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March 2007 – Vocalocity Confidential

HDAP: Accounts, Services, Billing

Account Services
Account Service lifecycle
Relationship with Devices
Rates & Rate Sheets
Billing Process

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• What is an Account?
• An Account is the container that holds all of a
customer’s purchased services that are billed together.
Accounts contain users, services and device kits.
• Accounts can have parent & children accounts, thus
creating a hierarchy
• The Vocalocity Administrative Account is at the top of
the Account hierarchy
• Account Types:
• Standard
• Reseller – What is it?
• A reseller acts as a sales agent and sells the
Vocalocity branded services
• White Label – What is it?
• A White labeler sells our services under their own
• Customers may receive bills prepared by WL based
on data we supply, or may receive bills prepared by
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Account Statuses &
• Account Statuses:
• Pending
– Not yet Active perhaps because Credit card not
yet received or authorized
• Active
– Services are active and usable
• Suspended
– For non-payment or other reasons
• Canceled
– Account has been Canceled (Terminated) but
data still exists in database

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• What is a Service?
• A Service is an atomic product feature that has a rate
plan and can be billed
• Examples of services
• Metered Extension
• Unlimited Extension
• Call Queue
• Call Group
• Fax
• Conference Bridge
A Service may be provided by a Device Kit
Some services are not associated with any Device Kit
Services can have a one-time, monthly and calling plan
rates associated with them
A Service is only available for sale during an effective
period, and if it is marked as “available for sale”
A Service, once purchased, becomes an Account-Service
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Data Model – Accounts,
Services, Phones
Accounts Table: One row for each customer Account in the
system, plus one for the Vocalocity Corporate Office PBX and
one for the Vocalocity HDAP Admin Account
Services: One row for every service that has ever been sold,
being sold or set up to be sold.
Phones Table: One row for each distinct phone model that we
sell; contains list price
Phone Plan Xref: Is an Exceptions table; overrides default
• By default every combination of extension plan and phone is
• But if a row is present in this table with fl_not_supported set
to true then that combination is not supported
• If discounted price or percent is present then that applies to
the phone list price
 Thus the same phone can be offered at different prices
with different plans
Account-Services: One row for every service that has been
• 2007.Each
© Vocalocity Account-service carries the ID of the actual device kit
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Rates, Rate Sheets, Tiers &
Flat Rates/Fees
• One time fees
• Monthly fees
• Early Termination
• Phone charges
Metered Rates/Fees
• per minute
• per destination per minute
• We can support a tiered rate structure where you can get a lower
rate for larger volume of usage
• Tiers can be supported with One time fees, Monthly fees as well as
Metered rates, including destination-based rates
All Rates can be discounted through Modifiers
• Modifiers can be applied at the Service or Account-Service level
• Modifiers apply during an effective period
• If a flat price modifier exists, it will be used; if not a percent discount
will be used if present

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Call Logs & the Billing
At the end of each call, logs are written to file as well as a JMS
A Message Driven Bean reads the queue and loads the data into
the Raw Usage table in the database
The Batch Billing process runs once every night and processes that days
Billing Cycle
Billing Cycles:
• 1 through 27: will run on the respective day of the month
• On the last day of the month, all remaining billing cycles for the month
will be run
Billing process will calculate the monthly flat fees for the upcoming Billing
Period (month) and add up the metered charges for the prior month’s
Any volume tiered rates that need to follow the apply-all methodology will
also be processed
The final calculated amount will be charged on the customer’s credit card
and an email confirmation sent
Rating Types are Basic, Corporate Monthly Corporate Minute and
© Vocalocity Monthly Individual Per Minute
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The Difficult we do immediately….
…the Impossible takes just a bit

Thank you !

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