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Marriage Counseling

Pre And Post Marriage Concept

Coming together is a beginning keeping together is progress working together is success


To ensure a happy and lasting marriage, it is crucial for couples who are interested in marrying to understand why they are getting married, what they expect of their marriage, and how they will work through the inevitable ups and downs of life that will test their commitment to each other. Indian marriages are performed with great purity and making couple to learn the true meanings of being together.

To understand each other, couple must find positivity in their relationship.

POSITIVITY is an important aspect to a healthy relationship. If you work to build positivity in your relationship it will be more successful.

How can you find positivity in your relationship?

Here are 4 easy tips recommend to help find positivity in your relationship

1. Be grateful- It sounds too simple to be true, but saying thank you to your mate will let them know you are appreciative of them.

2. Be playful- Humour is important to positivity. When you are playful, can joke around and have fun with your partner you will feel a greater sense of connectedness to each other.

3. Be Enthusiastic- Show your pleasure and support and respond to your partners success in a positive way. You and your partner will feel a greater sense of satisfaction in your relationship as a result.

4.Be supportive- couples that offering support in small ways has a great impact on partners mood.

It is easy to get caught up in the romantic idea of Indian Marriage. Too often we think we will be swept off our feet , have the wedding of our dreams, possibly buy a home, have children and live happily ever after .But this is not the reality. Rarely do couples think how will we handle conflict? How will we manage our resources ? How will we manage our relationship with parents after marriage?

So, here are some fundamental questions must be discussed before marriage to save you from future pain.

Are we committed to being mutually respectful towards each other ?

Respect in relationships is a vital thing. For any relationships to flourish, both partners must respect each other. Respecting a partner means empathizing with them, caring for them, and understanding what is best for them. Indian Marriages in Hindu custom of marriage and the expectations of those to be wedding. The Hindus accept this because they see marriage as functional, not as an act of love.

Will we follow equality in our relationship?

For successful marriage there should be equality among the partners. When partners in a marriage value equality, they see each other as equals, treat each other with respect, consider each others needs, and support one another. Equal partners agree on goals together and work as a team to achieve these goals. They show equal commitment to the relationship and provide mutual support and nurturing.

What will this kind of equality mean in the context of our marriage?
Equality in partners leads towards happier marriage. Equal partnership fosters closeness between husband and wife. Couples with an equal partnership also report more stability in their marriage, less conflict, less dependency, and less resentment.

How will we take decision in case of financial conflict?

You need to make sure that you will work together on your finances. This means that you should sit down and openly discuss where you are currently including all of your assets. Once you are married you combine these. You will need to come to major decisions together and decide how to deal with financial pressure.

How will we manage our resources ?

Plan together. This will help you to work together to achieve your goals. It also sets up clear spending guidelines. When you are budgeting as a couple, it is essential that you communicate on a regular basis.

How do we handle conflict? All marriages even the very best of marriages have conflict. Most couples argue about the same things year after year . They make no progress in solving certain problems and may even get more entrenched. The easy way to handle conflict is to avoid the conflict.

How will we make decisions when we disagree? Try to discuss the importance of the issue in a calm manner. Speak up and share the significance without a tone and avoid biting your tongue. The less avoiding, the better your partner will understand the impact it has on you. If you are head strong, try to share with your partner the importance without it coming out as anger or frustration. It is important that you both feel validated and heard, so take time to share and validate one another.

How can we protect our new relationship, while still honoring our parents?
Once you are married, you are gaining a new relationship. Getting married means redefining boundaries and being a life partner with someone new involved in it. Parents often have a more difficult time with this than the children they are marrying off. You and your partner need to decide among yourselves how much parental input you want and need to maintain respect and then you need set boundaries with your parents . Include them in your life and the wonderful new world you are living in. Understand how to manage your two relationships without hurting either one.


Save Your Marriage

Here are three tips that will help you to save your

marriage life.


Marriage is as old as humanity. It is practised in every religion, in every culture and in every country in the world. Marriage appears to be a negotiable commodity in our society today . The main task behind marriages is to find right partner for right one, now on these days many people spend their time to finding someone in Matrimonial Website. Indian Matrimonial Website trusts you to give perfect matchmaking services that will be easy and simple way to find your match. For these Matrimony Service providers, it is assumed that they will take care about matching all the associated aspects for Hindu Marriage. Has society changed so fundamentally that marriage no longer fits, or have we simply lost sight of what makes marriage work?


Today, modernism and globalization have much influence on the overall dimensions of human life including marriage and divorce. Hindu marriage custom may seem outward to those in western society, but they serve a purpose for the Hindus. The fast changes like journey to cities and abroad, freedom of relationship between male and female, decrease in indecent divorce and family instability are outcome of these social transitions. Modernism and globalization have had negative impact on marriage and divorce .


Marriage has different meanings in different peoples minds. But in India, whether you individually believe in it or not, matrimony is sacrosanct. It is not just the union of two people legally; it is the union of two souls and their families. The couple gets the blessings of their elders and they live happily ever after. Relationships out of marriage are looked down upon.

But today marriage doesnt hold the same values anymore. People have found new ways to live those, which are more convenient for them. Cohabitation or the concept of a live-in relationship is one such consequence . Some people think of marriage as an obstacle; like a mountain that you are forced to climb not knowing whats at the peak . For such people, a way out is the concept of live-in relationships. No marriage, no pressure, no strings attached. Live for the present with the person you want to be with- thats the mantra.

Society may heap praises on marriage as a SACRED institution, but like everything else in life, it too has its flipside. Look back in time and you realize that in the days gone by, couples got married when they were much younger and their minds still fresh. This made it so much easier to fit into the relationship. But in the current context, this wont work. Marriages crash because couples are too hard pressed for where it is difficult to test their compatibility factor.

Each and every one of us are affected by globalization in one way or another. Number of marriages has been declining steadily. Part of the reason is that a lot of people have lost their faith in marriage. When they reach adulthood, many children of divorced parents, or parents who have "bad" marriages no longer believe in the institution of marriage.

MARRIAGE: A Waning Society of the 21st Century

Marriage, it's been stated for centuries, is forever. Better said, Ideally, it's a lifelong commitment. Perhaps we can all agree that it's certainly a serious decision most of us are faced with, at least once in our life.

Marriage does not guarantee that you will be together forever. It takes love, respect, trust, understanding, friendship and faith in your relationship to make it last.