Modes Of Payment

Types Of Transactions


Card Present Transaction (CPT). Card Not Present Transaction (CNPT).


Card Present Transaction (CPT)

Card holder is physically present E.g. payment through credit card.

Card Not Present Transaction (CNPT)
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Card holder is not physically present. E.g. Transaction by phone,web,fax. Only large companies are allowed to make CNPT. CNPT carries high risk of fraud.

Basic Modes Of Payment In Telemarketing
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By Credit Card. By Cheque.
VIS AMX DC MC Visa American Express Diners Club Master Card Starts with 4 Has 16 digits Starts with 3 Has 15 digits Starts with 3 Has 14 digits Starts with 5 Has 16 digits

1 2 3 4




starts with 6

has 16 digits

6 7 8 9


Invoice Cheque Money Order Cash On Delivery Customer is billed

10 BIL

Automated Clearing House (ACH)
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ACH is an electronic network. It transfers and clear funds between banking institutions. It takes 48 hours to clear. ACH is the term used in US.

Banks Automated Clearing Service (BACS)

Same function as ACH but in UK. PRO-RATA Direct Debit from A/C

Australian Payment Clearing Association (APCA)  Same function as ACH but in Australia.

Automated Clearing Settlement System (ACSS)

Same as ACH but in Canada.

ACH Draft (Cheque by phone)
The information required by the customer is:  A / C number.  Chq number.  Routing number.

Address Verification System (AVS)

It is used in case an ACH draft is used. AVS verify the IP address if sale is made through internet. AVS is the feature to verify the card holder’s address and zip code at the time of transaction.

What is Identity Theft?

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Identity theft is a crime. Identity theft is the wrongful use of another person’s personal data for economic gain. E.g. your bank account number, social security number, credit card number can be used for this deception.


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These numbers are issued to citizens, residents and temporary working residents. It is used for taxation purpose. These numbers has become de facto national identification numbers. These numbers are the source to access the Credit Report.

Credit Report

A document which shows an individuals complete database. It has a creditability rating which is from 500-1000. This rating is also known as “Beacon Scores”. Credit Bureau which maintains this report are:


Equifax. Trans Union. Experion.



Digital Contract / Signature

After the sale is made the call is transferred to a verifier who states the terms and conditions to the customer who in turn accepts the terms and states a “yes". This conversation is recorded and saved as a file. The recording / file is called a Digital Contract or Signature. It is a legal contract.

Voice Verification
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For verification process: The customer has to be 18 yrs of age or above. Recording Permission. Verbatim ( material, price, cancellation) Payment Mode. Customer Service Number.

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