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Mandip Bhuller

Fastest ROI: Linux

RAC clusters

Oracle Corporation
“I'm doing a (free) operating
system (just a hobby, won't be big
and professional like gnu) for
386(486) AT clones ….”

Linus Torvalds
Usenet posting, 1991
Enterprise Linux

“Today Linux has become the hottest

thing in corporate America since e-mail…
For some companies, the gains from
converting are so large that CIOs get
giddy talking about it.”

-Fortune, Oct 2002

Only Linux is Growing
Estimated Growth of Server OS Market 2002 - 2006

Percentage Growth


-20 -18%

Linux Windows Unix Netware Other

Source: IDC 2002

Business Landscape

 Customers require more ROI than their existing

 Must provide more scalable, available solutions and
yet REDUCE costs
 Support and maintenance costs for larger SMPs are
relatively expensive
 Pace of technology change is increasing
 Reaching max of current SMP machine requiring a
much large server frame and more $$$
 Too many servers, too expensive, hard to manage
Oracle Applications on
Linux: Faster and Cheaper

CPU’s/ CPU Speed Phys. Average 90% Resp. List Price

Computer Memory Resp. Time Time

Intel/Linux 2 2.4 GHz 6 GB 1.3 sec 2.2 sec $8,860

RISC 2 750 MHz 8 GB 1.7 sec 3.8 sec $53,330

Running Oracle Applications Standard Benchmark for 251 Concurrent Users

Now getting to about 5 times cheaper and three times faster for compute
Drive towards technology

 Need for a common infrastructure that allows organic

/ GRID computing
 Leverage resources for other projects
 Simpler to create server pools for all applications
 Need more scalable and available software to glue
common hardware together
 Cannot change existing applications
 Will not be locked into any particular technology
 Must reduce management costs and server costs
 Drive towards LINUX and RAC
 In only 3 years taken 13.7% of $50.9 B server market
Is Linux ready for companies?
 DiamlerChrysler uses it in car crash sims. 20% faster
40% cheaper than Unix
 Morgan Stanley replacing 4K servers running other
O/S and saving $100M over 5 years
 Over 700 eBusiness suite Linux customers
 Electronic arts found that a 2 proc Intel was
equivalent to a 4 proc SMP. 10:1 price diff
 Cnet got great performance and then sold it’s SMP
machines on ebay for more than the Intel ones cost to
 LINUX is new (10yrs) and volatile but RAC helps
Oracle’s Commitment to
Linux: Products

Every Oracle Product Runs on Linux Today

Oracle in the Linux Community

 Integrated Development and Support

– Oracle, Red Hat and United Linux development
teams integrated in a non-exclusive partnership
– Oracle contributes to Linux kernel code
 Quality Assurance
– Oracle QA now part of Red Hat and United Linux
development process
Open-source Contributions

 Established Linux kernel team making

contributions to open-source under GPL
– Oracle Cluster File System
 Worked with Red Hat, SuSE and the open
source community to drive features into Linux
– Improved I/O throughput
– Improved memory utilization
– Improved SMP scalability
– Graceful degradation under load
Oracle’s Commitment to
Linux: Customer Support
 Direct support of Linux worldwide
– Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS and ES
– UnitedLinux
 Single point of contact for support
 Single point of solution for support
 No additional Oracle support contract required
Oracle’s Commitment to
Linux: Security

Submitted for EAL2

Defining the path for EAL4
Linux: Oracle’s Choice

“We run our whole

business on Linux.”

Lawrence J. Ellison
Oracle Corporation, 2003
Internal Use of Linux at Oracle

 Key internal systems migrated to Linux

– Oracle Files Online
– Oracle demo systems
– Oracle outsourcing systems
– Oracle financial systems
– More planned
Linux + Oracle + RAC

 Linux could be considered younger than other

more mature operating systems
 Rapid rate of addition although it’s reaching a
level of maturity
 Better and better enterprise support from
 Scaling to 4 Procs 2.4 and > 8 with kernel 2.6
 Oracle RAC provides the mainframe stability
and scale out for apps beyond 4 procs
Key 9i RAC Messages

RAC delivers unprecedented performance and scalability

RAC is the premier high availability database

RAC runs all applications out-of-the-box and unmodified

Bottom line: RAC reduces IT costs. Use all nodes. Nothing

What is RAC?

 Start small, pay as you grow, unlimited headroom

 Works with ALL applications
 Simplified management to rapidly add servers and disk
 Use with Linux, HP, IBM, Sun, Windows NT
Oracle9i RAC on Linux Customers

 Merrill Lynch  Electronic Arts

 FAA  Texas Tech University
 Acuity Lighting  Ellis Island
(Formerly Lithonia)  Shell
 Dell IT  Embry Riddle
  German Police
 AusRegistry  Sikla
 CERN  Many more…
RAC availability

Failover Transparent
Warm Failover

Cold Failover

Oracle9i RAC is Scalability

Grow your DATA

Grow your USERS
Oracle9i RAC is Scalability
Only cluster database that scales out-of-the-box

Grow your DATA

Grow your USERS
Cache Fusion
Cache Fusion: h a r e d C a c he
Performance of a
Why RAC?
• Benefits of added scalability and added availability
when you add extra nodes. Flexible.
• No need for ANY application changes to run RAC
• Data is shared amongst all the nodes in the cluster
– Any application on any node sees all the data
– When a node crashes no data is lost
• Workload is partitioned automatically across the
available nodes
• Add and remove nodes flexibility. Runs of all major
platforms. Grow with demand. Saves cost
RAC Today

 Over 200 production reference customers.

 Across all common hardware platforms.
 10i RAC version released
 Wide delivery of Consulting accelerator services
 Addition of cluster file systems
 Certification of common platforms and applications
 Single most scalable platform for enterprise solutions.
Scale on demand and manage effectively.
 Widely being used by gaming companies now.
Electronic Arts, Sony online entertainment and others.
Some RAC References
• Acxiom – World leader in multi-channel customer data integration
• Austrian railways - Austrian Railways is the state-owned
railroad of Austria
• British Telecom – World leader in communications
• Freemarkets – Connecting buyers of goods and services.
Moved into production in less than a week!
• Electronic Arts – Sims online. 20 clusters, 5 nodes, 300K
• Sony Entertainment – Large SMP clusters, scaling and HA
• SAS – Statistical Analysis Software
• SITA – State information technology agency
• UPS – Leader in transportation of goods. 16K tps
• Vector SCM – Track cars from plant to dealer
Offering a Full Spectrum of
Technology Services

Migration Reliability

Collaboration Processing

J2EE & Rapid

Business Intelligence/
Data Warehousing

Portal Web Services & Integration

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