2009  Proposed construction: 4th quarter 2009  . 2008  Public hearing February 26. 2009  ECC released April 28.TIMELINE Certificate of Endorsement issued by the Department of Energy (DoE) July 27. 2007  Public scoping August 12.





WHO OWNS SM200. and EGCO-BVI (40%)  EGCO-BVI is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Electricity Generating Company (EGCO) of Thailand and is registered in the British Virgin Islands  . (60%). Inc.COAL FIRED POWER PLANT? SM 200 is owned by Conal Holdings Corporation  Conal Holdings Corporation is owned by a Filipino firm Alcantara Consolidated Resources.

Sarangani Province  . Inc.CONAL OWNS OTHER POWER PLANTS IN THE PHILIPPINES Conal owns 80% of Alsing Power Holdings.  Alsing owns 55% of Western Mindanao Power Corporation operating a 100 MW bunker C-fired power plant in Zamboanga City  Alsing also owns 55% of Southern Philippines Power Corporation operating a bunker C-fired power plant 55 MW in Alabel.

Quezon Province ..5% of Northern Mindanao Power Corporation which operates a 90MW bunker C-fired power plant in Iligan City  Conal owns 26% of Quezon Power Limited Inc. which operates a 460 MW coal-fired power plant in Mauban.CONAL OWNS OTHER POWER PLANTS IN THE PHILIPPINES  Conal also owns 64.

INC. )  . Owned by the Alcantara Family – one the loggers in the past decades  Own 26% of the Tampakan project  Holds political position in the province (Dominguez-Alcantara clan rules the province of Sarangani.ALCANTARA CONSOLIDATED RESOURCES.

3 billion. and Conal executives revealed the International Finance Corporation of World Bank expressed interests in the funding of the project .THE SOUTHERN MINDANAO 200MW COALFIRED POWER PLANT (SM200)  The project costs $450 million or Php21.

lead. sulfur and other effluents but not carbon.DESCRIPTION OF SM200 SM200 will use Fluidized Combustion BedTechnology (uses lime to trap some.)  Progressive up to 900 MW in the next years. not all. etc.  The CFPP will use 55has for the location of the Plant  . mercury.

plant workers.CONAL AND THE GOVERNMENT SAY SM 200 IS GOOD BECAUSE: It can generate new jobs (construction workers. watchers of the carbon sink. etc)  It will lower electricity cost at the consumer level  It will invite new investors  Clean-coal technology will be used. They have a 7. dressmakers for the employee’s uniform.500 ha carbon sink (mango and rubber trees) with Endesa Carbono and NEFCO interested for funding  .

AFFECTED COMMUNITIES a. 400 households will be affected . Maasim Sarangani Province is rich in Marine Products (located near the sea Bay of General Santos City. Major Source of Livelihood in Maasim is Fishing c. d.TUNA CAPITAL of the Pgilippines) b. The major effects of this Coal-Fired Power Plant is the destruction of the Marine Industry in Maasim. andn the neighboring areas of Kiamba and Maitum.

   “TinotoTampuan Reef” is among the best dive walls in the country and is even a declared protected area by the local government of Maasim. Sarangani Bay is declared protected seascape Sarangani Bay people live by the fishing industry .

May mga activity na magkasama with Church d.kasama natin ang Pamalakaya-SP sa campaign. Lokal na Pamahalaan.hati ang stand sa isyu sa CFPP Sa stand ng Business they encourage na hindi mag bias a.nabuo ang Isang alyansa SOCSARGEN-Climate Action Now Kasama ang ibang mga grupo.a. Magsasaka/Mangingisda. Simbahan.nagpasa ng Resolution ang General Santos City Council opposing Coal Fired Power Plant Ang Maasim LGU ay kinakampanya ang CFPP At ang Sarangani Province ay kinakampanya rin ang CFPP dahil ito ay balwarte ng Dominguez. a.kasama natin ang Simbahan sa Kampanya sa Oposisyon ng CFPP. . Panggitnang Saray.

nabibitbit parati ang issue d. Press Statements. Piket rally infront EMB 12 and submit letter to DENR Secretary Atienza to revoke the ECC issued to CONAL c. Mass Mobilizations. 2009 Big Rally in Maasim . 14. PAMALAKAYASarangani Higlight is Sept.OUR ACTIONS AGAINST SM200 a.BAYAN. Submit Oppostion Letter to General Santos City Council b. Socsksargends-agenda.Socsksargen.

RECOMMENDATION IEC Materials for reproduction  Mas mabitbit pa yung campaign sa National Level at makabit sa Mining Issue  Technicalities: computations kung totoo yung projected power shortage sa Region  .

End the use of dirty energy. . Respect the rights of Maasim people to say No to SM 200 3. Sustainable livelihood projects instead of coal-fired power plants. Stop the construction of SM 200 2. 4.OUR CALLS Our Calls 1. Pursue renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power plants. 5.

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