • Delivery Number/Purchase Order Number/Child customer name/Line item description (reason code) • Prepayment-On Account Payment (custom screen) – Allows payments in excess of account balance – Payments not specific to an invoice • Payment History (standard Biller Direct-Payment) – Limit increment of time available for visibility • 30 Days/90 Days/1 Year/2 Years 6 .

) • Statements (custom screen) – Provide ability to receive electronic-only statements – Statements archived and accessible for 12 months – Custom reports available through archive • Bank Accounts (custom screen based on administrative data) – Limits ability to Add and Edit bank information only • Switch Account (standard Biller Direct) • Contact Us (custom screen) 7 .Our Must-Haves for the Design (cont.

Down Payment requests – SubObjects selection flexibility • assignment field values or partner type – Delete cancelled prepayments from appearing on the open items screen – Prevent selection of future dated credits – Display PDF icon for invoices ONLY if document exists in the archiving system – Add additional fields to the open items and CSV download file 8 .Application Challenges – Data Fields and Filters • Functionality available to Add and Filter data – Addition of Delivery Number. Purchase & Order Number – Filter Document type. Reason code.

Open Items-Payment View 9 .

) 10 .Open Items-Payment View (cont.

Challenges – Prepayment-On Account • • • • Custom screen development using Web Dynpro Generate customer down payment request Update Event log Modification to include down payment requests in payment history and exclude from open bills • Updates to payment proposal • Parameter ID modification required for visibility on FBL5N – Prepayment utilizes Special GL 11 .

Prepayment-On Account View 12 .

Statements • Implemented custom design using object type DRAW– SAP – Document is not linked and requires further development – Define the object_id on the linkage table and require a means to extract the list of statements through the Web site • Design can be utilized to store any ABAP. Smartform. or SAPScript generated report in the archive • Provides customer the ability to elect Online only 13 .

Statement Archive Design Customer Statement is generated and indicator set to Send to Documentum Security Certificate Statement Converted to OTF format sent to archive by FMs in program Document Received by Documentum using HTTP Security Certificate Processing Documentum Content Repository 14 .

Statement View 15 .

Bank Accounts • Modification of screen utilizing standard RFC to update Customer Master to eliminate the Delete function – Function allows for edits but NOT deletions 16 .

Switch Accounts • Provides ability to have multiple accounts per User ID • Modified to to arrange the object hierarchy • Implemented functionality to assign text/label to a SubObject 17 .

cancellation. etc. 18 .Other Challenges • Creating custom screens Web Dynpro Java development (SAP NetWeaver® Development Infrastructure) • Implementing a foreign language • Supporting SAP ERP Central Component 6. payment proposal. payment run.0 Upgrade • No user exits to enhance Biller Direct Java Web application – Modification is the only option • Implementation of SAP Enterprise Portal – Single Sign-On (Portal to Biller Direct) • Integration of custom functionality “Prepayment-On Account” with standard Biller Direct – Example: Payment history. audit log.

User Management Engine configuration limits and flexibility • Multiple accounts accessible through single User ID • Establishing User Access utilizing Pooled reference user – fscm_refuser – authorization profiles for ECC access – objtype_0 – BUS3007 customer identifier – objkey_0 – company code + customer number • Standard row limitation of ten (four accounts) – Enhanced to 30 lines. see SAP Note 869852 19 .

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